Cormac Ryan Attracts Major Attention at Spring Jam Fest

Cormac Ryan

From the cabins and the blacktop courts of Hoop Group Skills Camp in the Poconos, to a starring role at the Hoop Group Spring JamFest, Cormac Ryan has almost achieved his goal of reaching the highest level of collegiate basketball, but he knows there is plenty of work to be done.

“(This AAU season and going forward) I really need to work on my strength and conditioning so I am ready to compete at the highest level,” said Ryan (Milton Academy, MA | 2018).

On the court he is already showcasing his basketball talents, this weekend at Spooky Nook in Manheim, PA, for the crowds that came out for the first weekend of the Division I live period. One member of the crowd was University of Virginia head coach Tony Bennett.

“I am honored that the head coach of Virginia came out to watch,” Ryan said, “playing up (with Middlesex Magic’s 17U team) is really a good opportunity.”

Tony Bennett

Tony Bennett was one of the many coaches to watch Cormac Ryan this weekend

I’ve attended (Hoop Group) Skills Camp and the camps at Albright (Hoop Group Elite),” Ryan continued. “This is great organization that is run very well and affords you great exposure.”

If Bennett was like everyone else in attendance he was exposed to not only Ryan’s sweet shooting stroke but also his seemingly polished basketball IQ.

Ryan does an excellent job moving with and without the ball and knowing when not to force his shot and distribute the ball. He can seemingly create space on the floor with ease and is adept at finding open teammates when opponents try to double-team him. In the game watched by Bennett, Ryan dished out 11 assists.

“I try to take enough shots so I stay sharp but I know I need to move the ball and keep my teammates involved,” said Ryan, who was also being looked at from members of the Boston College staff and, what appeared to be, ever other coaching staff in the building.

“He is going to be a high-level point guard. He’s got ‘it’ and he’s shifty on the court. When you add that to his skills that is what separates him from everyone else,” said Columbia assistant coach Jared Czech.

In addition to Virginia and Boston College, there have been discussions with Michigan, Notre Dame and Stanford as well Ivy League schools Harvard and Yale. Northwestern is supposed to come to the final day of the Spring JamFest to see him.

“To use a baseball term, he’s a five-tool player,” Middlesex Magic coach Michael Crotty said. “He can move quick laterally, he has a great stroke off the pass, he goes to the glass hard for a guard and, like everyone saw here last night, he can pass the ball and set up his teammates. He’s one of the nicest kids off the court and one of the most competitive ones on it.”

A Trip Out East Pays Dividends for the All For Sports Program

Kevin Samuels
The road to the 2016 NCAA Final Four ended in Houston this season, so it was fitting that one of the early teams drawing attention at the Hoop Group Spring JamFest in Manheim, PA was a team from the Space City, the 17U All 4 Sports Dream Team.

“I have known about (Hoop Group) elite camps and tournaments and I know what a great product Hoop Group puts on,” said All 4 Sports head coach and director Orin Bailey. “Based on that reputation, coming here was a no-brainer.”

One of two All 4 Sports players who is already benefitting from Bailey’s decision to come east to start of the 2016 AAU season is 2017 Kevin Samuels (pictured above).

Samuels emerged on the scene in July of 2015 at the Fab 48 tournament in Las Vegas and Bailey confirmed at that time that he had received scholarship offers from Kansas State and Houston. Since then the list of schools expressing interest has grown to include Baylor, Nebraska, Texas A&M and UCLA to name a few. After the opening night of the Spring JamFest you can now add Arkansas, Connecticut and Washington to that list.

Samuels showcased the ability to play strong defense and at times play bigger, if that is possible, than you would think his 6-foot-10 body could, and a propensity for playing well coming off screens.

“That’s another thing that I really have liked so far from this tournament, the direct feedback from coaches,” Bailey said. “April is when colleges find guys and when staffs begin to prioritize who they want. Coming to this event helps to give our kids the maximum exposure that comes from not only playing tournaments in the west or Texas but now on the east coast.”

Of course while having a tremendous upside because of his size and ability to alter a game in the paint, Samuels, is still progressing and he hopes to use this AAU season to fine tune his game. “I need to develop a more consistent jumper and I plan on doing that throughout the season and by going to camps over the summer.”

Jock HughesWhile Samuels represents the present success of All 4 Sports, a program which has produced  20-plus Division I basketball players during its 10 years, the future may very well depend on the continued growth of Jock Hughes III (pictured left), who will turn 16 on April 17.

The 6-foot-3 guard, has been playing well in Texas, having already garnered attention from Houston and Texas, but has now put himself on the radar of other Division I schools thanks to his ability to shoot from all areas of the floor and his play with the basketball.

“He (Hughes) has done a lot of nice things with the ball from what I have seen,” said a top Division I assistant.

But upon hearing that the sophomore from Yates (Houston, TX) High School displayed a poise off the court that shows he realizes there is still a lot of work to do.

“That’s nice but I know I still need to work on my ball-handling, especially if I am going to play point guard. I still have a long way to go,” said Hughes, who said this is really his first experience travelling outside of Texas to play, “I just want to enjoy this experience, have fun with my teammates and I know the attention from schools will come.”

Girls Skills Camp – Award Winners/Recap


Following up the success of the previous week’s Girls Shooting Camp, Girls Skills Camp featured top quality instruction, drills and games as the girls worked hard and dramatically improved their skills over the past four days.

To catch up on all of the action from camp be sure to visit our Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube pages.

be mip lula campbell

Over camp she greatly improved her defense and rebounding. Her work in drills and games seemed to further her development as a post player and has her confidence grew so did her ability to score in the paint. For all her hard work Campbell was named the Big East Division’s Most Improved Player.

From dribbling, shooting and defense, Glover worked hard all week long and improved in every facet of her game as she was named the WNBA Division’s Most Improved Player.


A point guard with tremendous talent. Harris can handle the ball, effectively penetrate the lane and is a dangerous shooter from long-range. Harris showcased all of her skills in the WNBA All-Star and was honored as the game’s MVP. She also copped the WNBA Division’s Floor General Award.

Lynch worked tremendously hard all week and showed off one of the most complete skill sets in the ACC Division. During the All-Star game her passing, scoring and defense led to her being named the game’s MVP. Lynch is shown above demonstrating a drill with Hoop Group Skills Director Ryan Finch.

As her team’s point guard, Mento was great at controlling the pace of the game and getting her teammates open shots. Honored as the ACC Division’s Floor General Award winner.

A very aggressive player on both ends of the floor, O’Connor hardly ever took a play off and her ability to take over a game at any time was one of the reasons she was named the ACC Division’s MVP.

Her strong shooting technique and great follow through helped Sabino on her way to winning the ACC Division’s Free Throw Championship. Thanks to her balance and good leg placement, Sabino’s shooting isn’t limited to the free throw line as she possesses the ability to shoot from anywhere on the court.

acc mip brittney wrazien

Wraziens’s strongest improvement at camp came on defense. Learning to keep her hands straight up allowed her to make her opponents ability to shoot or pass difficult. On rebounds she improved her two-hand grab on the defensive end and the quick put back on the offensive side. These improvements, along with the work put in developing a drop-step fake led to Wrazien being named the ACC Division’s Most Improved Player.


Girls Skills Camp was the third of our four girls camps of the summer, the fourth, Coach Bob Hurley’s Girls Camp, ended on August 6. Once again it was a pleasure to have all of you attend one or more of our sessions and we look forward to having you and your daughters back next summer.

However, before next summer we here at Hoop Group host several tournaments and clinics for girls throughout the year and would love to see and hear from you before next summer. Please be sure to visit our website for all upcoming Hoop Group Skills events.

Skills 2014 Girls cover

Shooting Stars From Girls Skills Shooting Camp

Girls Shooting Camp, the first of our three girls camps of the summer, was filled with high-energy play, hands on instruction with NBA and WNBA level coaches – Shooting Coach Dave Hopla and Portland Trail Blazers Assistant General Manager Steve Rosenberry –  and interactive 1-on-1 video breakdown of the players shooting form.

While the consensus among directors, coaches and players was that everyone’s game improved over the past four days, there are a few campers who, either by excellence in games, stations or individual competitions, are recognized below for their accomplishments.

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Big East Division - RUTGERS
A team leader and a solid point guard, Davis copped two awards at camp this week as she won the Big East Division’s All-Star Game MVP and Hot Shot Championship. Davis exhibited a good handle and her ability to knock down big buckets, including from long range, helped her Rutgers squad, pictured above, win the team championship.

One thing that makes a great player is confidence, and DeSantis displayed that confidence all week long, especially when shooting the ball. Never afraid to take a shot, which most of the time she hit, DeSantis saved her best for the ACC Division’s All-Star Game and was far and away the best player in that game as she earned MVP honors.

A point guard with strong ball handling skills and an excellent feel for the game, Dombrowski was this week’s Big East Division Free Throw Champion. As a point guard the most important aspect of the game is directing the floor and Dombrowski did that as well as any player in the Big East Division.

An aggressive and confident ball handler she clearly has the ability to take her game to the collegiate level. Starring in the WNBA Division all week, Hartley was above average when it came to shooting off the dribble and using both hands. Her selection as the camp’s MVP was a lock.

A tremendous point guard who has the capabilities to be a game changer, Harris can drive to the basket as well as step out to the 3-point line and her skills off the dribble are impeccable. She showcased her skills in the WNBA Division All-Star where she garnered game MVP honors.

Displayed a high basketball IQ throughout camp. Her ability to find teammates and put them in scoring position was consistent and led to her being named the ACC Division’s Floor General Award winner. Lynch not only improved her own skills but also helped teammates become better players.

A good rebounder and defender, Nazih was also among the most consistent players in camp at the free throw line. That consistency led to her winning the ACC Division’s Free Throw Championship.
Arguably the best player in camp, Olmstead, who teamed with Davis to lead Rutgers to the Big East Division Championship, was named that Division’s MVP. She has the ability to score from anywhere on the floor and her presence on defense always seemed to throw off her opponents.

Pine strove to get better every day and never missed an opportunity to be on the court working on her game. All week long she was one of the standout players and was named the ACC Division’s Early-Bird Workout Star.

ACC Division - DUKE
A high-energy player with a great attitude, Rockwood seemed to take over whether in games, stations or workouts. While at camp it seemed there was nothing she couldn’t do on the court from scoring, passing and defending, simply put, she was the best player in the ACC Division and was named the MVP at the end of the week. Rockwood, pictured above with her Duke teammates, also won the Division’s Hot Shot competition.

Her hard work all week paid off as Sudano was named the ACC Division’s Most Improved Player. She was a solid defender and her positive attitude and work ethic will allow her to continue improving her game.

Worked hard from the opening whistle of camp and was always hustling as she outworked her opponents to pull down key rebounds. Played hard with and without the ball and that attitude led to her being named the Big East Division’s Miss Hustle Award winner.


Skills 2014 Girls cover

If you or anyone you know missed Girls Shooting Camp or the currently in session Girls Skills Camp, there is still time to register for Girls Bob Hurley Camp which runs from this Sunday, August 3, until Wednesday August 6

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Skills Camp III wrapped up the first half of our boys summer camps, and thanks to the effort of all our campers it was clearly one of the most competitive camps of the summer! While the schedule of early-bird workouts, stations, lectures and games was the same as the other Skills Camps, the play on the court was highlighted by many standout individuals, some of which are listed below.

To catch up on all the action from Skills Camp III you can check out our Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube pages.


A talented player on both ends of the court, Alize hustles on every play until he hears a whistle.
is a great basketball player that will hustle every play of the game.

A very good shooter, who’s not afraid to take big shots. Can get to the basket at will and is a relentless defender.

Always kept a positive outlook on the court. Worked well with his teammates and displayed great leadership the whole week.

A good point guard who directed the floor well and was one of his team’s best shooters at camp.

Played both ends of the floor extremely well and was one of the more accurate free throw shooters at camp, winning the ACC Division Free Throw Championship.

The ultimate team player, he is always finding different ways to contribute to the game. His offensive skills are matched by his defensive ones, making him the complete player.

Used his speed to his advantage all week long as he led his team in totals fast-break points and steals. Burke also played big in big spots including the Big East Division All-Star Game in which he was named MVP.

Earned the Big East Division’s Floor General Award based on his strong leadership and excellent passing. Always seemed to know where a teammate was going to be and sometimes put the ball there before anyone knew what was happening.

ACC HS Jameson Caruso
Caruso is an incredible player who makes moves on the court years beyond his age. His skill set is extremely versatile ranging from deep threes to Euro steps. Caruso capped his week by winning the ACC Division Hot Shot Championship.

Chester could flat out score. He was one of the quickest guards in the NBA Division and he hustled and played defense harder than any other player on his way to winning the Division’s MVP Award.

Was instrumental all week long in setting up his team’s offense and directing his teammates on and off the court.

Cooper keeps defenses off balanced by his ability to beat defenders off the dribble and with his steady jump shot. He has a high basketball IQ and finds his teammates extremely well. Cooper is shown above running through a drill with Skills Director Ryan Finch.

A long and athletic two guard, Crowley can shoot the ball for a very high percentage from long range.

A skilled big man who improved during camp. He was a rebounding machine who, according to his coach, was a very coachable player.

A very tough shooting guard who can slash to the basket and was very dangerous on the fastbreak.

A hard worker with great leadership skills, Ezenekwe was always composed on the court no matter the situation. A great role model for his teammates he helped lead his Florida squad to the SEC Division semi-finals. He was also named the camp’s Iron Man Award winner to go along with All-Star Game MVP.

His ability to get to the rim led to many scoring opportunities for his team, and even when not driving, his solid jumper helped to keep defenses honest.

A great on-the-ball defender who also attacked the rim with no fear during his time at camp. Was a team leader throughout the week.

A very talented player who can play multiple positions. He can finish really well with both hands. His coach characterized him as a good leader who is going to be a special player.

A dangerous shooter for mid to long range, Fox also won the NBA Division Free Throw Championship.

Went from a timid player at the start of camp to an aggressive one by the end. A very unselfish player Freeman knew when and when not to take the shot and his strong defensive play led his team all week.

A dominant rebounder on both ends of the floor, he was also a tremendous shot blocker and ran the floor well.

A physical guard who can finish around the rim even with contact. Seemed to always make the right decision with his passes and was up for any defensive assignment given to him.


A very skilled point guard, his explosiveness allows him to not only blow by defenders, but finish at the rim. He sets the tone with his defense, which his teammates feed off of.

Played both ends of the floor really well and it was clear he improved his game during his time at camp. His hard work earned him the NBA Division’s Mr. Hustle Award.

Went after every loose ball and he does anything it takes to help the team win. He’s the true definition of a team player. His style of play led to his being named Mr. Hustle in the SEC Division.

Most complete player on his team, Ivackovic can do a little bit of everything. A very unselfish player who exhibited excellent sportsmanship at camp.

A very heady point guard with an high basketball IQ, he is very good at picking when to be aggressive and when to get his teammates involved. Jones’ superb all-around skill set led to his being named the SEC Division’s MVP.

Josue has had a very productive summer at Hoop Group Skills Camp’s and that continued this past week. A great all-around player with great point guard skills and a lot of potential.

Dominated the entire ACC Division on his way to being named MVP, he respected all of his opponents and all his teammates enjoyed playing with him. Filled with potential and a huge upside. Kaplan is pictured above with his ACC Division Championship Wake Forest team.

An aggressive big man who improved daily, he was clearly the best rebounder at camp this week.

The six-foot-five rising freshman had a great week holding down the paint and showing an array of moves.

An extremely talented player with the ability to score the basketball in numerous ways, Luis is a charismatic team leader with a lethal jump shot. He clearly possesses a complete game which is full of a deadly combination of talent and skill.

Can play any position on the floor and his ability to handle the ball, drive to the rim and hit the 3-point shot make him a very solid player.

Over the week McKnight drastically improved his ability to finish layups and to grab both offensive and defensive rebounds which led to his being named the NBA Division’s Most Improved Player.

Was the clearly the best shooter on his team and over the course of the past week showed he was capable of hitting both the mid and long-range jumper consistently.

All week long he worked very hard and was determined to get better. He possessed a solid skill set and a high basketball IQ which led to his being named the SEC Division’s Floor General award winner.

Was a consistent defensive presence that forced opponents to turn the ball over all week.

His leadership skills along with his work ethic and rebounding skills helped to earn Restivo a spot on this list.

Always seemed to play big in when the situation was tight. When his team needed a stop, he was there. When his team needed a bucket, he was there.

Rebounds the ball very well and kept a positive attitude every day.

A lockdown defender who can take over on the offensive end as well. He has an above-average shot and a great attitude.

Bringing a ton of energy to the game, Shapiro is aggressive on both ends of the floor and is always going hard after every rebound. On the last night of camp, Shapiro claimed ACC Division All-Star Game MVP honors.

Had one of the most complete skill sets of all the campers this week. He always played hard, “which is all I ask of my players,” said his coach Jakeem Bogans, “I feel he is going to be a very good player at the high school level.”

Having the ability to play both inside and out, Tanner clearly plays bigger than his size. All week long he played with great enthusiasm, energy and attitude.

Took his shooting to a new level over the course of the five-day camp, Thomas developed a propensity for always knocking down his jump shots.

Scored the basketball from anywhere on the floor and his ball handling abilities helped him always either find a way to the basket or to pass to an open teammate.

Great team leader who excelled in any role he was put in this week. His offensive play and decision making improved greatly this past week.


From July 25 until August 6 Hoop Group Skills Camp will host our summer girls programs and than from August 8-26 will wrap up our summer by bringing the boys back. Included in that final run of boys camps will be Skills Camp IV (August 10-14) and Bob Hurley Camp (August 17-21).

Spaces are filling up fast for our girls and boys sessions
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