Hoop Group Skills Drill- Youth Basketball Jump Stop, Pivot, Pass

The Jump Stop/Pivot/Pass Drill is an outstanding drill for youth basketball programs especially when working with players who are just learning the game.

I learned this drill through another coach and instantly took a liking to it. It is obviously a simple drill and easy to teach but at the same time you are working on 5 crucial fundamentals of the game in this drill that every player needs to master as a youth basketball player. The fundamentals covered in this drill are listed below. 

1. Ball Handling

2. Jump Stop

3. Pivot

4. Pass

5. Triple Threat

Now that you know the 5 fundamentals of this drill, let’s take a look inside each fundamental and analyze them even further.

1. Ball Handling

a. Have Players push the ball out in front of them. If you start on the baseline make sure they push the ball out to the foul line.

b. Have them drill with both their strong and weak hand during this drill.

2. Jump Stop

a. Make sure the players get some air under their feet when they jump stop(hence the name jump stop). Too many players shuffle their feet which is more like a travel

b. Make sure the player is on balance when they come to jump stop. A lot of young players have a natural tendency of falling forward because their forward momentum

3. Pivot

a. Have players pivot on command. Its good to start with 2 smaller pivots before the pass is made

b. Make sure their pivot foot is slightly raised(they should be on their toe) which make the pivot quicker, easier and smoother

c. Once the outside pivot is mastered, teach players the reverse pivot

d. Once they master the outside and reverse pivot have players use their opposite foot as a pivot foot and by the end of the season they should be able to pivot with both feet.

4. Passing

a. 2 handed pass:  After pass is made their palms should be out and their thumbs facing the ground

b. Step to pass: Make sure your players are stepping toward their teammate when they pass.

c. Communication: Have your players call out the name of the person they are passing to. This build up team communication and helps down the road when playing in a loud gym.

5. Triple Threat

a. Make sure your players are in triple threat when they start on the baseline and after they land in their jump stop.

b. As pointed out in the video: Make sure your toes, knees, and shoulders are all in a line and facing the opposite baseline

c. Stance is important

                 i. Drop your butt

                 ii. Back straight

                 iii. Hold ball in hip: shooting hand on top of the ball, off hand on the side of the ball

                 iv. READY TO SCORE!!!

Special thanks to Sam Clark and KC Chambers both juniors at St. Rose High School in Belmar New Jersey. Both have received division 1 scholarship offers from several schools. Despite this, the girls continue to work day in and day out on the fundamentals and never overlook the importance of keeping it simple!

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Coach Kevin Driscoll