Abubakar Diallo: Junior Elite Player of the Day

abubakar diallo-psa


Abubakar Diallo
7th Grade / 2022
PSA Cardinals

Scouting Report: Abubakar is one of the top guards in the class of 2022 because of his physicality and willingness to compete from start to finish.  He is a lights out shooter from 3 point land and uses this to set up his drive.  Diallo does an excellent job of embracing contact and attacking the glass, physically and forcefully, making him an incredibly difficult cover for any opposing wing. However, he is not just a one way player.  Abubakar is a pest on the ball and can change the pace of a game in an instant making him one of the most versatile two way players in the class of 2022.

Events Attended: Hoop Group Jr. Jam Fest, Hoop Group Showdowns

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