2013 Buzzer Beater Classic: Malik-Abu and Terrell consider package deal

IMG_0196Both Expression’s Elite 2014 forward Abdul Malik-Abu and 2014 guard Jared Terrell recently cut their list of college choices to ten schools.

Between the two, six schools (Florida, Miami, Providence, St. John’s, UCLA, and UConn) are still in contention for both recruits.

So, for a tandem that spends plenty of time on the AAU circuit, is it possible that the two will continue their relationship into Division I basketball?

“It’s funny because we were talking about in the room yesterday, after someone asked us about going to school together, and we were just like ‘huh…no’,” Terrell said at the Buzzer Beater Classic on Saturday. “But if it works out, it works out. We just want to go and do what’s best for us.

“We don’t want to force a situation where it’s best for him, but not for me or vice versa. We want to go where we fit in and we progress.”

Malik-Abu has the same mindset as Terrell in terms of finding the best place for both of them individually, but the highly touted forward doesn’t want to rule out a possible package of the two when it comes time to make a decision.

“Definitely. We’re just trying to find the best fit for us to have a successful basketball career at any program,” Malik-Abu said. “If it happens, it happens. It’s not something we’re trying to pressure to do, but if it’s possible, we’re going to try to make it happen.”

With the experience they have playing with each other, it’s no surprise that two compliment each other so well on the court. Following Expressions Elite’s victory over People’s Basketball (Can.) on Saturday, the two were very clear in their appreciation of one another.

“He has a lot of intensity, he’s a very strong guard,” Malik-Abu said of Terrell. “He gets to the rim at will and that opens up a lot of things for everybody else on the court. Great player, I love to play with him.”

“He brings a lot of energy,” Terrell said of Malik-Abu. “We have a good feel for each other on and off the court, there wouldn’t be a problem with coaches worrying about us, we’re really good kids. We just work had and play hard together. “

Now, with only ten schools left on their respective schools, college coaches, media and fans alike will be waiting for the next deadline where the two will cut their lists once again.

But, after the recent cut, both Malik-Abu and Terrell will be putting more focus onto getting to know the respective coaching staffs still on their lists before they trim them down again.

“I just glad we recently cut it down to the top schools,” Terrell said. “We waited a long time to do it, so we’re just getting a feel for the coaches right now.”

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