Hoop Group Staff

The Hoop Group is the worldwide leader in basketball instruction. Since 1963 the Hoop Group coaching tree has grown and developed some of the best coaches in the business. It’s Hoop Group’s commitment to fulfill the dreams of thousands of young boy’s and girl’s through the game of basketball. Listed below is the current Hoop Group full time staff:

Rob KennedyPresident
Andrew McGlynnDirector of Operations
James AlbanoDirector of Digital Media & Marketing
Matt PooleyDirector of Hoop Group Elite
Josh KingDirector of Hoop Group Elite
Chris ZupkoDirector of Hoop Group Skills
Ryan FinchDirector of Hoop Group Skills
Mike RiceDirector of Team Tournaments
Kim WaitersDirector of Team Tournaments
Tiny GreenDirector of Skill Development Hoop Group Headquarters
Bryan WeberDirector of Facilities & Program Services
HG Headquarters
Eric Kessler Jr.Director of Hoop Group Headquarters