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Thursday | June 29th

2:11 PM

That will conclude our Academic Elite 1 camp this summer! We hope you enjoyed a week full of exciting hoops and come back to listen  on July 11th for our Elite camp.

2:10 PM

And that does it folks! Team White takes the W in a 77-68 win.

2:07 PM 

With a little over a minute left, Team white has increased the lead to 8.

2:04 PM

Under the 3 minute mark here on court 3, The score is 69-64 Team white is ahead.

2:01 PM 

WOW. Phenomenal ending to the Ivy league Allstar game. Jayden Nixon comes up short on the game tying jumper as Team Blue wins 64-62.

1:59 PM

Patriot League Allstar game is a nail biter with under 5 to go. Team white up 61-57.

1:56 PM

Ricardo Dominguez with the rebound and put back layup. Team Blue is up 61-54 with 2 minutes left in the 4th quarter.

1:53 PM


1:51 PM

Team Blue is winning 49-40 in the Ivy League Championship on Court 2.

1:49 PM

Team white is up 47-46 in  the 3rd on a close one on court 3.

1:41 PM

Team Blue up 34-28 to start the 3rd quarter.

1:37 PM

Crazy pass from Deandre thomas to the cutting Malik Jefferson for the slam!

1:30 PM

Deandre Thomas with the saucy move to the hoop for the layup. Team Blue leads 25-23 in the second.

1:28 PM

On court 3, our Patriot League Allstar game is a close one. 18-17 at the end of the 1st quarter.

1:17 PM

Harrison Eichelberger is heating up here for Team White as hes got a quick 6 points. 11-8 Team Blue is ahead early

1:01 PM

We are here live for the All star games. The best of the best dueling it out.  Get ready for a show!

12:41 PM

We aren’t finished yet Ladies and Gentleman. We have our Award Ceremony as well as our All star Games. Get to the gym now for some more high level basketball.

12:39 PM

Team 28 with the Patriot League Championship win! Final score was 61-57 in a game that went down to the wire.

12:38 PM

Team 5 goes home with the championship win with final score of 61-55 over Team 4. Jefferson and Yarbrough were incredible in the win

12:34 PM 

Team 28 is up 57-51 with a minute and 30 seconds left in the 4th quarter.

12:26 PM
50-40 Team 28 is up right now with a little over 5 minutes left on court 3.

12:21 PM 

Jayden Blakely is heating up here for Team 4 as he has their last 7 points. Score is 46-34 Team 5 is up going into the 4th.

12:13 PM

Team 28 is currently up 36-30 here in the 3rd quarter on Court 3.

12:12 PM

Yarbrough to Jefferson for the big time contested layup! 33-19 is the score going into the third quarter. Team 5 is playing like  a veteran team here.

12:02 PM

On Court 3 we have our Patriot League Championship where the score is tied up 18-18 in the 2nd quarter between teams 23 and 28.

11:57 AM

15-10 at the end of the 1st quarter Team 5 is still up.

11:50 AM

Team 5 off to a very quick start here as they force Team 5 to take a timeout. 13-2 here on Championship Thursday.

11:42 AM

Championship game here on court 2 between Team 4 and Team 5. This will be a good one folks!

11:27 AM

Alex Schachne is commanding the troops here on court 1. as they lead Team 1 55-53 in the 4th quarter.

11:05 AM

Ross Gang is playing out of his mind right now on court 2. This is something you don’t want to miss.

11:01 AM

Jack Rooney with the crafty no look pass to Ross gang for the finish.

10:48  AM

Team 4 comes out with the close win. These games are getting crazy so get to the gym now!

10:35 AM 

Court 3 is tied here 54-54 going into overtime.

10:19 AM 

Back to Back threes for Team 8 as they try to stop the bleeding here on court 1. Team 5 is up 65-54 with a little over 2 minutes left

10:00 AM

Maliek Jefferson is having a FIELD DAY in the low post right now. Team 8 just cant seem to find the solution to stopping him.

9:48 AM

Will Yarbrough and Company are on a big run right now on court 1.  Team 5 brought the double digit deficit to a 1 possession game in the 2nd quarter.

9:41 AM

Today is Playoff Day! Teams will be playing for that championship title so make sure you make your way to the gym ASAP!

9:18 PM

And that concludes Day 3. Tune in tomorrow for an exciting day including our award ceremony and our All-star Game!

8:39 PM

Last set of games here for Day 3 of camp. Catch them now!

8:08  PM

Kasai Brown has been making Deandre Thomas work this game but unfortunately not enough. Team 7 leads 66-48 right now with 4 minutes left in the 4th quarter.

7:45 PM

Team 12  is battling back here as the score is now 17 to 11 in the 1st quarter.

7:28 PM 

Team 7 opens up the game with a 10-2 run here on Court 1. Both benches are sparked with energy here.

7:10 PM

Big Time Game Alert: Team 7 takes on Team 12 in a match up you DONT want to miss.

6:42 PM

Gabe Vonleh with the sweet steal and the 1 Handed flush on court 1.

6:00 PM

Night session games are getting ready to start so make your way to the gym!

5:28 PM

Robbie Beran draws the foul and is heading to the line for 2. Big man has been done it all for Team 10 this week.

5:07 PM

Team 4 and Team 10 are off to a very exciting start here on court 1. Jayden Blakey is feeling himself with the no look assists as he leads Team 4 to a 13-8 start in the 1st.

4:49 PM

Schachne with the nice spin move and hop step floater in traffic.

4:34 PM

Alex Schachne with a couple threes on court 3 as his Team Trails 20-11 in the 2nd quarter.

4:08 PM

And 1! Zach Friedland to the rack and converts on the free throw to put Team 29 up early 10-2 on Court 1.

3:41 PM

Have a day Trent Cannon! The Texas guard has 4 straight buckets for Team 8 as they lead Team 14 44-32 on Court 1.

3:25 PM

Barry Evans with the great up and under move for Team 8 as they have a  28-25 lead over Team 14.

3:05 PM

Afternoon session of games are getting ready to kick off!

2:36 PM

Sage Mckenna is playing like a mad man in these 3 on 3 drills. The big man from Florida is getting to the basket and embarrassing defenders.

2:08 PM

The vibe in the gym is ELECTRIC. Communication is key and these guys are doing just that.

1:48 PM

Players have started spot up shooting drills with their coaches.

12:55 PM

Zack Foley with the double clutch layup in traffic  for the Team 25 bucket. They lead by 3 with under a minute to play.

12:40 PM

Fauzi Cizmesija Ulmer with the And 1 to cut the Team 21 deficit to 5. Huge basket for the 2020 big.

12:10 PM

Will Yarbrough and Malik Jefferson are a very unique guard/big combo. Both players seem to fit together very well.

11:44 AM
Jack Rooney and Company are running away with this one. Team 14 leading Team 7 54-40 here in the  4th.

11:17 AM

Ross Gangs versatility is in full affect here on court 1. Big man is running the floor like a guard.

11:05 AM

Jack Rooney vs  Chris Ozgo  two of camps top notch guards squaring off on court 1. Get here ASAP!

10:46 AM

Brendan Rougas with a stellar performance for his first game. The Jersey guard has 20+ in a Team 28 victory here early on Rec 2.

10:41 AM

Patrick Smedley with back to back beautiful turn around jumpers. The big man is feeling himself on rec court 2.

10:25 AM

The Duo of Ricardo Dominguez and  Robbie Beran has  been something of another nature here on Day 3.

9:50 AM 

Players have started their early morning warms ups and are ready for scrimmages.

9:39 AM 

Good Morning here from the Schumo Center! Get ready for another day of high level hoops.

Tuesday | June 27th

9:45 PM

And that  will conclude Day 2! Stay tuned for another exciting day of Hoops here at Albright College.

9:41 PM

Team 7 wins 51-40 in a high quality defensive match up.

9:31 PM


9:26 PM 

Alejandro Montalvo with an incredible chase down block on the fast break. Close game here as he cuts the Team 7 lead to 5 at the end of the third.

9:11 PM

Chris Ozgo has been the underrated key to Team 7’s success. Guard from Virginia has a couple threes before halftime here on Court 3.

9:08 PM

Zach Warech is playing very well here for Team 15. Has back to back buckets as they trail Team 7 17-8 a few minutes before half.

8:38 PM 

Deandre Thomas is warming up here on Court 3. This game is a MUST see.

8:17 PM 

Team 18 is making a run here on court 1 as they cut the Team 1  lead to single digits with a little more than 2 minutes remaining.

7:59 PM

Big time spin move by Jack Anderson. Rising  pass first sophomore is extremely underrated.

7:31 PM

Team 14 ends the game with a quality win over Team 6. Much more basketball to be played so make your way to the indoor courts!

7:22 PM

Malik Jefferson is a BRUISER down low. Big man is eating on court 3 right now.

7:19 PM

Team 14 leads by 2 at the Halfway mark here. This is a game you don’t want to miss!

7:11 PM

Interesting game here at the timeout, Team 6 leads by 3 as Donovan Ryland hits the smooth 3 point jumper with a little bit more than a minute to go

6:58 PM 

Nice big man match up here between Rodriguez and Chris Bates. Both 6’9 with the soft touch down low.

6:51 PM

Jack Rooney with the sweet pass down low to the big man David  Rodriguez

6:37 PM 

Evening session is underway!

5:27 PM

This is the Schachne vs Johnnson show here on court 1. Johnson leading all scorers with 15 but Schachne is the   big play maker with 6 assists.

5:10 PM

Team 17 holds out with a final score of 60-59. Great finish here at

5:05 PM

Timeout team 8. Down 1 with 24 seconds left in OT.

5:00 PM

Court 3 with a thriller here. Score is tied up 56-56 heading into Overtime.

4;53 PM

Team 7 with the 52-38 victory over Team 16.

4:48 PM

Nice Finish inside by Jalen Jefferson on the pocket pass by Deandre Thomas. Team 7 up 50-34 in the 4th quarter.

4:25 PM

Fraunheim answers back with the And-1 to cut the Team 7 lead to 11.

4:22 PM

Deandre Thomas with the put back  Slam!

4:13 PM


3;51 PM

BANG! Mike Young from deep at the buzzer for the Team 15 win.

3:46 PM

Court 3 on  the indoor courts  has a Classic right now as the score is tied at 54 a piece with a minute to go!

3:24 PM

CRAZY chase down block from Max Hunter Brown his second of the game. The Brooklyn guard has been phenomenal defensively.

3:12 PM

Smooth hook shot by Cole Minetree as Team 19 is rolling.

3:00 PM

Evening game session is about to tip off!

2:28 PM 

Cabrini Coach Tim McDonald is rallying the troops for the 3 on 3 drills.

2:00 PM

Close out drills have begun!

1:44 PM

 Players have broken off into groups to take part in off the dribble shooting drills.

1:26 PM 

Scrimmages just finished up, players broke off to start Workouts and Academic Counseling.

1:00 PM


12:49 PM

Carson Small with the big time chase down block.

12:38 PM 

Explosive Danny Fraunheim of Team 16 is a player to watch today on the inside courts as his Team leads by 2.

12:03 PM

Jayden Nixon with the fast break SLAM. Team 9 is up 16 with 6 minutes to go.

11:58 AM

Adrien Cohen is putting on a SHOW on the indoor courts.

11:52 AM

Kenan Sayers with back to back charges taken for Team 13.

11:20 AM

Great triple screen by Team 14 as they are taking over here on the indoor courts

10:52 AM

Aaron Crowley banks home the corner three.

10:35 AM

Alex Schachne with the saucy moves on the Upstairs courts. Get here  ASAP!

10:13 AM

Scrimmages are going on now so make your way to the gym!

10:02 AM

Screen and Roll drills are going on here in the indoor gym.

9:50 AM

The players have broken off into their teams to start the day

Monday | June 26th

8:00 PM

Academic Elite Camp draft kicking off!

7:44 PM 

That will conclude Day 1! Big day full of basketball tomorrow so stay tuned.

7:38 PM 

Sneaky pass from Semir Dervisevic to the cutting Gonzalo Hermanz for the layup off the glass.

7:07 PM

Keller Casey with the full court pass to the cutting Michael Reardon. Team 20 with way too many weapons here late.

6:34 PM 

Baseline one handed slam from Jayden Nixon on the pass fron Montalvo. Team 6 is cooking on Court 2.

6:15 PM

Full court pass from Robbie Beran for the Team 5 finish. Big man shows his versatility.

6:07 PM 

Ross Gang with the slam on the fast break. The bench ERUPTS as Team 7 shows they mean business.

5:45 PM

Jesus Vela of Puerto Rico with the sweet stroke from downtown. The guard has been feeling himself as of late.

5:07 PM 

Jack Anderson with the find in the corner for the Aaron Crowley three. High IQ pass first sophomore  has been unguardable so far.

4:30 PM

Back to Back threes for Timon Jones here on  the indoor courts. Richmond guard is HEATING up

4:13 PM:

 Maliek Jefferson with the huge slam down low. Offense is flowing through the big man here early.

4:12 PM:

Deandre Thomas with the BIG TIME hop step finish in the lane. Guard is putting on a clinic on the indoor courts.

4:01 PM:

Players have broken up and started to warm up for scrimmages. Lets play ball!

3:30 PM:

Big time steal from Arnold Henderson in the close out drill. Richmond guard has  showed out during drills so far.

2:57 PM

Coach Van Zelst of Scranton University is instructing players on close out defensive drills.

2:49 PM

3 v 2 offensive drills are going on. Players are looking to showcase their play making abilities as well as their basketball IQ.

2:44 PM

Campers have checked in and broken off into small groups to begin shooting drills.

All Star Rosters

Ivy League Team 1

# Name Grade Height School City State
105 Ricardo Dominguez 2018 6’2″ Our Savior Lutheran Bronx NY
65 Jayden Nixon 2018 6’4″ Choate Rosemary Hall Wallingford CT
17 Gabe Vonleh 2018 6’5″ Loyola New York NY
59 Robert Beran 2019 6’8″ Collegiate School Richmond VA
49 Jack Wyatt 2018 6’8″ Collegiate School Richmond VA
151 Danny Fauenheim 2018 5’10” Point Pleasant Beach Point Pleasant NJ
121 Jaylen Colon 2018 6’1″ John F. Kennedy Paterson NJ
108 John Wessel 2018 6’5″ New Oxford Oxford PA
57 Mark Natiello 2018 6’4″ Westfield Westfield NJ
39 Harrison Eichelberger 2018 6’7″ Westtown School West Chester PA
99 Alexander Sobel 2018 6’8″ Ward Melville Setauket NY

Ivy League Team 2

# Name Grade Height School City State
311 Alex Schachne 2018 5’11” Gill St Bernards Gladstone NJ
75 DeAndre Thomas 2018 6’3″ Millwood Richmond VA
38 Kasai Brown 2018 6’5″ Millbrook Millbrook NY
158 Cole Laney 2018 6’5″ Cedar Crest Lebanon PA
69 Malik Jefferson 2018 6’8″ Hopewell Hopewell VA
101 Andrew Gallagher 2018 5’10” Holy Spirit Absecon NJ
150 Devin Cooper 2018 5’11” Red Bank Regional Little Silver NJ
68 Adrian Cohen 2018 6’5″ Etowah Woodstock GA
78 Ross Gang 2018 6’5″ Millburn Millburn NJ
18 Mike Young 2018 6’8″ Nazareth Regional High Brooklyn NY
72 Timon Jones 2018 5’11” Henrico Richmond VA

Patriot League Team 1

# Name Grade Height School City State
160 Enzi Teacher 2020 5’9″ Hackley Tarrytown NY
187 George Siegrist 2019 6’3″ Our Lady of Lourdes Poughkeepsie NY
217 Brandon Ellington 2019 6’2″ Community School Davidson NC
276 Patrick Smedley 2019 6’3″ Broadrun Ashurn VA
219 Cole Minetree 2019 6’6″ St Christopher Richmond VA
291 Zack Foley 2019 5’8″ Goshen Central Goshen NY
236 Lucas MacDonald 2019 6’2″ Xavier Manhattan NY
223 Jaylen Gilmore 2020 5’11” Nazareth Regional Brooklyn NY
256 Craig Johnson Jr 2019 6’2″ Friends of Baltimore Baltimore MD
269 Sage McKenna 2019 6’4″ Navarre Navarre FL
235 Christian Macgruder 2019 6’1″ Largo Upper MD

Patriot League Team 2

# Name Grade Height School City State
201 Brian Wood 2020 5’9″ Garden City Garden City NY
286 Jesiah Matthews 2019 6’0″ The Bullis School Potomac MD
322 Aaron Crowley 2019 6’0″ Morristown Morristown NJ
228 Semir Dervisevic 2020 6’3″ New York Museum New York NY
298 Maximillian Kiehm 2019 6’4″ Proctor Academy Andover NH
174 Jack Anderson 2019 5’11” Londonderry Londonderry NH
164 Conner Hepting 2019 5’11” Loyola Blakefield Towson MD
254 Jayden Wingard 2019 6’0″ Gwynn Park Brandywine MD
163 Ryan Doherty 2019 5’11” Chatham Chatham NJ
178 Jack Baker 2019 6’3″ Delbarton Morristown NJ
278 Liam Danaher 2019 6’4″ Columbia East NY