Camps & Clinics

Hoop Group offers a number of different basketball camps and clinics for boys and girls ranging from grades K-12. Hoop Group has basketball camps and clinics in various locations throughout the east coast. We understand that it might be overwhelming so here is a tutorial of some of the different things Hoop Group does.


Elite- This is the highest level of instruction, competition, and exposure of basketball camps that Hoop Group offers. These camps are for those aspiring to play basketball at a higher level. For more information please visit their page.

Hoop Group Elite Camps


Skills- Skills camps have been running since 1963 and are the longest running summer basketball camps in the United States. Skills run weekend and week long sleep away camps during the summer. Skills also runs mobile clinics that will run your team’s practice for the day. For more information visit their page.

Hoop Group Skills Camps


Headquarters- The home of Hoop Group in Neptune, NJ. Hoop Group Headquarters offers a number of camps and clinics that run throughout the calendar year. Headquarters runs 1 day clinics when kids have holidays from school, 5 week instruction programs that meet weekly, and summer day camps. For more information visit their page.

Hoop Group Headquarters Camps