Shore Girls’ Conference Weekly Awards

It was a week where we saw two player crack the 40 point barrier. Makayla Andrews scored 40 points and the Shannon McCoy topped her with 42 points a night later. Shannon McCoy also scored her 1000th point. Not to out done junior FAITH MASONIOUS also score her 1000th point. St. ROSE took out super powe Rutgers Prep at home. Donovan Catholic with a healthy Paige Slaven has gotten on a role. It was a another great week of Hoops as RBC put in what may be the best performance of the year vs MIDDLETOWN South.


JANINE ROTH- St. Rose- Her team with all the distractions was able to bump off the states #4 team. It was St. Rose’s fist real test vs a talented well coach team in state. She and her team passed with flying colors.
MAKAYLA ANDREWS- Neptune High School-  she has continued her monster season. He 40 point 18 rebound game was one of the best performance series in recent Shore history.  Right now she is one of the best players not only in the Shore, but the state as well
DESTINY ADAMS- Manchester- High School

She is already putting up insane number and just added to them last week. Basically averaging a double double. The real uestion is will anyone other than her win this award the rest of the way.

ST. ROSE as they  knocked off RUGERS PREP


Two weeks in a row..PLAYER OF WEEKDOROTHY LOFFREDO- She make it two weeks in a row and folks this kid is the real deal. Once again big time effort. No question she has a big upside and future…




  1.  MANASQUAN- have not lost a game in state
  2. St, John Vinanney- they just keep rolling
  3. St. Rose- big win over Rutgers Prep
  4. RBC- Hayley Moore has been on a roll
  5. MANCHESTER- no Karmeri Reynolds and still winnin big
  6. TOMS RIVER NORTH- have to be wondering what they have to do
  7. RFH- Hyduke has picked real support. Lucy Adams had 24/10
  8. MARLBORO- this crew is very sneaky good
  9. HOLMDEL- time to give props to ANTONAKAKIS
  10. COLTS NECK- Cam Flotz is rolling and Alexis Prus is now back

*Alexis Prus made her debut last night vs Neptune and had 16 points

There is a new round of  instructional getting ready to start click on the following link

Summer Showdown Archives

2016 Team Champions

14U Champs - Hilltopper Heat14U Champs – Hilltopper Heat 15U Champs - East Coast Power15U Champs – East Coast Power
16U Champs - Philly Pride16U Champs – Philly Pride 17U Champs - Jersey Force17U Champs – Jersey Force

2016 Most Valuable Players

14U MVP - Matthew Tracey14U MVP – Matthew Tracey 15U MVP - TyGee Leach15U MVP – TyGee Leach
16U MVP - Seth Lundy16U MVP – Seth Lundy 17U MVP - Austin Williams17U MVP – Austin Williams


2015 Team Champions

14U Champs- NJ Playaz14U Champs- NJ Playaz 15U Champs - Stamford Peace (CT)15U Champs – Stamford Peace (CT)
16U Champs - NJ Roadrunners16U Champs – NJ Roadrunners 17U Champs - Castle Athletics17U Champs – Castle Athletics


2015 Most Valuable Players

15U MVP - Jonas Harper15U MVP – Jonas Harper 16U MVP - Taj Benning16U MVP – Taj Benning
17U MVP - Mike Laster17U MVP – Mike Laster


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2016 Team Champions

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12U Champs - Dragon Army12U Champs – Dragon Army 14U Champs - SJ Select14U Champs – SJ Select
13U Champs - Northeast Xtreme13U Champs – Northeast Xtreme

2016 Most Valuable Players

11U MVP - Mesean Williams10U MVP – Mesean Williams 11U MVP - Tyler Hagan11U MVP – Tyler Hagan
12U MVP - Vincent Rizzi12U MVP – Vincent Rizzi 13U MVP - Andrew Lussier13U MVP – Andrew Lussier
14U MVP - Jacob Hopping

14U MVP – Jacob Hopping


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2016 Team Champions

15U Champs - NY Gauchos15U Champs – NY Gauchos 17U Champs - Jersey Shore Warriors17U Champs – Jersey Shore Warriors
16U Champs - Jersey Force16U Champs – Jersey Force

2016 Most Valuable Players

15U MVP - Caleb Fields15U MVP – Caleb Fields !7U MVP - Eli Brooks!7U MVP – Eli Brooks
15U MVP - RJ Davis15U MVP – RJ Davis


I – April 9th & 10th, 2016

2016 Team Champions

16U Champs - Jersey Force16U Champs – Jersey Force 17U Champs - Jersey Force17U Champs – Jersey Force
15U Champs - NJ Shoreshots15U Champs – NJ Shoreshots

2016 Most Valuable Players

15U MVP - Shane Williams & Daniel Sofield15U MVP – Shane Williams & Daniel Sofield 16U MVP - Kenny Jones16U MVP – Kenny Jones
17U MVP - Dachon Burke17U MVP – Dachon Burke

2015 Most Valuable Players


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14U MVP - Terry Roberts14U MVP – Terry Roberts 15U MVP - Calistus Anychie15U MVP – Calistus Anychie
16U MVP - Christian David16U MVP – Christian David 17U MVP - Chuck Champion17U MVP – Chuck Champion
unnamed (3)OPEN MVP – Naquan Council

2015 Team Champions

14U Champs - Team Twelve14U Champs – Team Twelve 15U Champs - NJ Roadrunners15U Champs – NJ Roadrunners
16U Champs - Adidas/ Stackhouse S- Elite16U Champs – Adidas/ Stackhouse S- Elite 17U Champs - Jersey Shore Warriors17U Champs – Jersey Shore Warriors
OPEN Champs - NJ RiseOPEN Champs – NJ Rise


NJ Jr Jam Fest Archives

2016 Team Champions

11U Champs - WeR111U Champs – WeR1 14U Champs - Philly Bulldogs14U Champs – Philly Bulldogs
13U Champs - Jersey Force13U Champs – Jersey Force 12U Champs - NJ Shoreshots12U Champs – NJ Shoreshots


2016 Most Valuable Players

12U MVP - Dante Weise12U MVP – Dante Weise 13U MVP - Mike White13U MVP – Mike White
14U MVP - Nasiem Harley14U MVP – Nasiem Harley 11U MVP - Tyler Flowers11U MVP – Tyler Flowers

2015 Most Valuable Players

12U MVP - Christian Davis (New Heights)12U MVP – Christian Davis

(New Heights)

13U MVP - Justin Hayes (Riverbank Runnin Rebels)13U MVP – Justin Hayes

(Riverbank Runnin Rebels)

14U MVP - Isaiah Wong (Mid Jersey Mavericks)14U MVP – Isaiah Wong

(Mid Jersey Mavericks)

15U MVP - Jahid Jenkins (NJ Roadrunners)15U MVP – Jahid Jenkins

(NJ Roadrunners)


2015 Team Champions

12U Champs - New Heights12U Champs – New Heights 13U Champs - Riverbank Runnin Rebels13U Champs –

Riverbank Runnin Rebels

14U Champs - Mid Jersey Mavericks14U Champs – Mid Jersey Mavericks 15U Champs - NJ Roadrunners15U Champs – NJ Roadrunners