2016 Academic Elite 1 Live BLOG

Reading, PA– It’s officially camp season! Academic Elite Camp marks the beginning of Hoop Group Elite’s summer season. Our first camp takes place outside the Division 1 live period, but still brings a large number of D2 & D3 coaches to it! Registration is just beginning. Let’s get ready…camp is here!

Thursday, June 30th

1:38 PM
All-Star games are underway, wrapping up the camp with a showcase of some of the best talent. As we finish up our camp, it’s been a great four days of basketball, as there have been so many exciting games, impressive plays, and encouraging improvements. Be on the look out for our recap video soon!

1:15 PM
Check out this week’s all star teams!

Ivy League All-Star Team 1: Timothy Chaney (Gill St. Bernard ’18), Will Yarbrough (Seton Hall Prep ’18), Avi Leung (Lick-Wilmerding ’17), Kennet Lindquist (Marks Gymnasieskola ’18), Michael Schretter (Ridgewood ’17), Jack Rooney (Chatham ’18), Conner Delaney (Episcopal Ac. ’17), Austin Williams (Seton Hall Prep ’17), Paul Woodhouse (North Hunterdon ’18), Curtis Mitchell (Georgetown Prep ’17), Ryan Omslaer (St. Peter’s Prep ’17)

Ivy League All-Star Team 2: Jake Needelman (Rutgers Prep ’17), Curtis Cooper (Deep Run ’17), Jalen Vaughns (Pocono Mtn. West ’18), Alex Merhige (Harborfields ’17), Rhona Eseyade (Bergen Catholic ’17), Antone Walker (Friends Central ’17), Nicholas King (Freedom ’17), Matthue Cotton (St. Benedict’s ’18), Jake Livingston (Fox Chapel ’17), Brad Bundschuh (West Morris Mendham ’18)


Patriot League All-Star Team 1: Scott Cunningham (Wilton ’18), Max Samberg (Rye ’18), Ilan Orgel (Abraham Joshua ’18), Jackson Boutin (Xaverian ’18), Robert Madison (Whippany Park ’18), Kenjee Polanco (Paramus Catholic ’19), Stefan Forbes (Pocono Mtn. East ’18), Jack Baker (Delbarton ’19), Joshua Antoine (Don Bosco Prep ’19), Daniel Colter (Reading ’19)

Patriot League All-Star Team 2: Maximilian Kiehm (Weston ’19), Justin Brown (Hillsborough ’18), Dre Turnipseed (Nazareth ’18), Gary Redden Jr. (Hillsborough ’18), Robert Beran (Joseph Randolph Tucker ’18), Dallas Graziani (Everglades ’20), Wes Butler (Reading ’19), Bryan Medy (Nazareth ’18), Bonner Furey-Bastian (Unionville ’19), Connor Horton (Waldorf School ’18)

12:00 PM

11:50 AM
It’s time for some championship games! The last competitive games of the camp will are about to tip-off, deciding the champions for our Ivy League A, Ivy League B, and Patriot League divisions.

11:34 AM
Fabulous freshman Dallas Graziani (Everglades ’20) continues to stand out here at camp! He’s been putting a versatile array of ankle-breaking moves on his opponents, and has displayed a wealth of toughness going after loose balls in his 5’5″ frame.

11:15 AM
Timothy Chaney (Gill St. Bernard ’18) just hit a half court heave at the end of the first half! Check out the awesome highlight video of one of this week’s craziest plays:

10:45 AM
Two big finishes in Bollman! Team 3, led by Ignas Masiulionis (Culver Academies ’17), just fended off a late game-winning attempt by Team 13 to advance to the Ivy League A championship.

They will face Team 11, who held on to beat Team 15, 67-65, thanks to several late, under-pressure free throws by Curtis Cooper (Deep Run ’17) that preserved the lead.

10:31 AM
Both of our Ivy League A semifinals are going down to the wire in Bollman! Each team is looking for a strong finish to camp, and the level of competition this morning is proving it.

Both games, which feature top campers like Idaresit Ekpuk (West Potomac ’17)Conner Delaney (Episcopal Academy ’17), and Jake Needelman are separated by a possession in the final quarter.

10:22 AM
In our underclassmen division, the Patriot League, Kenjee Polanco (Paramus Catholic ’19) has been showing off incredible abilities to change speeds and beat defenders. His team, which holds a twenty-point third quarter lead, looks well on its way to the championship game later this morning!

9:45 AM
It’s time to start today’s league playoffs! Ivy League A and B divisions, as well as our Patriot League, will have their semifinals right now, before the winners meet in the championship games at 11:55.

9:13 AM
The last day of camp has already arrived; this week has flown by with many talented players showing off their stuff! Today, we wrap up our competitive portion with Ivy and Patriot League playoffs, before capping the week with our All-Star games at 1:30. Stay Tuned!

Here’s some content and information from the end of last night, including top players and highlights!

Wednesday, June 29th

8:25 PM
We’re down to our last few games, and Johnny Cornish (James Madison’ 17), just went had a great game! Distributed well, finished on a 360 dunk, and made some nice defensive plays. Tons of talent continues to show up this week on the basketball court!

7:51 PM
Check out our featured article of the day as we got a chance to speak to one of this week’s camp’s breakout stars!

7:30 PM
Only two sets of games left, but we still expect to see lots of top-notch basketball!

6:52 PM
Another session, another interview! Check out our chat with Emmanuel Jean Pierre (Nazareth ’17)!

6:38 PM
We have several international players here, and a group from Puerto Rico got this great picture with Bob Hurley after his lecture. There’s so many great people you can meet when you attend a Hoop Group camp!


6:20 PM
Each team has one more chance to show their stuff today during our evening session, before we wrap up tonight. Who will make their mark?

Some players had some nice showings during the last set of afternoon games, as you can see via some of our recent tweets.

5:26 PM
Check out some more footage of a nice sequence by Austin Williams (Seton Hall Prep ’17), Justin Hummel (Fleetwood ’17) and Danny Wilson (Locust Valley ’17) of team 12!

4:44 PM
Emmanuel Jean Pierre (Nazareth Regional ’17) 
just gave us a great interview! Emmanuel was involved in Monday night’s lecture from Coach Harney, demonstrating some shooting drills. Video of our chat with Emmanuel will be available tonight on twitter!

4:09 PM
Just started our afternoon set with two overtime games in Bollman! A huge, well-contested three-pointer was nailed by Dutcher Boyd (La Lumiere ’17) to force the extra period between teams 7 and 12.

His team would fall in overtime, thanks to a go-ahead put-back by team 12’s Michael Schretter (Ridgewood ’17) in the final minute of the extra frame. Boyd had an attempt at a game-winner as time expired, but just missed.

The level of competition continues to rise here at camp!

3:26 PM
Here’s our interview with Matthue Cotton (St. Benedict’s 18), who has been one of the week’s top players!

3:04 PM
Let the afternoon session begin!

2:50 PM
Coach Bob Hurley, who has won over 1,100 games and 28 titles at St. Anthony’s in New Jersey, just finished addressing the players. Here are some of the highlights from his lecture:

12:40 PM
Today’s early sets are just about complete! Here’s a clip of some of the many three-point daggers that have been flying on all of our courts this morning.


After a short upcoming break, the players are all looking forward to a lecture from the famed Bob Hurley at 2:00, before starting up another set of games later this afternoon!

12:15 PM
We just had a great interview with one of our top performers of the week, Matthue Cotton (St. Benedict’s Prep ’18), who talked about his favorite parts at camp, his recruiting, and what he’s looking to improve this week. Be on the look out for that–as well as other interviews–this afternoon!

11:31 AM
It’s raining on Bollman court 1! Several sharpshooters, including Austin Williams (Seton Hall Prep ’17)Jack Kath (Granada ’18), Michael Gannon (Smithtown West ’18) and Danny Wilson (Locust Valley ’17) have all been pouring it in from beyond the arc.

10:56 AM
Big finish in the opening set! A Jalen Vaughns (Pocono Mtn West ’17) 3-point play cut his team’s deficit to one, but with three seconds left and a far baseline inbound, his team fell just short. Never a dull moment here at camp!

10:32 AM
Tons of new names are popping up in the early morning session by showing off a wealth of skills. Out of the class of rising seniors, Jason Zoellner (Kittatinny Regional ’17) is showing off his impressive ability to change speeds and knock down shots, while fellow New Jersey native Christopher James (South Brunswick ’17) has been very active on the defensive end and smart in transition.

Underclassmen like Jaedon Khubani (Delbarton ’19) have been making some noise as well! Khubani, while standing just 5’5″, has been fighting hard for loose balls and driving to the hole with toughness.

9:55 AM
What time is it? Game time! Today’s games are set to tip off in the Bollman Center and the Rec. Center

9:15 AM
After this morning’s stations, the second full day of games will be kicking off. We’re excited to see the new names that make headlines over the next twelve hours of play, and all the highlight reel action that is bound to take place!

As we work through the last full day of camp, be on the look out for multiple video interviews as we get to know the top campers here at Albright College.

9:00 AM
It’s time for day 3 here at Academic Elite 1! Before we get started, let’s take a look back at what stood out from yesterday. Here are our day 2 standouts and the highlights from what was an action-packed day of hoops!

Tuesday, June 28th

9:20 PM
The final games are wrapping up here on what has been a phenomenal day of basketball! Everyone is beginning to get to know their teams, and after three games, it shows. Lots of good team basketball being played. Tomorrow should be the best yet, as the competition heightens!

Tomorrow, we’ll be releasing some of today’s top performers from each class. Can’t wait for another day of Academic Elite hoops!

8:56 PM
Check out some highlights of the great handles on one of our top class of 2018 campers!

8:45 PM
Almost done with day 2 here at Albright! Look out for our video recap coming soon!

8:28 PM
It’s been a long, productive day, and we have just one set of games left! Players like Max Rapoport (Wissahickon ’17) and Christian Wilson (Pomfret Prep ’18) are still showing off impressive shooting ability!

8:02 PM
Hoop Group staff weighing in one some talents we move towards the end of the night

7:51 PM
More video clips are available on our twitter account!

7:15 PM
Looking to read about some of our top players here at camp? Ryan and Parker Omslaer have been two of the top players over the first two days of camp. Read more about them and their brotherhood here!

6:55 PM
We’re seeing lots of great things out of our campers in the evening block, with everyone playing much more team-oriented basketball as they get to know their teammates. It’s making for even more exciting basketball than we saw this morning, and should only continue to improve into tomorrow!

6:21 PM
Dinner is wrapping up, and it’s time for three more sets of basketball games. Each team has one more game; time to finish the night strong!

5:13 PM
Some of our recent tweets, as action continues at a high level here at Albright!

4:17 PM
Thankful for Josh Ditsky being able to come help out with our academic stations!

4:08 PM
Several of our younger players are also showing off their stuff! For example, Jared Young (Episcopal ’18) has shown a very nice shooting ability, while his teammate for the week, Robert Bland (Holy Cross ’19) has done a great job running the floor and staying active on the defensive end.

3:40 PM
After a nice break, where the players got to hear about the college admissions process and more from several Hoop Group staff members, we’re now back on the hardwood for five straight hours of basketball–which will be broken up by a short dinner break, of course. Time to finish the day strong!

2:49 PM
Lots of people have been all over twitter recently, tweeting about what’s going on at our camp this week. Check it out!

12:58 PM
The last of our first session’s games is coming to a close. It’s been a fantastic morning! One player who has recently shown off some nice abilities is Emmanuel Jean Pierre (Nazareth ’17), who flashed a smooth, consistent jumpshot during his morning game. Be on the lookout for a brief interview with Jean Pierre later today!

12:33 PM
Ryan Omslaer (St. Peter’s Prep ’17) 
has been going to work around the rim with his strong, 6’10” frame! Here are a couple of clips from his first game:

12:15 PM
Check out some great highlights from this morning!

11:30 AM
We will have lots of video clips on the way very soon from our first sets of games! Check here and on our twitter account for continuing video coverage of all the talented players here at Academic Elite 1.

10:46 AM
Watch out for Johnny Corish (James Madison ’17), another talented player on team 6! The 6-foot-tall guard from Virginia has been flashing some athletic moves, displaying his agility through many tough driving finishes, and kept his team’s now one-point lead intact early in the fourth quarter with some clutch baskets.

On court 3 here in Bollman Center, teams 9 and 10–which feature the likes of Jake Livingston (Fox Chapel ’17) and Brad Bundschuh (West Morris Mendham ’18) are also locked into a tight battle in the fourth quarter. Two exciting finishes on the way and we’re only an hour into today’s games!

10:35 AM
Multiple talented players have been showing their stuff on Bollman court 1, as Ryan Omslaer (St. Peter’s Prep ’17) and Jalen Vaughns (Pocono Mountain West ’18) are a lethal combination, especially on offense, for team 5. The opposing side, team 6, boasts Matthue Cotton (St. Benedict’s Prep ’18), who possesses great quickness off the dribble and Jack Kath (Granada ’18), who can stroke it from any angle beyond the three-point line.

Omslaer has had the most impressive game so far in this one, as is team holds at five-point lead at the half thanks in part to his multiple impressive finishes around the rim. Look for video highlights from this and other early games as the morning continues!

10:10 AM
After nearly a day and a half of scrimmaging, preparation and anticipation, it’s finally time to tip-off our first set of official games! Each team will have its first game of the camp this morning before heading to lunch.

9:45 AM
Our campers are getting after it here in stations! Putting in hard work and it’s paying off, just not for one of our rims, which has already felt the impact of this week’s athletes.


However, it looks as though the rim will be fixed in time for tip-off of our first set of games at 9:55!

9:00 AM
We’re back in full swing for the first full day of games! We’re very excited to see the hard work and talent that will be all over the Albright campus today.

Monday, June 27th

9:00 PM
As we wrap up, check out our day one recap for video highlights and details on who stood out on our first day of action! We’ll be back up here tomorrow at 8 AM for another full day of the best basketball around!

8:30 PM
Coach Harney has been delivering quite the motivational speech to our campers! Here are some of the highlights:

8:00 PM
The day’s last shots have officially been taken. It’s been a fantastic day of basketball, with four straight hours of exciting hoops. The level of competition should only continuing to get better as we go into the first day of scrimmages tomorrow! Now, it’s time for all of our outstanding campers to enjoy a lecture with Chris Harney, the head coach at St. Mary’s (MD), before we wrap up for the night.

7:45 PM
Just a few minutes of play left, here’s some of the final standouts before we wrap up today’s action!

7:27 PM

7:00 PM
With only an hour to go, campers are still continuing to impress during their preliminary scrimmages.

Matthue Cotton (St. Benedict’s Prep ’17), a 6-foot-5 wing from the same Philadelphia school that produced current Indiana Pacers PF Rakeem Christmas, currently holds an offer from La Salle. During the third block of scrimmage, he threw down one of the days most impressive dunks–the true definition of a “flush”–as he skied nearly a foot above the rim to throw it down.

6:30 PM

Still going strong! Some players, like Abass Sallah from Washington, D.C., are putting on a show with their highlight reel finishes.

6:00 PM
We’re about halfway through today’s block of scrimmages and tons of talent has already surfaced on the many courts here at Albright! Here’s some more analysis of a few Academic Elite campers:

For a 6-foot-8 forward, Bundschuh has quite the consistent shot. Look below to see him throw down a nice dunk during drill stations!

5:27 PM
Some more analysis as the scrimmages continue:

Delaney, who came out firing in his opening set of scrimmages, is a two-sport athlete playing both basketball and lacrosse. According to the rising senior at Episcopal Academy, he’s looking first and foremost for the right academic fit in a college.

With the high level of academic talent at this week’s camp, Delaney is certainly in the right place, and will be looking to see how this week goes in the sense of shaping his collegiate outlook.

4:10 PM
A brief highlight clip from stations earlier today:

4:05 PM
Scrimmages have finally arrived! A sea of players formed in the Bollman Center to hear some important words from Hoop Group President Rob Kennedy before we start today’s games.

Following the brief assembly, the first of four rounds of games is set to begin; the players will be showcasing their talent in preparation for tonight’s team draft, which will set up teams for the remainder of the camp. Time to see what this week’s pool of players has to offer!

3:45 PM

3:07 PM
Finally some basketball! Stations have begun and the players are putting in work in preparation for their tryout games later this afternoon and into the evening. A variety of shooting, defensive, and 1-on-1 drills have provided the players with an hour of rigorous workouts before games get underway.

2:30 PM
Having just wrapped up their general welcome to camp meeting, the players have entered the gym for their drill stations.

1:36 PM
Registration has officially wrapped up and player photos are now available on our Facebook page. Just under an hour until we finally start playing some hoops!

11:19 AM

10:39 AM
Several players have already arrived as we prepare for registration here at Albright. Almost time for a great week of basketball to kick off the summer!


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