Being a Knicks Fan: The Young & Naive Perspective

For the first time in my life, I have lost faith in the Knicks. Not only was their decision to draft Frank Ntilikina absolutely heartbreaking, but it was followed by the firing of Phil Jackson. Now, don’t get me wrong the firing of Phil Jackson was a glorious day, but it essentially opened up a Pandora’s Box of “what-ifs” that sent me into a spiral of pity and forced me just just put my head in my hands and ask “why?”

Immediately after Phil’s dismissal, there was talk about Ntilikina being the final straw, which is absolutely head scratching and infuriating. If James Dolan (the worst owner in the history of sports) knew that Phil intended on picking Ntilikina because he matched his sluggish, outdated offensive scheme, then why would he allow Jackson to call the shots on draft day? Moreover, if he didn’t know then that is an even larger issue because it means Dolan is totally isolated from the basketball side of his own team and had no input in one of the most talented drafts in recent history.

In this loaded draft, the Knicks managed to pick the least talented players with a “high ceiling.” Not only this, but it is slightly unnerving, and very Knicks-esque, to pass on Dennis Smith, only to have him go next pick when he blew away almost everyone at his workout.

Don’t get me wrong Ntilikina was drafted in the top 10 for a reason, he does have great potential, but sadly the Knicks do not tend to bring out the best in players. I see Ntilikina as the next Dante Exum, a point guard with a lot of upside and great build who will flop because he is not ACTUALLY a polished basketball player. Yes, you can teach people to shoot or to run an offense, but hoping someone who’s weaknesses are essentially everything you want in a point guard (passing, awareness and basketball IQ) is a pretty tall task for an organization with little to no developmental skills.

While I was really hoping the Knicks would rebuild through this draft, I have now realized the terrible road the Knicks are headed down. The team is still in shamble in terms of morale and the roster is equivalent to that of a 2011 all star team, except for the fact that their best player (Kristaps Porzingis) had just graduated middle school around that time.

The Carmelo Anthony vs Phil Jackson saga is just another example of the laughing stock that is New York basketball right now

All of this aside, there is a piece of me that just hopes that New York can find someone who knows what they are doing in the front office. I am not a fan of him, but maybe John Calipari can come in and recruit some talent for the Knicks the way he “recruits” the best high scholers in the country every year. That scenario is, of course, a stretch but as a Knicks fan, if you aren’t grasping for straws like that, it can be painful. Especially since now I can’t even say “at least we aren’t the Sixers.”

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