2017 Top 100 Recap | Baltimore, Rochester, Chicago

2017 Top 100 Recap

Baltimore . Rochester . Chicago

Ike Cornish (2021, Dulaney) 

The young wing continued to show why Division 1 programs all over the east are stopping by Dulaney open gyms this fall. With a unique blend of size and skill, the 6’6 Cornish, displayed his emerging inside/outside offensive game at the Baltimore Top 100.  With crafty drives to the rim, a smooth jump shot, and a great feel for the game, Ike Cornish proved why, even is a freshman, he is a name to know in the Baltimore Area this winter.

Nytre Brown (2019, Lake Clifton) 

The most physically imposing player at the Baltimore Top 100 Turner did not disappoint. With a strong 6’7 frame, the Lake Clifton big man dominated every inch of the paint! Grabbing rebounds, blocking shots, and using a soft touch to finish around the rim. Even with his size, he showed an ability to run the floor, and defend in space against smaller players.

Sherwyn Devonish (2018, Wise)

The Wise High School guard was flat out the best guard in the building. His consistent ability to play quickly but under control is what has college coaches from every level interested. He puts relentless pressure on the defense by creating off the dribble and scoring in the lane. With a much improved jump shot, Devonish is turning into an all-around scoring point guard, who can run a team, and get you a basket!

Deson Flood (2018, Good Counsel) 

Deson Flood will be one of the best athletes in the WCAC this year. The 6’5 wing was virtually unstoppable in transition, consistently finishing above the rim. A quick leaper, with a skill set that keeps improving, Flood displayed an ability to create driving lanes in the half court, as well as showcased a capable jump shot to keep defenders honest. His length and quickness makes him one of the most versatile defenders in the area! It’s no surprise that a variety of D1 coaches have been in to see the Good Counsel wing.

Noah Hutchins (2019) 

The highflying PG from Buffalo is one of the best athletes in the 2019 class. Hutchins has the ability to get and finish above the rim in both transition and in a half court setting. With a GPA high enough to get into any college in America, and a skill set only a few have, Noah’s recruitment will be wide open. If Noah can continue to develop his jump shot and PG skill set he will be one of the best 2019 PG in all of NY.

Kobe Long (2020) 

With the ability to consistently knock down shots from 23 feet and in, Kobe Long has a chance to be the next big thing to come out of McQuaid. Kobe knocked down shots for the entire 5 hours he was in the gym. If Long can add other aspects to his game he will have a chance to be D1 scholarship player. This season will tell a lot about the kind of player Kobe can become moving forward.

Will Amica (2020) 

One of the stronger bodied 2020s in the area, Amica has the ability to play on both ends of the floor. An ability to play through contact was on display all event as Amica had no problem getting to the rim and finishing. If Amica can stretch out a few more inches and continue to play at the level he showed at SJFC, he will be coveted by many D1 schools moving forward.

Eddie Creal (2018, Romeoville)

Eddie used his athleticism and strength to dominate the event.  He has a high motor and was unstoppable in the open court, including a 3 minute stretch in the second half of a game where he had 11 points on 3 dunks.  Division 1 programs will start taking notice of Eddie this high school season!

Jeremiah Oden (2019, St. Rita)

Jeremiah is an ultra-talented wing/forward who plays for catholic league power St. Rita.  At 6’ 8”, he moves fluidly and can put the ball on the deck and finish at the rim.  Arguably the highest ceiling of any prospect at the event, he will have numerous Division 1 offers by the end of the high school season.

Robert Harvey (2018, Hillcrest)

Robert had his full game on display this weekend in Chicago!  The wing is a knockdown shooter who can also put it on the deck and make some plays.  With a developed skill set, he plays a mature game that makes it easy for him out on the court.  Already holding an Illinois St. offer, expect more schools to watch Harvey play this season.

Blogging with Tiny Green: 2017 Fall High School League

Bigger Than Ball Vol.9 : B.J. Boston

This time last year, B.J. Boston was just another player from Georgia and virtually unknown to major basketball circles. After making it to the High School State Championship this past season and his play with 15u Georgia Stars on the EYBL circuit, B.J. started to blow up. A long and smooth wing,  he entered 2017 Future All American Camp an ESPN Top 15 player.  

MP—What NBA player do you model your game after?

B.J Boston—- Kevin Durant



MP—–What makes you different from the other top players in the country?

BB-I have a lot of confidence, I know how to score the ball


MP——What motivates you when you play?

BB—My mother, I do it for her.


MP–You are from Atlanta so I have to know, Migos or Gucci Mane?

BB–Oh, Migos all day.


MP—Who is your favorite migo?

BB—Ohh that’s a tough one. Quavo is the best migo, but Offset is the best rapper.


MP—-Best BBQ in Georgia?

BB—–Chicken no doubt, I have a lot of it


MP—Favorite NBA Legend and why?

BB–Michael Jordan. Nobody is stopping him.


MP—One Goal this year for you on the court?

BB–For school I am trying to win a state championship. Last year we got there, but we came up short

By my senior year I am trying to be the number one player in the country.


MP—If you did not play basketball, what would you play?

BB—Football. I’d be a quarterback.


MP–What is the toughest matchup you have had?

BB–I don’t know, I just blew up this year so I have faced a lot of good guys.


MP—What do you look to improve out on the court?

BB–I need to get stronger.


MP—What do you look to prove out on the court?

BB—I want to show that I AM the best.


MP–Describe your game in one word.



The quiet Georgia native may be new to the spotlight, but he will not be leaving any time soon.

Bigger Than Ball Vol. 8 : Trey Patterson

Most of the 2021 class is just starting their young basketball careers. However, Trey Patterson is already on college coach’s radar. One of the top prospects in his class, Patterson’s 6’7” frame allows him to do a little bit of everything on the court. The young star holds offers from Rutgers and Wake Forrest, proving that much more is to come for the swingman.



MP-What NBA player do you model your game after?

Trey Patterson- I’d probably have to say maybe LeBron because he’s just an all-around team player, he can score the ball, he gets his team involved, and he plays a bunch of defense.


MP–What motivates you when you play?


Being one of the top kids in the country. It puts an extra target on my back. I have to play as hard as I can because there’s always someone after me.

MP-You play for Team Rio right?



MP-Being from NJ, we need to know. Is it Pork roll or Taylor Ham?

TP–Taylor Ham. No doubt.


MP–Favorite pre game song?

TP–Right now, Solo by Future.


MP–If you didn’t play basketball what would you play?

TP–I used to play football and baseball, so one of those.


MP–What is something you can improve on?

TP–I can always improve on my ball handling and my shooting, so those two things.


MP–What do you look to prove out on the court?

TP–That I am one of the BEST out here and that no one can stop me.


MP–Describe your game in one word



The future is bright for this budding star from Rutgers Prep. Patterson knows how to go out and get the job done. He carries himself and plays the game beyond his years. Looking forward to seeing him develop.


Bigger Than Ball Vol. 7: Jalen Green

The mantra around California basketball in recent years has been that it’s all flash, no fire. That the players aren’t “tough enough”. When it comes to Fresno native Jalen Green, those words are never used. Jalen was recently named ESPN’s Class of 2020 #2 overall player. An absolute terror in transition, the 6’5’’ shooting guard from San Joaquin Memorial High School is an athletic force. Green not only has good body control, but a tight handle on the ball and array of moves to compliment his game. Green brought home a gold medal with the USA U16 National Team. We had a chance to catch up with Jalen at Future All American Camp.

MP—What NBA player do you model your game after

JALEN GREEN—-I model my game after Kevin Durant.


MP—–Best part of your game?

JG-Probably attacking, getting to the cup.


MP—What part needs the most improvement?

JG—I’d say shooting, defense, my offense in the half court things like that.


MP—Favorite Athletic Achievement to date

JG—-On the court? *Laughs* probably hitting a between the legs something like that.


MP—-What motivates you when you play?

JG—–Always having a chip on my shoulder. I WANT to get buckets, I want to be the best player out here.


MP—-What was it like playing for team USA


It was great experience, I can tell you that. All the people that are out there, all the top players in the country playing against them competing for a spot. It’s fun.


MP—-Biggest pregame ritual

JG—-I like to eat junk food. *Laughs*. Skittles or Starbursts or something.


MP–Favorite twitter or Instagram follow

JG—-Probably Ball is Life, they always have videos up there.


MP—Of you?

JG—*Laughs* Sometimes.


MP–Toughest matchup you’ve had

JG—Either Nico (Mannion) or Josh Green, or Jalen Suggs. They’re always aggressive, they take no plays off. It’s always a battle.


MP–If you didn’t/couldn’t play basketball, what sport play

JG–Football. I’d be a receiver for sure.


MP–What’s the thing you look to prove the most when out on the court?

JG–That being from Cali doesn’t matter.


(A little proof from earlier today he was not kidding)


MP—One word to describe you as a basketball player.



The future is bright for the young gunner from California, and he is hungry to bring the bark back to the West.