Ali Brown: Junior Elite Player of the Day

Ali Brown
Team Final (PA)

Scouting Report: Ali Brown is one of the most explosive players in the class of 2022.  He competes on both ends of the floor and is scary when he is attacking defenders downhill in transition.  Ali is constantly looking to expose defenses with his ball handling ability and the quickness he possesses, which allows him to create for himself and set up other teammates.  Brown is one of the toughest guards in his class and brings his intensity to every single game.  We look forward to watching Ali grow as a player as we believe he will end up being one of the top guards in the class of 2022 moving forward!

Events Attended: Hoop Group Skills Camp, Kevin Boyle Skills Camp, Philly Jr. Elite, among others

**Note**: Brown has been selected as an All-Jr Elite Player in the 2022 class, as well as an All-Star at Hoop Group Camps.

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