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Sunday July 30th

4:45 PM

From all of The Hoop Group staff, we thank you for staying tuned through this weekends exciting event! Stay updated this upcoming week as we start up our Future Jr and Future All American Camps!

4:35 PM

Crown takes home the crown! In a 74-50 victory, Thornton Scott put on a show!

4:00 PM

Ross Gang with back to back 3s to cut the deficit to 10 for SBA.

3:20 PM

Playaz win! 58-55 in a great championship game. Up next is Crown vs SBA Elite.

2:50 PM

Jersey Force 16u cuts the Playaz lead to 1 with 8 seconds remaining at the time out.

2:45 PM

2:25 PM

Crown takes the W on a clutch 3. Championship game is set for Crown and SBA Elite!

2:19 PM

Crown ties it up at the buzzer! Double OT is underway!

2:13 PM

OT is here for Crown vs Jersey Force. Catch it live on Court K.

1:47 PM 

Ross Gang is catching fire here as SBA leads 52-50

1:34 PM

Runners are ahead 37-36 here to start the 2nd half.

1:12 PM

Casmir Ochiaku is putting on a dunk contest here early.

1:09 PM

12:59 PM

Road Runners vs SBA Elite. Court C. Best of the best coming to you live from Neptune NJ!

12:48 PM

Force win! 68-66 on a late buzzer beater attempt. They will survive and advance!

12:32 PM

Jersey Force is up 63-61 against The Jersey ShoreShots. This game is coming down to the wire!

12:16 PM

SBA beats the NY RENS 66-60 to advance! They will play the Road Runners here on Court C.

12:12 PM

Greyhounds wins 61-56! NJ Shoreshots struggle to stop the interior scoring despite the late run.

11:40 AM

11:35 AM

Smart timeout Jersey Force as they scramble for the ball with less than a min to play

11:28 AM 

TNBA and Jersey Force tied with 2.30 to play.

10:48 AM

Very defensive matchup here as both teams have numerous blocks early. Greyhounds are ahead 21-17 with 6 minutes left in the first half.

10:35 AM

Shoreshots Jones vs the GreyHounds here on Court 4.

10:24 AM

5 seconds remaining here as the Running Rebels are fouling. SJ Hoops Elite bangs home both free throws to put them up 4.

10:19 AM

SJ Hoops elite is ahead 37-35 with 36 seconds remaining here on Court 4. Can the Running Rebels capitalize? Or are they heading back to Randallstown. Stay tuned!

9:50 AM

Solfield (#2) running both ends of the court for Shoreshots Kessler. Been dangerous from the perimeter with two big blocks in second half

9:30 AM

Ben Callahan #0 on GSA scored 24

9:01 AM

8:15 AM

Getting an early start for day two of 2017 Buzzer Beater Classic. Looking forward to another Championship Sunday!

Saturday July 29th

10:30 PM

9:30 PM


8:55 PM

Cecil Kirk is up 10 here vs the RoadRunners with 5 remaining in the 2nd Half.

8:25 PM

Casmir Ochiaku has a dangerous drop step low post move that he’s been showing off today on Court 2.

8:12 PM

7:55 PM

BEN KLING HAVE A DAY! 9 threes in the first half for the guard from Team Attack!!!!

7:36 PM

Drew Green drops an easy 25 in the loss against NJ Beasts. Keron Williams with the impressive 30 piece as well.

6:44 PM

NJ Beasts go up 1 on a and 1 layup with under 30 seconds to go. The atmosphere is electric on Court 1.

6:30 PM

NJ Beasts are ahead 50-49 with a little over 5 minutes to go.

6:20 PM

Bridge City wins on a buzzer beater against Riverside! Pilsitz with 18 in the victory.

6:00 PM


5:50 PM

5:38 PM

George Visconti scores 19 in a double digit victory West Flash. Jersey guard is averaging 18.5 in two games today.

5:13 PM

TNBA West Flash is keeping it close here as it’s a 5 point game against SBA Elite on Court 2 mid way through the 2nd half.

4:38 PM

NJ Roadrunners defeats LBA Team Attack by 6 on Court 6!

4:06 PM

6th Man Warriors beat the NY Havoc 73-71 in a wild battle that had the crowd on the edge of their seats!

3:35 PM

Ben Nigro scores 24 points for the CT Northstars in an impressive game!

3:00 PM

2:38 PM

Bump City takes the win over Game 7 by 6!

2:16 PM

#0 Hegel Augustine of Rack scored 31 points

2:10 PM

2 the Rack wins 71-70 in a nail biter finish over Cardinal.

1:41 PM

#CoastalStrong wins in high fashion On Court 1

1:17 PM

Smooth euro step from Raheem Carter as he finishes in traffic for #CoastalStrong. They lead 28-23 with 2 minutes left in the first half.

1:12 PM

1:03 PM

Jersey Force Black vs #CoastalStrong here has started off to a 3 point duel here early as both teams have 3 off the bat.

12:42 PM

William Boyer- Richards three as time expires isn’t enough for Sphere to beat Positive Image in OT.

12:33 PM 

SBA Elite runs away with this one 66-43  in an impressive shooting outing from George Visconti.

12:15 PM

Ross Gang is coming to life as he hits his 3rd contested lay up in a row.

12:03 PM  

Khayri Harris with an impressive 21 points in the game against IWork.

11:45 AM

George Visconti with 3 threes within the first 5 minutes of play for SBA. 6-3 Guard has the potential for a scary game here on Court 1.

11:36 AM

SBA Elite vs Team Pro Look here as SBA looks to repeat its recent success last weekend at Summer JamFest.

11:28 AM

The Cats have gotten 3 straight defensive stops using the full court press but Connor Deveny has been stroking it from 3 to stop the momentum swing.

11:26 AM

The offense is running through Center Ryan Smith here late for the Cats. The big mans soft touch and ability to crash the offensive glass has been their key.

11:24 AM

11:15 AM

Jack Brockett has been hitting from the perimeter at a high level here midway through the second half

11:03 AM

All tied up here on Court 1. Cats AAU with a late comeback here as they were trailing most of the 1st half. Exciting second half of play is coming your way!

10:48 AM

10:37 AM

RI Elite wins by 6 in a late foul situation. Valiant Effort by #CoastalStrong. Up next we have SJ Hoops Elite HGSL vs Cats AAU.

10:29 AM

Brandt Roundtree for 3!!! BANG! Roundtree at the buzzer to send this game to a thriller for #CoastalStrong!

10:24 AM

RI Elite with the big time run here late. Up 1 with a minute to play.

10:13 AM

#CoastalStrong is here up 6 with under 7 minutes to go here in the 2 Half. RI Elite is making a run here late!

10:06 AM 

We are here live at Our Buzzer Beater event this summer at the Sportika Sports Complex. A lot of big time teams here so get ready for some Elite hoops!

Spotlight Games

Day Two Spotlight Games

Crown vs Jersey Force In a thriller semi final game that ended in 3 overtimes, Crown found themselves in a hole late. Kenny Jones was nothing short of clutch as he hit the pump fake and finished to give The Jersey Force the 2 point advantage. In a battle that drew a big time crowd, Crown took home he cake and eventually took home the Crown in the championship game.


Day One Morning Spotlight Game

            Division I schools La Salle University from the A10, Robert Morris from the Northeast Conference, and a multitude of Division II and III schools were in attendance to watch the morning matchup between the Crusader Nation and New York Havoc. With a trip to the winner’s bracket on the line, both teams showed some early game jitters to start.
            Team Havoc jumped out to a quick 17-5 lead behind the energy and hustle of their point guard number 12, William Aybar.  Aybar set the pace of the game from the opening tip, extending the defensive pressure 94 feet and advancing the basketball by passing ahead.  Crusader Nation eventually acclimated to the frenetic pace of play, but trailed double digits throughout the game’s first 10 minutes.  The Nation never looked comfortable in their half court sets, struggling to execute against the extended pressure of Havoc.  Skilled 6’8” forward Joe Delollo (#33) provided a perimeter, threat stretching the defense and opening driving lanes for Havoc’s lighting quick Aybar.  Crusader Nation eventually found a way to put up points up through second chance opportunities and fast break chances. They went on a 10-2 run and cut the lead to seven to close out the half.
            The Nation continued their aggressive play to start the second half, finishing contested shots around the basket and creating and-1 opportunities.  With momentum on their side and foul situations softening up Havoc’s defensive pressure, the Nation began to convert on open jump shots. Although he showcased a soft touch around the basket and consistent face up game outside the paint, Delollo was unable to guard the perimeter on defense.  Delollo was forced to soft contest on screen and roll switches and gave up easy driving angles to Crusader Nation’s guards. Havoc trailed by two points going into the game’s final four minutes.
            The game came down to the final possession in regulation, tied at 60 with a little over eleven seconds remaining. Crusader Nation was set to take the ball out on a side out of bounds.  The ball was inbounded, and a down screen was set away from the ball in an effort to free up their team’s leading scorer for the game, #0-Nick Parrish.  He was denied but eventually caught the ball out near half court under duress .  With three seconds remaining he stepped into a 30 foot pull-up jumper that seemed to hang in the air for an eternity before swishing through the net; ending the game and advancing the Nation to the winner’s bracket.  When asked about what was going through his mind in the closing seconds, Parrish responded, “I ain’t gone lie to you, I practice that shot a lot…a hesitation to a pull up three—so, to see it finally come to work, it’s a blessing man. It felt great”.  Parrish continued on to speak about his team’s togetherness, “I’ve played with these guys for four years now–with these guys they go out and give it a hundred percent every game. It’s more like a family than a team.  We all just play together, and play for each other”.
            Crusader Nation will look to build upon this momentum going into their next matchup.  Number 33 for Havoc led the team in scoring with 15 points, while Parrish finished with 12 points, 10 in the 4th quarter and the game winner.

Day One Evening Spotlight Game

Roadrunners vs Cecil Kirk was the most entertaining game of the day. Trailing by ten points with four minuets left on the clock, NJ Roadrunners turned on the Jets. A well coached game from a legendary staff, Kaheed Jenkins drew the foul and layed it up for a picture perfect finish to put Roadrunners up by one and crush Cecil Kirks chance at an upset. The Jersey Road Runners live to see another day and head to Neptune tomorrow to show they are meant for the big stage!


Day One Player Standouts

George Visconti | SBA Elite

A three point sniper, George Visconti has been nothing short of elite from behind the arc. The smooth 6-3 guards’ stroke has been machine- like here today as he had 5 three in a routing of Team Pro Look. The Jersey guard had numerous schools here in attendance to watch his stellar performance including Lafayette and TCNJ.

Keron Williams | NJ Beasts

The shifty Newark guard was getting to the basket and slashing for the back door dump off better than anyone today. Scoring an easy 3, The Eastside high star shined in the lime light here and will continue to do so this summer. Look for Williams to start getting on college coaches maps here very soon.

Drew Green | Cecil Kirk

Green was playing very similar to Celtics wing Gerald Green here today. He caught a super impressive 1 handed alley and slammed it home in-front of a big crowd and people soon realized who Drew really is. Scoring an easy 25, Drew was able to show his athleticism was good enough to hang with the best here at the Sportika Sports Complex.

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