Basketball Instruction with Coach Ryan Finch: Form Jump Hook Shooting

Ryan Finch on Basketball Instruction from James Albano on Vimeo.

Coach Ryan Finch is back with you today to teach you a drill that all basketball players should get to know: Form Jump Hook Shooting. No matter what position, how big or how fast you are, every player should know how to do a Jump-hook. This drill is valuable to everyone and can be practiced on your own or even with a friend! And after you watch the video, be sure to get your team signed up for the Garden State Classic and the Tournament of Champions, which have their dates out now! The Tournaments are for both Boys and Girls, so be sure to get your team signed up before we fill all the spots!

If you haven’t already seen Coach Finch’s other Instructional Videos, you can check them out here, with X-Out Shooting, Monster Rebounding, Form Shooting and Dribbling Instruction.

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