Aquille Carr Transfers Back to Baltimore from St. Patrick’s

Aquille Carr
Photo by Kelly Kline / Under Armour

Aquille Carr has become one of the most entertaining and captivating high school basketball players in the nation.

Standing just 5-foot-7, Carr’s height (or lack thereof) makes his accomplishments even more impressive. A gifted scorer who led Patterson High (Baltimore, Md.) to a state championship this season, “The Crime Stopper” is a YouTube celebrity, with highlight videos racking up millions of hits.

A class of 2013 prospect committed to Seton Hall, Carr transferred from Patterson to St. Patrick in Elizabeth, New Jersey. A traditional basketball power, St. Pat’s is slated to close at the end of this school year, and the transfer was seen strictly as an academic decision.

Aquille Carr at Under Armour Hoop Group Jam Fest in Pittsburgh

Aquille Carr amazes crowds with his ability to take over a game despite standing at only at 5'7. Photo by Kelly Kline / Under Armour

Still, rumors flew after the transfer. Would the school stay open? Would Aquille move back to Baltimore for his senior year? Why did he move in the first place?

Some of the rumors were put to rest last Friday, when Carr left St. Patrick and decided to move back to Baltimore and re-enroll at Patterson. He said the return home was strictly a personal decision, unrelated to academic or basketball issues. In fact, the new father simply missed his daughter, six-week old Averi.

“I was away from my daughter too long. She had gotten sick so I wanted to come home and take care of her,” Carr stated, “and I just wanted to spend the first year of her life there, and be there for her.”

“I just wanted to come home to feel better…It wasn’t a basketball or school issue,” he added. It was well documented that Carr frequently returned to Baltimore after enrolling at St. Patrick.

All signs point to a successful, albeit short stint at the soon-to-be closed school.

“They taught me a lot at St. Pat’s. They showed me more ways to study and they helped me out a lot in school. I give them a lot of credit..”

When asked about his plans for next year, Carr was unequivocal; “I don’t know yet.”

Previous statements suggest that the future Seton Hall Pirate may personally favor a return to Baltimore and Patterson for his senior year. Still, claims are being made that a move out of town may be imminent.

Free for a weekend from the stresses of being a father and facing uncertainty about his school situation, Carr was happy to be somewhere familiar and comfortable; the basketball court.

“It’s great to be here….Everyone’s playing good basketball. It’s fun out here.”

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