Academic Elite Session 1 Day One: Boehm preaches ‘academics first’

College Pursuit Lecture
On Day 1 of Hoop Group Academic Elite Session 1, Albright College’s Assistant Vice President for Enrollment Management Chris Boehm addressed players and their respective parents on the importance of academics.

The presentation took place in Albright’s on-campus Chapel following player registration earlier this afternoon.

Boehm’s message was to inform players that the onus should be placed on themselves and to not put that weight on their parents when it comes to making their college decision. He also stressed that players must be two-folded individuals that have both a strong presence both on and off the court.

“It’s their decision to run and they are in control. Be good players and work hard, but also be good people, good citizens and great community members. Most of all they should be focused on being great students.”

As an enrollment administrator, Boehm noted that academic ability is most important, especially for players that may not be the most athletic.

“They have to be able to get the work done in the classroom, and once they have that we look forward to all of the wonderful attributes that that players can bring to the campus.”

“Everything that they do outside of basketball is still how they’re attractive to a basketball coach. Every basketball player wants to get a scholarship from every school. If they’re great basketball players they’re going to get a lot of offers. If they’re a great basketball player and they is a great person that brings something that not everybody else brings –that’s the kid that’s going to get all the scholarship offers.”

Players sat attentively focusing in on the message that Boehm was trying to convey. The parents in attendance showed great pleasure on the added emphasis that was placed on academic enrichment.

“It was pretty cool to hear it from someone who’s been through it that we have to go out and contact coaches in order to get our names out there,” class of 2014 guard Mike Griffith said about the lecture.

“That was important to hear for anybody who is looking to be recruited regardless of how good you are and your talent level.”

Rising senior Jared Kelly who is looking into D-III level schools was also enlightened by the speech made by Boehm.

“I learned  a lot about how academics can help you get into college and how it can give you the advantage between you and another player. The way you carry yourself on the court has to be just as good as you carry yourself off of the court.

Hoop Group President Rob Kennedy closed the lecture by outlining the camp’s guidelines and regulations in addition to introducing the camp’s staff for the session. Kennedy closed his statement by reiterating the mission that the camp hopes to achieve by the week’s end.

“A lot of you here have done everything that you need to do in the classroom to get up to this point. I asked that you guys all take advantage of this opportunity to perfect your personal skills and to keep in mind the importance of educational excellence.”

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