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A quick not to every player and Parent…The hoop Group Core Skills program starts this Saturday. If your child is an advanced 7th and 8th grader, I urge you STRONGLEY to put your kid in this program. I believe no program does more for a kid’s development and starts the process of getting your child ready for high school than this program…I hope you all are listening!


Today’s Blog is about a word most people don’t understand. You have been reading about this word all week in almost every article. Sometimes as in today’s Asbury Park press they put the word right in front of your face. Many times that word is coded, they say things like great passing, great team work or total team contribution, you see you have to read between the lines to understand this word. That word is CHEMISTRY …. Some teams have IT and some DON’T.


  1. Only worry about the name on the front of the Jersey…This is the start of any team having Chemistry, once everyone is playing for team goals first. the personal goals will be achieved
  2. Don’t concern yourself with who is starting… This is when you know your team is special.
  3. Mix your young players into your rotation without unsetting your upper classmen…When a coach moves a talented freshman into the rotation without them paying their dues, resentment toward the player and coach develops. but when you sit the freshman knowing she is more talented than the upper-classmen that could cause trust problems…tricky tricky trickey unless your last name is Kukoda, Montanto or Karpell
  4. Develop your bench so that EVERY player feels part of your team, even when it may cost you WINS early…every article you read regarding the winning teams  this week talked about what, over and over? How the coach played everyone. By including everyone these coaches are building team chemistry, a deeper bench and most importantly happy teammates. A sure formula for success and a healthy environment.
  5. Trust… The coach must be consistent, if you say it, you must do it. You can’t treat them all the same but you can treat them all fairly. When you do …you gain the confidence of everyone surrounding the program and chemistry grows
  6. Accepting that you have a star player…sometimes your team must recognize they must rely on one player more than others…the team must accept this and the players accept their roles! But the star player must never be treated special and a your star must understand a greater team responsibly comes with this role.
  7. Style of Play- Nothing ruins a team faster than playing a style the kids don’t believe in.
  8. The players are never concerned with who is scoring the points…Who is the leading scorer at SJV? Exactly… nobody knows and nobody cares and that’s why they are the team to beat right now
  9. Winning Close Games. Nothing does more for a team that winning close games. It brings everyone together and they do what after? Talk about the win over and over and over…it leads to communication and greater TEAM CHEMISTRY AND BULILDS THAT thing that  BINDS THEM EVEN MORE…TRUST!
  10. All for one and one for all…Teams who travel and sit together tend to LIKE each other… they don’t have to be best friends but they have to be GREAT teammates. ..And here is a little sneaky other thing…The parents  also have a role, they don’t have to like each other, but when sitting in the stands, they must make a choice weather to support everyone or just their child. They must watch what they say and be respectful to everyone around them. The right decision can also add to super team chemistry.
  11. Coaches must stay away from political decisions…the players, parents and fans can read though it EVERYTIME! Nothing erodes the chemistry and trust faster…than THIS
  12. ALL PLAYERS MUST FOLLOW THE TEAM RULES ON AND OFF THE COURT….Lose this and you never get the chemistry




1-SJV- Dawn Karpell is a master at developing teams…senior leadership and the true meaning of team can be seen and found everywhere. No team plays harder, cares and trusts each other more. They can play any style and it seems even the manager’s get time on the court. They are head and shoulders better than everyone. They love their coach and each other…SCARY RIGHT NOW

2-MANSQUAN- Sam Sullivan is the leading candidate for player of the year right now. Lisa Kukoda has developed a bench early. It cost her one game and won her a big game…Not a bad tradeoff. The group has total team chemistry. To say Eva Hart provides leadership is an insult. She is the definition of the word. Courtney Hagaman is playing lights out, Bridget Ford just out works and out plays her opponent every night…The two baby guards are special…Mariana Mabrey can play any style and will fit in perfectly without upsetting the chemistry … the new WOBM Champs could be the team to beat soon.

Tiny Green Talkin’ Shore Conference with Sam Sullivan from Jake Brahney on Vimeo.

3-NEPTUNE- Hubbard is BAACK and can you hear the Bacon is sizzling, this come late could be the team to fear most…John Brown like every year gets them to believe. The tough schedule and time will both help late. Crenshaw is one of the best in the Shore. This again is a team you don’t want to see late. The press will improve and he will develop his bench like he does every year.

4-RBC- Joe Montano is using the babies and has one of the deepest teams in the BIG show…the best team at spacing the floor in the state. Alex Barazotti is living up to the hype, every game Fallon plays she will get better and better.  Split with Manasquan and will be a rough customer ever night. The Yankee’s are just doing what they do…take your best punch and wait for what’s next

5-ST. ROSE- When do the babies arrive? If they are going to play the big boys, they will need the babies at some point. The schedule has always been an issue and it caught up with them again. Chemistry is important but they may need a little talent injection at some point as well…no question it’s available if St. Rose needs it..

6-HOLMDEL- Don Hampton has his kids playing oh so hard it scary… but Cardaci is done for the year and that cannot be overlooked. Cassie Fontana and  Morgan Graziano who is a D1 player are tried and tested. But the real surprise is Mia Ehling who is flat out legit and can play for ANYONE.  She could be the surprise of the year…Freshman Sidney Coffaro goes right to the front of the all-Freshman team list.  This is a solid crew and Don Hampton has somehow managed to have a 9 player rotation, after having no bench last season. The win over Middletown South was no upset folks

7-MIDDLETOWN SOUTH- Tom Brennan gets it folks, all I’m going to say is this man is one of a kind. His team ran into a cold shooting night yesterday. But the shot selection was perfect the ball movement a thing of beauty. He has as he does every year added a few new treats to get opposing teams thinking.  With the new freshman in tow, he is playing 9-10 players so watch out people. The professor just may surprise everyone. Step Karcz and Jill Faverly look very at ease with the changes.  They still defend and everyone knows how hard they play.

8-MARLBORO- Folks this team should be ranked much higher…WHY? Haley Unger is a double/double machine, remember when Nicole Shatsky was a 8th grader many thought she could be a star one day. Well guess what? she is on the way to living up to those expectations and then finally if you are a D1 one coach not recruiting Sophomore Tatum Evans, get your head examined the 6’  4/3 can do it ALL. This is a group that has wonderful chemistry for a group under the radar.  Freshman Molly Weiss has had her moments as well and they are about 8 deep. No question they believe and so do their fans, once we see them against the big boys we will know more.

9-RFH- Hannah Scanlon has been the post player they thought could get them over the top. She has been the best freshman in the shore to date. That’s the good part…now the bad! Poor shot selection and poor defense has been a problem.  Injuries have also set them back; but most serious is a total lack of a bench and losing close games.  They will need to develop a bench and better Chemistry.  Nicole Morris has lived up to the hype, Mayfield is guarding. Now Stant and Sabino must get fully healthy…

10-MANALAPAN- the best keep secret in the shore, did you see how they crushed wall?…. WELCOME

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Tiny Green’s Pre-Season Top Ten in the Shore Conference from Jake Brahney on Vimeo.


  1. SJV– The team to beat for a number of reasons. None bigger than the person coaching the team.

Head Coach– DAWN KARPELL. Coach Karpell uses her entire roster then holds everyone accountable.  She has a check your ego at the door; nobody is more important than the team philosophy. Promotes a team atmosphere and demands SJV plays as a unit always. Lastly she plays the most demanding non-conference schedule every year.


Impact additions– Kimi Evans (center), Zoe Pero (power forward), Courtney Dobrzynski, Claire Stefanelli

Impact losses– Lyndsey Rowe

Number of division 1 players (8)


Strength’s– They are a legit 11 deep. Post players Katie Beriont, GiGi Caponegro, Kimi Evans, Zoe Pero and Haley Scheuer are all mobile with size and length and would start for EVERY TEAM IN THE SHORE CONFERENCE (expect Neptune) and they have a point guard who is the best in the state at using bigs (Kelly Crouch). The guards are the best shooting group in the shore conference. Kelly Campbell, Kelly Crouch, Emily Uribe, Vanessa Pinho, Jackie Gallagher are all knock it out shooters. They play with an edge and are battle tested.  Sophomore Caity Canning who is almost forgotten would be in every other team’s rotation in the shore. One of the most unselfish groups I have ever seen. Their pressure defense will break teams late in games. Name the style of play, fast, slow or half court. …and they can play it.


Weakness– Their guards are very small, this could be an issue, if teams decide to post them up. The shore is loaded with big guards. But the biggest weakness of this team is this…If Coach Karpell needs a basketball who is her closer? What player can post, pass, shoot and get to the rim? SJV better hope they never need to answer that question.



PLAYER THEY MOST NEED TO DELIVER? There is no question Lyndsey Rowe played a big role for this team when things broke down and they needed a basket. Emily Uribe will get first crack to fill those big pair of shoes she left behind


Team closer-TBD


2.    RUMSON FAIR-HAVEN– They have the best starting five in the Shore

Head Coach– GEORGE SOURLIS- Only 8 wins from reaching the 600 win mark. RFH trademark defense is what coach Sourlis has built his program around. The talent level has increased and that has improved his chances of winning a SCT. His teams traditionally get  better as the season Progresses and last year was no different as they crushed SJV late in the season and then beat Pt. Boro in the states on his way to another CJ2 state title.


Impact additions-Hannah Scanlon

Impact losses– Hanna and Emma Miller

Number of Division one players (6)


Strengths– No question they have the best starting five in the Shore. In what is very rare they are helped by graduation, why? Nicole Morris is a major upgrade at the guard spot.  They have a big time closer in Grace Stant. Their length will swallow up small guards (pay attention SVJ) and make scoring for opponents a nightmare. Sam Sabino is healthy and has the ability to get her own shot and create for others. Jayne Mayfield is the best on ball defender on planet earth. Stephanie Lesko is a flat out scorer. Sidney Sabino is a major 3 point weapon off the bench and with a rapidly improving Lyndsey Morris and Hannah Scanlon the sky’s the limit with this bunch.


 Weakness– Hanna Miller and Jill Harvey you expected to lose, but Emma Miller that’s another    story. Chemistry and shot selection must get better. Zero seniors on the roster could also be a problem if things get bumpy. Their lack of size may force Grace Stant to guard centers and power forwards, leading to foul trouble and fatigue. Megan Volker and Katie Foo’s are both inexperienced but will be needed at some point…will they be ready?


PLAYER THEY MOST NEED TO DELIVER – There is no question RFH needs Hannah Scanlon to grow up in a hurry. Scanlon gives RFH much needed size, rebounding and defensive play in the post. But most importantly she protects Grace Stant.  NO freshman in the shore is needed more by their team than Miss Scanlon.

Team Closer-Grace Stant


3. ST. ROSE– The most experienced team in the shore conference

Head Coach-JOE WHELAN- When the former Bob Hurley asst coach took over the defending SCT champs last year most felt the program was in a MAJOR REBUILDING MODE.  Joe Whelan didn’t believe it. With no seniors on his roster, he almost came up with two huge wins. After getting blow out in game one vs Pt Beach he lost a barn burner in game two by one. Then in the states some believe he got a bad whistle late in a lost to Pt. Boro.  His philosophy of shoot first ask questions later, along with an upgraded schedule have no doubt improved St. Rose’s chances of another SCT title


Impact additions– Alex Pendergrass, Jen Louro and Ellyn Stoll

Impact losses– NONE

Division one players (3-4)


Strengths– CHEMISTRY AND MORE CHEMISTRY. An upgraded schedule will prepare them for the heavyweights this year. Senior Sarah Kurtz and junior Kat Phipps played big roles in helping St. Rose win a SCT championship, they know what it takes to win the big one; Senior Cindy Napolitano may be the best 3point shooter in the state. Payton Smith is very talented and underrated. But the real story is having Junior Jess Louro around for an entire season. How important is this? St. Rose with Jess Loruo almost knocked off Pt. Boro in their 2nd meeting losing by one point after getting blow out in game one. The Bench is loaded with experience players in Megan Hall and the white twins Amy and Rose. But the most talented players on this team just may be the freshman group of Alex Pendergrass, Jen Louro and Ellyn Stoll.


              Weakness– Competition! The schedule last year did not prepare them for the big boys.  More importantly this year, who is going to rebound for this team? Who is playing the point? How does Whalen get the freshman time without upsetting the seniors who built the program, when everyone said the program is dead? Remember this team is built on team play and chemistry more than any of the top teams. Next look at all the top teams…which team is lacking in foot speed more than any other? You got it St. Rose.

PLAYER THEY NEED MOST TO DELIVER- Jess Louro can make this team special. If she plays like a 1st team All Shore type player …WATCH OUT!

Team Closer- Kat Phipps, Jess Louro


4. POINT BEACH– Group 1 state champs and two SUPERSTARS

Head Coach– MIKE FEEST- He may have been the most underrated coach in the shore. Why? All we heard last year was that there was going to be drama at Pt. Beach! Instead the only drama we got was Pt. Beach putting an end to St. Rose’s Class B domination, as they won the Class B title. His team got off the deck after losing in the SCT by winning the Group 1 state title and then they made it all the way to the TOC.


Impact additions– Casey Sloan, Kaya Shardeen

Impact losses– Chole Johnson

Division one players (2)


Strengths– Marina Mabrey and Katelynn Flaherty are PLAYER OF THE YEAR candidates. Both will be asked to score a lot of points and carry the load. Flaherty is chasing the state and shore career scoring record. They added bodies to their roster after losing two seniors. Both Mabrey and Flaherty are used to carrying a team now. Their teammates were taken on a ride of a lifetime last season. The mental toughness of Mabrey and Flaherty is second to none. They will be much more tested come SCT time this time around. They have upgraded their schedule and will face RFH in the BATTLE OF THE BOARDWALK and a much improved St. Rose team twice during the season.


Weakness– In their lone Shore Conference test last year, they were defeated easily by a young SJV team. Losing junior Chole Johnson is bigger than many understand. She had size and played very well in the state tournament. The bench will be made up of first time players, many who were not part of the team last year. It will take them time to adjust.


PLAYER THE NEED MOST TO DELIVER– the bottom line is Mabrey and Flaherty need to every night


Team Closer- They have the two best in the business


5. MANASQUAN– This is not the team you want to see in the SCT

Head Coach-Lisa Kukoda- She stepped into what can only be call a mess. They said her program was dead on her arrival. Instead what we got was one of the best coaching jobs by a rookie coach in years. A future star in the business, she developed a true team atmosphere and Manasquan finished in the Top 10 and won 20 games. The young lady can flat out coach them up!


Impact additions– Stella Clark, Addie Masonius, Victoria Galvin

Impact losses– Amanda Hagaman

Division one players (5)


Strengths– Make no mistake Sam Sullivan is a complete player this days. The freshmen are legit and they will make an impact right out the game. The leadership of Eva Hart cannot be under estimated. Courtney Hagaman gives them a shooter and an UNDERRATED PASSER. They have the perfect mix of underclassmen and upper-classmen. They can go big with Galvan and Sullivan and then go small with freshman Stella Clark and Addie Masonius and pressure you out the gym.  They can also go half court and put sophomore Gillian Black and Junior Courtney Hagaman on the wings and shoot you out the gym. This people come March may be the biggest threat to SJV… Why? The Versatility the other contenders DON’T HAVE!


Weakness– Coach Kukoda will get a first test of what high school basketball is about. She has seniors and she has talented freshman. Who does she play and will everyone accept their roles. She will need her talented freshman to play but she will need to keep the upper-classmen smiling…easier said than done. They are not as battle tested as the other top teams but will get tested from day one as they open vs RBC.


PLAYER THEY NEED TO DELIVER– Courtney Hagaman shooting is a must and more importantly they will need it in big games..

Team Closer– TBD



And don’t forget to check out our Holiday Break Hoop Fest! The only place to get in the gym while school is out!

 6. RED BANK CATHOLIC – The Yankees of the Shore are just that, they are always there in the end

Head Coach– Joe Montano-He is the most successful coach in the Shore Conference. When you think class and doing it the right way all the time, look no further than RBC and it all starts with Joe Montano. You will never see drama at RBC, why? Because every kid who attends RBC knows one thing, the name on the front of the Jersey is the only name that matters and Joe Montano proved that last year more than any other season. He went through the Shore Conference undefeated from start to finish while winning the SCT. His team won more close “big games” than I have ever seen a team do….The true measuring stick of A GREAT COACH!


Impact additions– Josie Larkins, Tia Montagne, Maureen Coakley

Impact losses– Alex Alfano, Mary Kate Caverly, Caroline Corcoran

Division 1 players (5-6)


Strength– Grace Fallon is a player of the year candidate. Alex Barazotti is one of the best guards in the shore and her pre-season and scrimmage games proved it. Quinn McMenaman is a stud and gets it done every night on both ends of the floor. These three are the most battle tested players in the entire shore…Caitlin Conroy has a chance to turn the tides in the conference if she comes around the way most expect she will. She has excellent hands and can score around the basket. Jackie Robinson is super talented and somehow forgotten. But the improvement of Cameron Lynch is a welcome surprise for RBC. The freshman group is as good as it gets and more importantly Joe Montano is not afraid to throw them into the fire. Much like Coach Karpell he always develops a bench. No team spaces the floor better and their half-court defense is the best in the shore these days.


Weakness– They are everyone’s championship game, players and teams know to ready when playing the Yankees. They get every opponents “A” game because beating the Yankees is the one sure way to make a name for your program. The defending champs lost a lot from year’s team. They will be asking a host of players to step up…easier said than done. They play in the toughest conference in the state and will need to learn on the fly as a group.


PLAYER THEY NEED MOST TO DELIVER– Early in the season Alex Barazotti will need to give this group the stability in the backcourt that Mary Kate Caverly gave them last year and then she must provide the shooting current Rutgers guard Alex Alfano gave them last year.


Team closer– Grace Fallon


7. NEPTUNE– The mystery team that could change everything

Head Coach– John Brown- When you talk about great coaches in the shore, why doesn’t his name come up more? The best in the shore after time outs, his pressing style creates problems for everyone. Last year his team battled everyone and just couldn’t get over the hump. His teams play a college style and always play hard.


Impact additions– Lorena Hubbard

Impact losses– Ivy Harrington

Division one players (2-3)


Strengths– They own the best starting frontcourt in the Shore. Lorena Hubbard and Iyonna Crenshaw are a hand full. Both are very physical, rebound in traffic and can score on the block. Hubbard in the back of the press gives Neptune, guards a free pass to gamble and get in passing lanes. She also allows John Brown to get back to his full court pressure defense in a big way. The foot speed of the Bacon sisters can match that of any team in the Shore. Does anyone realize this team won 21 games last year without Hubbard?


Weakness– As talented as Miss Hubbard is… does anyone really know what to expect? Neptune has been waiting on her for 4 years. Can the Bacon sister take care of the ball? Will the bench step up and give the starters some help? Who is going to knock down shots? Who can fill current D1 player Ivy Harrington shoes


PLAYER THEY NEED TO DELIVER MOST– If Hubbard delivers they could be the team to beat in the SCT!

Team closer-Crenshaw is the classic closer; she can step out, post up, make the pass and get to the line


8. MIDDLETOWN SOUTH– Always town kids and always good


Head Coach –Tom Brennan- Some believe he is the best coach in the shore conference. He got a big boost when stud freshman Stephanie Karcz decide to go to school in her hometown. His teams are so prepared it’s scary. They always defend and most importantly, he changes from year to year and his teams always cause the big boys problems.


Impact additions– Haley Dalonzo, Alexandra Balsamo

Impact losses– Jackie Dluhi, Carissa Grey

Division one players (2)


Strengths– Tom Brennan is a master at getting his teams ready. Stephanie Karcz is one of the best players in the Shore already. Jill Falvey at 6’2” gives Middletown South a player who can play both inside and out. She is a sure fire future Division one player. She can bury the “3” and get to the foul line. Christiana Rutkowski is a proven scorer and has done it on the big stage. Oliva Liskowitz and Rachel Becker are sneaky good scorers and can hurt you if you’re not paying attention.


Weakness– They have no true back to the basketball post player on the roster. What happens when Falvey is not on the court? More importantly who handles the ball when Karcz is not on the floor? The talent level is solid but top to bottom nowhere near SJV, RFH or St. Rose.


PLAYER THEY NEED MOST TO DELIVER– Christiana Rutkowski could be that big time 2nd scorer and defender that could but Middletown South over the top.

Team Closer– no doubt Stephanie Karcz is a closer, the size to post up, shoot the ball and get to the lane…true closer stuff!



9. FREEHOLD TWP– A very deep talented dangerous team

Head Coach-Mike Stoia is the new coach and he is off and running. First he got his team in a fall league. Then he convinced his kids to train in the off season and then he watched Freehold Twp crush people in the pre-season scrimmage games. Mike Stoia folks I believe has big dreams for his new team and his kid are buying in


Impact additions– none

Impact losses– Nicole Johnson

Division one players (3)


Strengths-This team is deep folks and very talented. Start with Division one St. Francis (NY) recruit junior 6’3” center Tori Wagner. She will make a push for all shore this year. Wagner is one of the hardest workers in the shore and could make a claim as one of the most improved. She is very capable of getting your entire team in foul trouble and at the same time carrying Freehold Twp. at times. All Shore pre-season pick Sam Famulare is a high pct. scoring machine that shows up in big games. Last year’s All Freshman team pick Harlie Kneler is looking more and more like a kid who may jump a lot of players who are SUPPOSE to better! Taylor Devlin had big games last year, go look and Sophia Carbone is battle tested.


Weakness– They have not played on the biggest of stages against the big girls. A new coach always means a new system. The biggest question is how they will handle adversity.


PLAYER THEY NEED MOST TO DELIVER– Harlie Kneler has been great in the scrimmages now they need her to become an elite point guard. If she does this all bets are off and they become the front runners in Class A north.


10. HOLMDEL HIGH SCHOOL–  They can’t win it but can stop you from doing so


Head Coach– Don Hampton- Last year he knocked off SJV with almost no bench. They played everyone tough. He is one of the best in game coaches in the shore. Always making adjustments and getting his kids in position to be successful


Impact additions– none

Impact losses– Tara Inman

Divisions one players (2)


Strengths– Victoria Cardaci is one of the best point guards in the shore. She can score from the 3 point line or beat you off the dribble. Morgan Graziano is a future Division one athletic post player. At 6’2” she gives Holmdel a nice presence in the post and a willing rebounder. Cassie Fontana has been underrated for so long it almost seems like a crime. This young lady has had some big nights in her career. She can flat out score and is tough as nails. Tara Inman’s younger sister Jen Inman is going to be fun to watch. She is super talented; as she can handle the ball and bury open shots…do not sleep on this young lady


Weakness– The same problem as last year…no depth on the bench


PLAYER THEY NEED MOST TO DELIVER– Morgan Graziano could put this team over the top. She has the size and the talent to give opponents fits


Team Closer– TBD


And if you haven’t seen it already, check out my Pre-Season All Shore Teams! Lots of very talented players and high profile freshmen on my five teams!

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Tiny Green’s Pre-Season All-Shore Teams from Jake Brahney on Vimeo.

First Team All-Shore:

KATELYNN FLAHERTYPT.BEACH HIGH SCHOOLSENIORGUARDShe has the not only has the talent and ability but she can turn your gym against you with her exciting play…off to Michigan next year
MARINA MABREYPT. BEACH HIGH SCHOOLJUNIORFORWARDShe is the most difficult cover in the shore because she can do so much in so many ways.
GRACE STANTRUMSON-FAIR HEAVENJUNIORPOINT FORWARD She could be the most complete player in the shore conference… Gave verbal to Villanova
SAM SULLIVANMANASQUAN HIGH SCHOOLSENIORPOWER FOWARDEasily the best back to the basket post player, who has off the charts passing skills…Wagner Bound
KATIE SIRERARITAN HIGH SCHOOLSENIORWINGThe best true wing player in the shore, will end up on a Division 1 Roster and become the next Megan McGuinness

Second Team All-Shore:

NameSchoolGradePositionTiny's Notes
GRACE FALLONRED BANK CATHOLIC SENIORPOINT FORWARD POY candidate…she’s off to Duke next year! Relax I put her because she played a fall sport and will need time
IYONNNA CHENSHAWNEPTUNE HIGH SCHOOLSENIORPOWER-FORWARDFlat out a POST stud in every way with shooting range…LaSalle College in the A-10 is her next stop
HALEY UNGERMARLBORO HIGH SCHOOLSENIORPOWER FORWARDLeading rebounder in the shore..averaged a double,double! 17 point points and 14 rebounds..need I say more!..signed at NAVY
SAM SABINORUMSON FAIR HEAVEN JUNIORSHOOTING GUARDAlready one of the most recruited juniors in the state, Look for a monster year
KAT PHIPPSST. ROSE HIGH SCHOOLSENIORCOMBO GUARDAre you surprised? Don't be she already has Division 1 offers and is one of the best in the shore already

Third Team All-Shore:

NameSchoolGradePositionTiny's Notes
ELLEN DOUGHERTYWALL HIGH SCHOOLSENIORCOMBO GUARDOne of the best stories of the year. One of the fastest players in the state..committed to West Point Prep
NICOLE MORRISRUMSON FAIR-HAVENSOPHOMOREPOINT GUARDHas offers from just about every Division one school in the area. No question she is special
KELLY CAMPBELLSJVSOPHOMOREPOINT GUARDIf you don’t know her name by now, your living in a cave. She is bigger and stronger this year. SUPERSTAR
ALEX BARAZOTTIRED BANK CATHOLIC H.SJUNIORCOMO-GUARDlet me be clear… I believe she has a just to end up on the first team…the most improved guard I have seen in YEARS!
STEPHAINE KARCZMIDDLE-TOWN SOUTH HSSOPHOMORE COMBO-GUARDThe only question is how good can she be? Major College Body and underrated quick's and speed

Fourth Team All-Shore:

NameSchoolGradePositionTiny's Notes
DANA CARBONEMONSIGNOR DONAVANSENIORSWINGCould be 1st team before the year is over. One of nicest kids in the shore..Monmouth bound
EMILY URIBESJVSOPHMORESHOOTING GUARDOne of the most underrated kids in the conference…look for a breakout year..
LORENA HUBBARDNEPTUNESENIORCENTERNot only could she swing the balance in the shore..she could be POY...nobody knows what she is capable of doing? committed to Florida AM
SAM FAMULAREFREEHOLD TWPJUNIORSHOOTING GUARDClassic case of a kid under the radar. Again there are bigger reps..but a bigger game? look what this kid has done to date!
JESS LOUROST. ROSE HIGH SCHOOLJUNIORCOMBO-GUARDThis is a crime putting her on 4th team.But this is her first full. Future 1st team player one day?


NameSchoolPositionTiny's Notes
STELLA CLARKMANASQUANPOINT GUARDShe could be the best Freshman Point Guard since former POY Jackie Kates
KIMI EVANSSJVCENTERWill be a dominate player in the shore one day. Her practices may be tougher than some games
HANNAH SCANLON RUMSON-FAIR HEAVENCENTER At 6'2 RFH will need her to step up big time. Her play vs Gil Bernard sent a big message and she could be the surprise of the year
VICTORIA GALVANMANASQUAN HIGH SCHOOLPOWER FORWARDAthletic , big, quick and is a major factor..her skill sets and passing
MEGAN HUGHESPOINT BOROSHOOTING GUARDThere is no question in my mind she will lead All Freshman in scoring and be a 1000th point scorer one day…she has the right name for sure
TIA MONTANGERED BANK CATHOLIC HSCOMBO-GUARDsuper talented, great quickness and speed with the ability to bang out deep 3’s
JOSIE LARKINSRED BANK CATHOLIC HSCOMBO-GUARDRare frehman who can already defend, can make shots..very confident..future ALL SHORE STUD
JENNIER LOUROST. ROSE HIGH SCHOOLSHOOTING GUARDBaby sister can play folks, very quick and smart. More importantly a playmaker
ADDIE MASONIUSMANASQUAN HIGH SCOOLPOINT GUARDTalented and tough as nails, will give Manasquan much needed ball handling
ELLYN STOLLST. ROSE HIGH SCHOOLSHOOTING GUARDPure shooter, no question a future Division one player. Great work ethic and IQ
MAUREEN COAKLEYRED BANK CATHOLICFORWARDTalented post player, who is not afraid to mix it up...she will see mins for RBC
ALEX PENDERGRASSST. ROSE HIGH SCHOOLSWINGThe best athlete I ever seen in all my years watching shore basketball..

And don’t forget to check out our Holiday Break Hoop Fest! The only place to get in the gym while school is out!

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Basketball Instruction with Coach Ryan Finch: X-out Shooting

Ryan Finch with X-out Shooting from Jake Brahney on Vimeo.

Coach Ryan Finch, Director of Hoop Group Skills, is back with you today to teach you a great rebounding and shooting drill called X-out Shooting! In this drill, you will learn how to score in the paint from a variety of spots and positions. Remember, all great players play in straight lines!

If you haven’t already seen Coach Finch’s other Instructional Videos, you can check them out here, with Monster Rebounding, Form Shooting and Dribbling Instruction.

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Tiny Green 12-09-13 from Jake Brahney on Vimeo.

Every year there are players who step their games up. In some cases the player is simply living up to expectations. Sometimes it’s a late developer starts to shine. Then we have that gym rat that just will’s themselves into a good and sometimes great player. This list represents players who I believe will have breakout seasons. This is based on watching kids year to year and their work ethic in the off season.


Katie Sire –Raritan High School-SR- This could be the most underrated player in years. A mid major plus player, who I believe is one of the top players in the Shore Conference, stats don’t lie in this case, look for Sire to have a signature season.


Alex Barazotti-RBC-JR- Yes she was on my all shore team last year. But with the work she has put in this off season, look for Barazotti to become a full blow star this year. There is a reason she was picked to be our up and coming player this year.


Nicole Morris-RFH-SOPH- She was brought along slow last year by head coach George Sourlis. But check out what RFH did once she joined the Rotation late in the season. They blew out SJV, beat Kelly Hughes and Pt. Boro and won the Group 2 championship. She already has numerous D1 offers. Look for an All Shore type performance this year.


Be sure to Check out our Holiday Hoop Fest on December 26th and 27th!


Sam Famulare-JR- Freehold Twp. – Take a look around and now name 5 juniors who have been as productive as Famulare has to this point in their career…Good Luck! One of the best shooters we have in the Shore, but what gets overlooked is her defense and smart play. This is the year you will learn her name.


Jill Faverly-JR-Middletown South- before getting injured, many believe she was on track to have a MONSTER season. There is no reason to believe this will still not happen, as she is now healthy and will be one of the best 3/4 players in the shore. D1 schools start your engines.


Allison Spanschak-SR- She has played against the best all fall and has more than held her own. How many people know she was All Division last year? Look for Spanschak finally to get her due. This is a high D2 steal for a school one day.


Eva Hart– Manasquan-SR- NO player has been more over looked and disrespected for what she does as Miss Hart. This young lady is going to have a great season. People it’s not always in the stats, this is no stat junkie. This is a winner who plays HARD AND IS THE ULTIMATE TEAMMATE. She is going to finally get her long over due credit.


Cameron Lynch– RBC- SOPH-Folks you just watch, I love the way this young lady looked in the fall. She plays hard on both ends of the floor and this is going to be a break out year. If you have not been paying attention I say do so now.


Kat Phipps-St. Rose-JR- She already has a Division 1 offer, but let’s be honest she is no household name. She is a total Jim rat and plays as if her life is on the line. This people is the year she explodes on the scene and becomes known as one of the best in the shore.


Chelsea Crowe-Mon Don- JR-She has been knocking on the door of greatest. Along with Dana Carbone they have Mon Don close. I say this year Crowe gets them over the top. Blessed with a great mind and great skills…This is the year Crowe will have coaches and fans drooling.


Vanessa Pinho-SJV-SOPH- When you play at a school with guard like Uribe, Campbell and Crouch, getting noticed is not easy. But when you have talent and a big heart, you just make it happen. I believe Pinho is much underrated and this year will be her coming out party.


Tori Wagner– Freehold Twp –JR- She gave St. Francis of NY a verbal and trust me this is the biggest steal to date in the state of NJ. Wagner has improved in every area of the game. This year we may see a player capable of carrying a team. No question this will be a breakout season.


Victoria Cardaci-Holmdel- SR-Some believe she is the best pure point guard in the shore. She will be this year’s Tara Inman. With the knee injury two years behind her now, look for Cardaci to show everyone why she is so special

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Gift of Camp is Here!!!

Ryan Finch is here with Gift Of Camp! from Jake Brahney on Vimeo.

Coach Ryan Finch is back again with the greatest promotion of the year! The Gift of Camp is back and only for a limited time. Going until December 20th, if you buy a camp with this promotion, you get 70$ off any boys week long camp, $50 off any girls week long camp, and $30 off of any weekend camp. In addition to the great savings, you will also get a pair of Hoop Group shorts, an Under Armour shirt, and for the Father-Son signups, a nice Hoop Group Polo shirt! But you have to act fast, because this promotion is only up for two more weeks!

Ryan also introduced us to two new camps that we are proud to announce: Elite Skills Training Camp and Ball Handling and Shooting Camp!

Elite Skills Training is a great camp for the SERIOUS Basketball player, who is ready to step their game up to the next level. That Camp will be the first camp of the summer, from June 7th-8th. The Ball Handling and Shooting Camp is great for any player looking to improve either Ball Handling or Shooting, which will run at the end of the 2014 summer. Both are great camps that you can take serious advantage of with the Gift of Camp Promotion!

Gift of Camp Rotator (1)

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Work Hard with Tiny Green!

Time Lapse video of Coach “Tiny” from The Hoop Group in Neptune, NJ putting the kids through his drills. from Michael Paras on Vimeo.

Michael Paras of FirstHoops stopped by the Hoop Group Headquarters the other day to film a typical Monday night for Coach Tiny Green. Between Point Guard Camp, Rookie Roundballers and the IYL, Tiny is always here to help you get better! Check out Michael’s video to see what a typical day includes at the Hoop Group Headquarters!

Also, be sure to check out the First Hoops Project and get a chance to be a part of something very special, as Michael documents your story about your First Hoop! Just check out the project here, with NBA Legend Chris Mullin!

Chris Mullin Basketball Hall of Famer tells the First Hoops™ Project his first hoop story. from Michael Paras on Vimeo.

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Future Shore Stars…..

Tiny Green Talkin’ Shore Conference Basketball! (12-02-13) from Jake Brahney on Vimeo.

Since I am talking about all the newcomers in the shore this season, I thought I take a second to talk about some 8th graders who will be making their impact on the shore conference next year. I just heard about the Annual WLB Thanksgiving tournament that took place this weekend. The talent in this tournament sounds like it was something special as the following FUTURE IMPACT FRESHMAN in the shore all took part as well as many others.

Lovin Marsicano – quick, super talented small forward/power forward and one of the nicest kids you will ever meet. No question this young lady will be very special from day one of high school. 11 POINTS in the championship

Dara Mabrey- another future star in the Mabrey household. Dara is a talented point guard with a great feel for the game. Like all the Mabrey’s she is a gym rat.

Anna Brendel – talented smart player who just gets better and better… I love this kids upside, lucky George Sourlis

Michaela McGarvey – walking in her dad’s footsteps, she has made big strides this year… she is quiet but tough and gaining confidence every day. I look for big things for this young lady in the future…her dad started off slow and blew up in college, so expect the same here.

There was also a very special 7th grader in this event….The name Faith Masonius is one every college coach regardless of level better learn ASAP…I just threw you a MAJOR bone coaches. This young lady is the kind of kid that comes along once in a blue moon. She had 10 POINTS in the championship.

St. Catherine’s defeated Fair-Haven in the Championship game 51-39. Danielle Jordan one of the best 8th graders not only in the shore but the state was MVP. Big “D” had 18 points and that included 3 big treys down the stretch. Danielle Jordan is not only a rare and upcoming talent, but seems to get better every day. There is no question her future is huge, as many college coaches have already started the dance of love with her…yep they start early now folks! Blessed with that all important thing called size and ball handling skills; Plan on reading about her for years to come…the real question is where Miss Jordan will attend high school because somebody is get a MAJOR IMPACT PLAYER.

Tori Hyduke was named the Outstanding Player in a losing cause; this should come as no surprise. Tori Hyduke had 21 points and can flat out score. She is one of those rare players who will enter high school next year and become a scoring impact player from day one. Yes she is the younger sister of former Shore Conference Player of The Year Kaitlyn Hyduke of Rumson-Fairhaven. Miss Hyduke’s feel for the game is flat out off the charts. She will be a on every college coaches hit list one day. The sky is the limit for this young lady. I will tell you this… kid could tip the balance in the shore one day depending on where she attends school. She one of the few freshmen that could step in at ANY school in the shore and be a impact.

Click here to see all the training events currently starting at the Hoop Group with Coach Ellonya “Tiny” Green!

Don’t forget to take advantage of the Hoop Group Skills Gift of Camp…Major Savings!

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2013 Turkey Tip Off Results and Champion Photos

A special thanks goes out to all the players and coaches that participated in this year’s 2013 Turkey Tip Off. The stellar showing of basketball continued to hold up to its reputation as one of the premier holiday tournaments in the country. Thank you to all the teams that made the event a success and congratulations to all the Turkey Tip-Off bracket winners. Be sure to follow The Hoop Group on twitter and @TheHoopGroup and be sure to follow all the action on instagram @hoopgroup. See below for final bracket results and championship team photos. Happy holidays and make sure to always #BeElite in anything that you do!

8th Grade AAU Winner- P.Y.O. Phenoms

8th Grade AAU Winner- P.Y.O. Phenoms
8th Grade AAU Scores and Results

7th Grade AAU Winner- Brampton

7th Grade AAU Winner-Brampton
7th Grade AAU Scores and Results

6th Grade AAU Winner- Team F.O.E

6th Grade AAU Winner- Team F.O.E.
6th Grade AAU Scores and Results

5th Grade AAU Winner- Vaughn Panthers

5th Grade AAU Winner- Vaughn Panthers
5th Grade AAU Scores and Results

8th Grade Travel Winner-Berks Red Storm

8th Grade Travel Winner- Berks Red Storm
8th Grade Travel Scores and Results

7th Grade Travel- Neptune

7th Grade Travel Winner- Neptune 
7th Grade Travel Scores and Results

6th Grade Travel Winner- CBAA

6th Grade Travel Winner-CBAA
6th Grade Travel Scores and Results


5th Grade Travel Winner- Mt. Laurel
5th Grade Travel Scores and Results


St. Anthony’s is Unique

In a recent interview with Dave Krupinski of “St.Anthony2020”, our very own Rob Kennedy had some very inspiring words to say about the history and tradition that exists at St. Anthony’s in Jersey City. He talked about Coach Bob Hurley’s reputation, the winning culture of the program, and what St. Anthony’s meant to him growing up as a basketball player.

I’ve had 12 years of Catholic education and besides preparing me very well educationally, it was a foundation for me the rest of my life. The benefit of a Catholic school education is tremendous. In particular at St. Anthony serving Jersey City and inner city population it is even more important. It gives kids an avenue, an opportunity to excel in the classroom and put themselves in a position to go to college and change the direction of their lives. One of the things about St. Anthony is so much attention obviously on their basketball program but the fact that each of their seniors goes on to attend college is even more remarkable than the national record of state championships that this tiny little school in Jersey City has done.
-Rob Kennedy, President of The Hoop Group

You can read the full transcript here.

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