Dahmir Bishop is ready to be a national name this AAU season – Q&A with HG Insider

Class of 2019 guard Dahmir Bishop is ready to make a national name for himself this AAU season with K-Low Elite. The Philadelphia native has been expanding his game and has seen big results. His confidence and knack for scoring the ball has made him one of the best prospects throughout the northeast in the junior class. He spoke to Hoop Group Insider on his goals for this year.

Q: What would you say you have improved most with your game?

A: “I think now I’ve been able to display my talents more,” he said. “The past couple of years I wasn’t ready to take the next step like I have now. Ever since then I have just been working.”

Q: What would you say separates yourself from others on the court?

A: “I think what separates me is that I’m not afraid to play anyone,” he said. “I’d consider myself as being able to score on any level especially when I’m comfortable.”

Q: Everyone has their own personal motivation. What would you say is your personal motivation on the floor?

A: “The thing that really drives me right now is how I was looked over by everyone when I was younger,” he said. “When I was younger I wasn’t really that good, but that drives me now. I want to show everyone how good I am now.”

Q: Who are some of the colleges that are in the mix with you?

A: “Marquette, Seton Hall, Rutgers, Penn State, La Salle, Temple, Saint Joseph’s, VCU, Bowling Green and some more,” he said.

Q: What have some of these schools told you that they like about you?

A: “Everyone says that they like how I am a good person first,” he said. “They like that I don’t play very emotional and I get that from coaches often.”

Q: You have become a big name in the northeast. What do you see is the next step for you?

A: “My mindset is to go get anything I can,” he said. “I want to be the greatest now that I’m in the spot I’m in. I just want to keep raising the bar and be the best in every area of my game.”

McDonald’s All-American & Future Oregon Duck Louis King talks to HG Insider on his journey through high school & more

McDonald’s All American and future Oregon Duck Louis King is one of the premier prospects in the class of 2018. The Hudson Catholic (N.J.) prospect can do just about it all on the floor and still has plenty of room to take his game to another level. King spoke to Hoop Group Insider on his journey to where he is today.

Q: You just transferred into Hudson Catholic, go back to that time, you still have a lot to prove, you have many aspirations, what your mind at that time?

A: “My mindset at that time period when I got to Hudson Catholic coming into my junior year was to make a statement so I just got bigger, stayed in the gym a lot and went crazy,” he said.

Q: What did you have to do behind the scenes to make a statement?

A: “There were a lot of people doubting by saying, ‘I couldn’t be anything’,” he said. “I had to stay in the gym and use everything as motivation.”

Q: You were already a national name beforehand, but you still had to prove it for another summer. Was that something that you had in mind going into your final AAU season?

A: “Most definitely, I wanted to prove that I was one of the top players in the country for people to see my talents and see what I was really capable of,” he said.

Q: What was it like to make the McDonald’s All-American Game?

A: “Since I was a kid I always dreamed of being a McDonald’s All American,” he said. “It was just a dream come true when I got nominated and after I got nominated I had to be thankful. It was all God’s doing.”

Q: How much hard work went into getting where you are today?

A: “I was nonstop in the gym,” he said. “Every day after or before school I was either weightlifting or getting a thousand shots up a day.”

Q: The next step after high school is Oregon. What are you looking forward to with such an impressive recruiting class going in?

A: “We have nine talented players on the roster right now so we still have spots to fill,” he said. “We are talented enough to win a national championship so as we develop and get more recruits we can make some noise next year.”

Q: Back track to when you made your decision for Oregon before your high school season. When looking back, what were some of things that were key factors?

A: “Just the nonstop calling every day and the love and respect they showed,” he said. “On the visit after I felt like I was at home. I have a huge role on the team and they told me what to do when I got there. I really like that situation.”

Q: If somebody that hadn’t seen Louis King play how would you describe yourself on the floor?

A: “I would say I’m a tall, athletic guard who can do everything one through five,” he said.

Q: What is one thing so far in your career that you are proud of?

A: “I would say how the motor in the gym I have is nonstop,” he said. “I’m willing to do anything for basketball.”

Freshman Focus: Adrian Griffin shines at Archbishop Stepinac & is ready for AAU season with the PSA Cardinals

Q: What was it like to win the CHSAA championship as a freshman?
A: “To win a CHSSA championship my freshman year just gives me even more confidence in my game and the growth of this team and school,” he said.
Q: What was it like winning it all with your brother?
A: “Winning everything we could possibly win this year was truly a blessing for us and our team,” Griffin said. “Winning all the championships was everyone’s one goal at the beginning of the year. Winning a championship with my brother was a blessing and I will never forget that moment when he got off the court to end his high school career.”
Q: What did you learn from that experience?
A: “The things I learned from winning championships is that you have to practice and have the same mindset as champions every single day,” said Griffin. “We wouldn’t have those championships without our coaching staff having countless days of practices and all those little things like teachable moments as a individual or having confidence at the end of the game. This all makes a huge difference on how we approach a game.”
Q: How would you describe your game for someone that hasn’t seen you play before?
A: “In my game I’m really competitive and I will do anything to get a win,” said Griffin. “I always play like it’s my last game I’ll ever play, I’ve always had that drive to be great. I’m a player that is trying to do everything he can on the court like rebounding, assists, points and I sacrifice my ego for the team.”
Q: What are you most looking forward to this AAU season with the PSA Cardinals?
A: “In my game I’m really competitive and I will do anything to get a win,” he said. “I always play like it’s my last game I’ll ever play, I’ve always had that drive to be great. I’m a player that is trying to do everything he can on the court like rebounding, assists, points and I sacrifice my ego for the team.”
Q: How would you describe your team this year? What are some of your team goals ?
A: “A couple of our team goals this season is to become as one and just push each other everyday,” Griffin said. “Then one we’re all here for is to win as many games as possibly and win the Peach Jam together.”

Al-Amir Dawes is ready to lead the NJ Playaz – Q&A with HG Insider on the upcoming AAU season & more

The New Jersey Playaz are always a team to watch in the Nike EYBL. This year the Playaz will rely a lot on class of 2019 guard Al-Amir Dawes. Dawes, a standout from The Patrick School in New Jersey, is ready to take on this role and put his team in a position to win a Peach Jam Championship. Dawes spoke on this and more with Hoop Group Insider.

Q: What are some goals that you have in mind for this AAU season?

A: “Going into my final AAU season I’m just trying to do one thing and that’s win the Peach Jam Championship,” said Dawes. “We want to continue the tradition the Playaz have built through the years.”

Q: This year you are going to play more of a leadership role. What are you learning about what it takes to be a leader?

A: “I am learning how to put a team on your back and I’m trying to be more of a coach and a player,” he said. “I want to be there for my teammates, teach the new guys and just lead by example.”

Q: What did you learn last year from your 17u experience in the Nike EYBL?

A: “I learned that when you play in the EYBL you can’t take any plays off,” he said. “You have to give it your all every play and put you blood, sweat and tears into it.”

Q: What are some things you guys need to focus on to put yourselves in a good spot to win it all?

A: “I think what we need to focus on as a whole is chemistry,” Dawes said. “That is important especially in the EYBL with teams who have been together since sixth grade. We are just working on our chemistry so once we get that figured out we will put ourselves in a good position to win the Peach Jam.”

Q: For those that haven’t seen you play, when your playing well what are you doing on the floor?

A: “When I’m playing well I make a lot of shots and the hoop gets a lot bigger,” he said. “I also play quick defense, talk a lot and my game continues to elevate. The more fun I have the better I play.”

Q: What would you say makes the New Jersey Playaz the program that it is today?

A: “With Jimmy Salmon, I think he makes players good on and off the court,” Dawes said. “We have a family like relationship here and that’s what really makes our program as good as it is.”

Q: What are some personal goals you have in mind for this season?

A: “I’m trying to make a much bigger name for myself,” he said. “I’m trying to improve upon my recruitment and like I said to keep getting my name out there.”

Andrew Nembhard leads Montverde Academy to Geico Nationals Championship – He did a Q&A on it with HG Insider

Class of 2018 guard Andrew Nembhard played a huge part in Montverde Academy winning Geico Nationals. Geico Nationals is a eight team tournament held in New York City to crown the best high school team in the country. Montverde Academy left the prestigious event with a historic 35-0 season. The Florida commit controlled the tempo throughout and did a tremendous job scoring and getting his teammates involved. He talked to Hoop Group Insider on what it meant to be crowned a National Champion and more.

Q: What was it like to go out there and accomplish everything you guys set at the beginning of the year?

A: “It was really exciting because we were prepared for this since we got onto campus in August,” Nembhard said. “It’s just great to see our team come together and go all the way this season.”

Q: You guys went undefeated throughout the whole season. Was that a goal you set for yourselves?

A: “Everyone’s goal is to go undefeated so we just stayed grounded and listened to our coach,” he said. “It just happened because of us playing under coach and playing together.”

Q: How have you and R.J. Barrett been able to play so well together?

A: “For both of us, our main goal is to win,” Nembhard said. “We’ll both do anything we need to do to win. If that means averaging less stats for the team to win or other people to shine we will all try and buy in to get the win. R.J. and I have been playing together for so long that we know each other very well on the court.”

Q: You hadn’t won a Geico Nationals Championship since you arrived at Montverde Academy. Did not winning it all yet make you that much hungrier this season?

A: “It definitely did since Montverde is a winning school and we wanted to continue that tradition,” Nembhard said. “That two year drought made us a lot more hungry to win it this year.”

Q: What was Head Coach Kevin Boyle’s message to you guys prior to the game?

A: “We had a game plan for the University School and he also told us to play free and confident as well as lock down on defense,” he said.

Q: Did Florida Head Coach Mike White say anything to you after the win?

A: “Yeah he texted me right after congratulating me on the achievement,” Nembhard said. “He also made sure to give me comments on how I played so it was nice to hear from him and the other guys on the coaching staff.”

Q: What made Florida stand out enough to be the school you ended up committing to?

A: “I feel like I have a very good relationship with them,” said Nembhard. “They started talking to me really early in the recruiting process and I connected really well with them on my visit. I connect well with Coach Mike White and the assistants very well. His playing style fits me and I think I can help them continue to have success.”

Q: What can Florida’s 2018 recruiting class bring to Mike White’s team next year?

A: “I think we can bring in a hungry mentality, toughness and help the team continue to reach new heights,” he said.

Q: Lastly, you and R.J. Barrett have continued to put Canada youth basketball on the map. How does it feel to represent your country on big stages like the Geico Nationals?

A: “I feel like it’s such a great thing representing your country in everything you do,” said Nembhard. “Me and R.J. are helping to pave the way for Canada to have more players like us so they can accomplish big things in the following years.”