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Tuesday | August 2nd

2:01 PM

And that’s it folks! That will conclude your JR Future All American Camp! Last but not least is our very exciting Future All American Camp starting up tomorrow so stay tuned for the best camp yet!

1:59 PM

Team Blue takes home the All star game!

1:51 PM 

Team Blue is ahead 54-45 to start up the 4th quarter!

1:41 PM

Team Blue is ahead 34-29 in the 3rd quarter. Washington has been special here mid way through the game.

1:39 PM


1:25 PM

Dereck Lively with a couple blocked shots here early as his team leads 16-11.

1:16 PM

All star games are happening on Bollman!

12:30 PM

CONGRATS TO TEAM 7!!! Up next is the award ceremony!

11:55 AM

Championship game between Team 7 and Team 13 is underway!

11:17 AM

Julian Perez has been a force to be reckoned with here down low on court 1.

11:01 AM

Team 7 wins by 1 in a nail biter! Up next on Bollman 1 are Teams 5 and 3!

10:15 AM

Team 7 is ahead 40-39 here on Court 7 at the halfway mark.

10:00 AM

Noel Echivarra has been absolutely DOMINATE this morning. 6’2 guard has been everywhere on the floor .

9:35 AM

Good Morning here on Championship Wednesday! Today’s the day we’ve all been waiting for!

Tuesday |  August 1st

7:08 PM

Outdoor court 3 is getting ready for a CLASSIC matchup here. Teams 3 and 13 are tipping soon!

6:10 PM

Players have broken up into specific drills varying from perimeter shooting, ball handing, and defensive break down drills!

5:09 PM

Night sessions are getting ready to start up here soon at the Bollman Center!

4:08 PM 

Campers are enjoying a nicely prepared meal from our dining hall!

3:23 PM

Kai Sams has been very impressive for someone of his age!

2:45 PM

Jeremiah Bembry has been hitting absolutely on fire here from deep.

1:55 PM

Afternoon game session session getting ready to tip!

12:10 PM
Cam Jones has been orchestrating the offense here on Court 2. Just hit a three, got back on defense, and got a transition layup off a steal as well!

11:25 AM

Jameel Brown has been physically dominating his opponents on court 1. He’s been embarassing his defenders off the dribble and finishing with contact! Brown is a player to watch this week!

Monday | July 31st

5:50 PM

Jakhi Washington with a DUNK SHOW!!!

5:05 PM

Specialized position camps are getting ready to start up. Players are going to learn from coaches how to enhance specialized skills for their position.

4:10 PM

Diar Fleming is out here dishing the ball better than ever today. Fleming has made numerous back door passes to the open man for the finish. Vision is key!

3:15 PM

Isaac Santiago of Christ The King is having a day! 2022 guard has 10 points in the first half for Team 13.

2:25 PM

Bollman 3 has a Great matchup here between Teams 1 and 8. Kilson and McNeil have been battling it out in the paint!

1:45 PM

After noon game sessions are getting ready to go underway!

12:55 PM

Dereck Lively has shown a lot of potential here on Court 3! Uses his size to bully his way into the paint.

12:15 PM

Players have been putting some shots up and working on their form here in the Bollman Center.

11:23 AM

Battle of the Titans here 6’6 Dereck Lively vs 6’5 Maleek McNeil on Court 1.

10:46 AM

Isaiah Sales with back to back perimeter knockdowns!

10:41 AM 

Hello and welcome to our Live Coverage of our Future Jr. All American camp at Albright College!

All Star Rosters

All American Team 1

# Name Grade Height School City
638 Jack Scott 2022 5’8 Oak Shrewbury
660 Corey Miller 2022 5’9 Ocean Township Ocean Township
14 Donald Hand 2022 5’10 Landstown Virginia Beach
651 Akhoury Lyde 2022 5’8
101 Dereck Lively 2022 6’6 Bellefonte Bellefonte
111 Isaac Santiago 2022 5’10 Christ the King Middle Village
666 Dean Newsome 2022 5’9 Philadelphia School Philadelphia
71 Jameel Brown 2022 6’1 The Haverford School Haverford
74 Jah’khi Washington 2022 6’2 St Lukes New Canaan
206 Maleek McNeil 2022 6’5
12 Isaac Hester 2022 5’10 Ocean Township Ocean Township

All American Team 2

# Name Grade Height School City
496 Bryce Butler 2022 5’0 William Penn Charter Philadelphia
668 Kaden Richardson 2022 5’10 Herbert Hoover Potomac
121 Dasean Lecque 2022 5’10 Thomas Jefferson Teaneck
451 Jeremiah Bembry 2022 6’3 St Patricks Hillside
91 Julian Perez 2022 6’3 Grover Plainsboro
637 Ben Roy 2022 5’8 Spring Lake Heights Spring Lake Heights
130 Joe Baskerville 2022 5’11 Home School Teaneck
80 Noel Echivarra 2022 6’2 MS 319 New York
576 Simeon Wilcher 2022 6’1 VC Team Charter Plainfield
93 Phil Cook 2022 6’1 Lower Marion Ardmore

Junior Elite Team 1

# Name Grade Height School City
591 Jermaine James 2023 5’6 Edison West Orange
557 Jimmy Elliott 2023 5’4 Rockway Valley Boomton Township
507 Bryce Flowers 2023 5’1 Tatnall Wilmington
478 Nigel James 2024 4’8 Thomas J Lahey Huntington
474 Raja Coleman 2023 4’8 Winslow Sickerville
583 Cameron Jones 2023 5’5 Reading Intermediate Reading
34 Devon Theophile 2023 5’11 Winslow Sicklerville
511 Gavin Murphy 2023 5’2 Bedford Westport
601 Taj Bryant 2023 5’6
508 Tyler Flowers 2023 5’1 Tatnall Wilmington


Junior Elite Team 2

# Name Grade Height School City
629 Tyson Mobley 2023 5’7 Trinity-Pawling Pawling
487 Mason Piorkowski 2023 4’10 Academy of St Paul Ramsey
561 Marley Stewart 2023 5’5 Phillips Academy Newark
104 Kyren Smith 2025 5’2 Neal Durhum
512 Ian Harvey 2023 5’2 Winslow Sicklerville
528 Blake Harper 2024 5’3 Mater Dei Bethesda
597 Jack Bailey 2024 5’6 Saint Davids New York
483 Elijah Duval 2022 4’9 West Deptford West Deptford
606 Brian Dawkins Jr 2023 5’6 Independence Charter
509 Toby Ojukwu 2023 5’1 Voorhees Voorhees


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