Tiny Green Talks Shore Conference Seeding

Tiny Green’s Girls Fall League Picks: 10/18

Tiny Green’s Girls Fall League Thoughts and Predictions

October 21st– Tiny Green is back with his weekly picks of the Girls Shore League. Can he rebound from a rough 4-4 record last week? “I’m expecting I’m going to go 8-0 this week.”


Notre Dame vs. Neptune: Notre Dame

“Notre Dame in this one…..unless Desi Allen goes off”

Red Bank Catholic vs Holmdel: Red Bank Catholic

“Red Bank….too many horses”

Monroe vs Brick Memorial: Monroe

“I’m riding the non-shore team two weeks in a row!”

Barnegat vs. Central Regional: Central Regional

“I’m sticking with the Bill Parcells of the Shore..”

Manchester vs. Monmouth Regional: Manchester

“They’re undefeated and it’s going to stay that way!”

Howell vs. Middletown-North: Middletown North

“Wow…Middletown North, making me look good”

Marlboro vs. Donovan Catholic: Donovan Catholic

“WOW what a game! Donovan Catholic wins this goodie”

Rumson vs. Manasquan: Manasquan

“Tell me the last time a Mabrey lost two games in a row?”


Last Week:

October 13th– Ryan Finch sits down with Tiny Green to talk about the Hoop Group Headquarters Girls Fall League. Hear Tiny’s thoughts and who he thinks will win tomorrow night’s games!

Tiny’s Week 5 Record: 4-4

Tune in next week’s for more of Tiny’s picks! And check out the Fall League schedule here.



Girls Skills Camp – Award Winners/Recap


Following up the success of the previous week’s Girls Shooting Camp, Girls Skills Camp featured top quality instruction, drills and games as the girls worked hard and dramatically improved their skills over the past four days.

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be mip lula campbell

Over camp she greatly improved her defense and rebounding. Her work in drills and games seemed to further her development as a post player and has her confidence grew so did her ability to score in the paint. For all her hard work Campbell was named the Big East Division’s Most Improved Player.

From dribbling, shooting and defense, Glover worked hard all week long and improved in every facet of her game as she was named the WNBA Division’s Most Improved Player.


A point guard with tremendous talent. Harris can handle the ball, effectively penetrate the lane and is a dangerous shooter from long-range. Harris showcased all of her skills in the WNBA All-Star and was honored as the game’s MVP. She also copped the WNBA Division’s Floor General Award.

Lynch worked tremendously hard all week and showed off one of the most complete skill sets in the ACC Division. During the All-Star game her passing, scoring and defense led to her being named the game’s MVP. Lynch is shown above demonstrating a drill with Hoop Group Skills Director Ryan Finch.

As her team’s point guard, Mento was great at controlling the pace of the game and getting her teammates open shots. Honored as the ACC Division’s Floor General Award winner.

A very aggressive player on both ends of the floor, O’Connor hardly ever took a play off and her ability to take over a game at any time was one of the reasons she was named the ACC Division’s MVP.

Her strong shooting technique and great follow through helped Sabino on her way to winning the ACC Division’s Free Throw Championship. Thanks to her balance and good leg placement, Sabino’s shooting isn’t limited to the free throw line as she possesses the ability to shoot from anywhere on the court.

acc mip brittney wrazien

Wraziens’s strongest improvement at camp came on defense. Learning to keep her hands straight up allowed her to make her opponents ability to shoot or pass difficult. On rebounds she improved her two-hand grab on the defensive end and the quick put back on the offensive side. These improvements, along with the work put in developing a drop-step fake led to Wrazien being named the ACC Division’s Most Improved Player.


Girls Skills Camp was the third of our four girls camps of the summer, the fourth, Coach Bob Hurley’s Girls Camp, ended on August 6. Once again it was a pleasure to have all of you attend one or more of our sessions and we look forward to having you and your daughters back next summer.

However, before next summer we here at Hoop Group host several tournaments and clinics for girls throughout the year and would love to see and hear from you before next summer. Please be sure to visit our website for all upcoming Hoop Group Skills events.

Skills 2014 Girls cover

Girl’s Camps Recognizable Names List

Jihayah Chavis – She was one of the top talents at camp this summer. She was a great ball handler who constantly made the right decision for her team. Her athletic ability and knowledge of the game allows her to do so many positive things for her team while on the court. Jihayah has a bright future ahead of her.

Teaira Hartley – Teaira brought energy and enthusiasm to her team every game. She was feisty on defense and played hard every time she was on the floor. As Teaira works on her ball-handling skills, she will develop into a great guard.

Ruby Asabor – Ruby was a force on the inside for her team. She is able to finish in the paint and around the rim. As Ruby learns how to use her body to shield and seal defenders, she will be a very tough match-up for opponents.

Annabelle Shultz – Annabelle played very well while at camp. She is at her best when pushing the ball up the floor in transition and leading her teammates. When she learns to protect the ball with her body, her all-around game will improve.

Danielle Hartzler – She is very good at keeping her composure and getting all of her teammates involved throughout the entire game. When she develops a more consistent jump shot, she will be a great shooter and a well-rounded player.

Jasmin Erichsen – She does very well when it comes to defending the other team’s best player. She is always willing to take on this responsibility. Jasmin is very confident in her shots that she takes and as she develops her consistency, her offensive game will match the level of her defense.

Ella Dengler – Ella helped run her team all week at point guard. She’s a confident ball handler and always makes the smart play offensively. She is tough and has a great passion for the game. Despite her small stature, she was able to finish in the paint and hit the occasional pull-up jumper when she wasn’t creating for others.

Nikki Valencik – Nikki exemplified toughness and hustle this week for her teammates. She went after every loose ball with good aggressiveness and finished everything around the basket. A lefty, Nikki was very effective when going to her left and even showed good touch out to the 3pt line. Nikki is a very versatile player and plays hard on both ends of the court.

Kristina Palella – Kristina was another southpaw that got it done for her team this week. She showed off a right spin move and a good jab step to compliment her strong driving ability. A good player in transition, Kristina was able to blow by defenders for layups and set her teammates up for easy shots. She hails from Clark, NJ which boasts a good young crop of talent in girl’s basketball. They were represented well during this week of camp.

Molly Lynch – Molly’s basketball IQ is beyond her age. She attacks her defender hard to get a layup and has a beautiful jump shot. Once Molly gains more confidence in herself, she will be an even better player than she is now.

Mohogany Worsley – Mo is known as a guard, but is actually a very skilled post player. Her team lacked a post presence, so she stepped up to take on that role and has been dominating the glass inside. Her ability to handle the ball and see the floor makes her a versatile player that any coach would be glad to have.

Kayla Worsley – Kayla is a fantastic PG and has a great feel for the game. She knows when to push the ball and when to set up her team’s offense. As she develops as a on-ball defender, she will be a great floor general.

Jane Mallach – Jane was one of her team’s point guards while at camp. Jane does a great job at controlling the tempo of the game. She always seemed to step up when her team needed her most. I see great things in her future as she continues to improve on her skills.

Christina Bagin – Christina gives 100% each time she steps on the court. Her teammates feed off of her energy and enthusiasm.

Stephanie Mayerhafer – Stephanie does a great job at seeing the court. I can see great things in her future as she continues working on her jump shot to become a more complete player.

Maddie Higgins – Maddie was a force around the basket for her team at camp. She proved to be a tall, left-handed forward with good touch around the basket and good face up skills. She is a great teammate that is always looking to make the right play. Her length and quickness to the ball make her a good defensive presence as well.

Sydney Zamboni – Sydney came on late in the week and helped her make a push toward Championship Sunday. She is an athletic, combo guard with good shooting touch out to the 3pt line. She is athletic and can handle the ball as a guard and penetrate to create for others. Another product of Clark, NJ’s youth program, Sydney has a promising future in store.

Kathryn Schutta – Kathryn was the defensive stopper for her team all week. She plays hard every possession and has quick feet with good reflexes, a perfect combination for a good defender. Knocking down an occasional jump shot and pushing the ball up the court in transition are her best offensive tools.

Kaela Wong – Wong was an essential asset to the success her team enjoyed this week. She had a nose for the ball on the offensive and defensive boards and consistently played great team defense. She looked to be aggressive on the offensive end with short jump shots and layups off of penetration from her teammates.

Greer Liguori – Greer was an all around performer while at camp. Her ball handling skills were strong, leading her team in assists, but also showing off a quality jump shot to compliment her dribbling skills. Greer was a leader for her team throughout the week and especially in tournament play

Erin Gallagher – Erin was one of the younger girls on her team, however her heart and effort reflected that of a leader. Erin has a good shot and 3 point range, but still was not afraid to drive to the basket and create for her teammates.

Sasha Marvel – This week Sasha provided her team with a number of baskets that helped them advance in the tournament. Sasha improved on her defense throughout the week, adding to what she already brings to the table. As she keeps working to improve her game, I see many positive things for Sasha in the future.

Naijah Vann – This week at camp, Naijah played the point guard position for her team but most importantly, served as their leader. Throughout the week, her shot selection, defense and ball handling improved tremendously. I look for Naijah to keep improving her game and turn into a true floor general for her team.

Elisa Mohr – This week at camp, Elisa was one of the top individuals playing her position. During the week, Elisa worked and improved on posting up, her jump shot and defense. I see Elisa developing into a better overall post player, who will also have the ability to stretch defenses with her shooting.

Aleasha Green- Green is a great young guard from Philly that brings a lot of energy to the floor. She is a solid ball handler and handles defensive pressure well. As she improves her on-ball defense, she will develop into a quality lead guard.

Sabrina Powell – Powell, an honor roll student who works as hard on the court as she does in the classroom, is great at running off screens to catch and shoot. She is at her best when she lets her defense create her offense. As she develops her ball handling skills, she will complete her offensive game.

Camryn Foltz- Camryn is a very athletic player. She can shoot off the dribble or drive the ball in. She brings a lot of things to the table for her team due to her versatility.

Heaven Figeroa- Heaven has very good ball handling skills. She can easily go around people and go up for a layup or breakdown the defense to create for her teammates. As Heaven develops a more consistent perimeter jump shot, her offensive game will be well-rounded.

Megan Axness – Megan was an awesome off the ball defender who got a lot of cross court steals creating fast break layups. She was also a good rebounder for her team, successfully boxing her girl out almost every possession. She needs to work on her shooting form and shot selection and she will be more effective on the offensive end.

Amaya Lemon – Lemon rebounded the ball very well during camp. She has a great attitude for the game and brought enthusiasm to her team, which encouraged the other players all game. She needs to work on her on the ball defense to become a more complete defender.

Olivia Rockwood – Olivia was a standout point guard for her team while at camp. She shot the ball very well & provided her team with a spark. She needs to work on her one on one ball handling to help develop her guard skills and this will help her game immensely.

Chantal Thomas – Chantal possesses great court vision and strong leadership skills. Thomas won the Floor General award for her league due to her point guard skills and ability to lead her team, both offensively and defensively.

Delina Adams – Delina is a hustle and energy player player! Adams is a great vocal leader and has a high basketball IQ. She has a nose for the ball and always comes up with a big play when her team needs it most.

Jordyn Simons – Simons is a great rebounder and controlled the glass all week. She is an extremely strong forward and demonstrated great body control throughout the week. Jordyn has soft hands and finishes well around the basket.

Alprescia Parker- Parker has a great build for basketball. She runs the floor well in transition and aggressively attacks the basket. She crashes the boards strong and is extremely effective in transition.

Nashae Glover – Nashae is a great on the ball defender. She has a mental toughness when defending opponents that no one can beat her off the dribble. If she continues to work hard and gain confidence in her shot, she can be a great offensive player too.

Taylor Kennedy- Taylor is a wonderful teammate who has a good jump shot. She can handle the ball, as well as play good defense. Taylor works extremely hard and with continuous confidence in herself, she is capable of doing great things on the basketball court.

Lily Warhaftig: Lily is a great floor general that led her team throughout the week. She can create for her teammates off the dribble or score herself, based on how the game is going for her team. Lily is continuing to grow as a player and gets better every time she steps on the floor.

Abigail Sampona- Sampona was a strong defender for her team while at camp. She controlled the glass with her rebounding and her effort never faded. Abigail does the little things defensively for her team that go a long way. As she develops her ball handling skills, her offensive game will match her defensive ability.

Kerry Patterson – Kerry was the main point guard for her team this week at camp. Through her unselfish play, others had the ability to shine. I see Kerry improving and being able to become a combo guard, capable of both scoring and leading her team while on the floor.

Danielle Cornetta – Danielle has become an improved overall player during this week of camp. She was a leader for her team and a main contributor to their success. I see great things in the future for Danielle.

Jackie Cornetta – This week at camp Jackie was the player who improved the most on her team. She has improved her driving game, which has helped the team play their fast pace / attack style. Jackie should keep improving on her shooting and she will become a complete player.

Claire Levi – Claire has the potential to be a spectacular 2 or 3 guard due to her height and length. She can shoot the ball well from the perimeter when her confidence is high. Claire continued to push her teammates when the team was down and she proved to be a great motivator and leader.

Shannon Mahon – This week at camp Shannon served as a point guard/leader for her team. Shannon distributed the ball to her teammates for shots and also managed to lead the team in scoring. She has a great future as a combo guard.

Theresa Besso – This week at camp, Theresa filled the role of a post player on a undersized team. She came in and contributed by rebounding and scoring on the block. I can see Theresa working on her post moves and shooting form to becoming a more improved post player.

Julia Jamesley – This week at camp, Julia came in with a positive attitude and looked to learn and improve her game. Throughout the week, she improved on her shooting form and defense. With Julia’s positive attitude, she can lean a lot and become a great combo guard.

Christina John- Christina is a hard-working player and her aggressiveness on D won a lot of rebounds & loose balls for her team. She attacked the basket very well but needs to work on going up strong and finishing her layups through contact. She also needs to work on perfecting her jump shot, so that she can add mid range jumpers and 3 point shots to her game. If she works on those three things, she will be a more complete & unstoppable player.

Jada Welbon – Jada is an explosive guard with the ability to attack the basket at will & finish in the paint. She played great off the ball defense, got steals, and created fast break layup opportunities for her team.

Mary Walsh – Mary is a very effective guard on offense & defense. She made a lot of hustle plays this week which gave her team a huge advantage while she was on the court. Mary needs to work on shooting more off the dribble and attacking the basket with her left hand to develop her skill set.

Kate Fitzpatrick – Kate is a great leader. Despite her young age, she’s able to control the tempo of the game and run the offense with ease; her court vision and decision making exceed that of her age group. As all great ballers, she should always aspire to be as offensively accurate as possible via made shots. In years to come, Kate shows promise to be an outstanding athlete.

Hailey Hudak – Hailey is the youngest and most energetic person on her team. She has a lot to learn, but isn’t intimidated by the work or the level of her game. Instead she asks questions and watches intently so that she can both understand and elevate her game. Her persistence and extra hard work (off court in her free time) display her love of this game. Hailey will flourish as a basketball player.

Haley Ocskasy – Haley is a tough athlete, playing through an injury while at camp, she put on a brave face and took on any challenge given to her. As she looks to advance her game, she should focus on adding offensive moves- on and off the block, to give her an arsenal and making her unstoppable. There’s no doubt in my mind that her mental toughness and ability to understand new thing quickly will make her one of tomorrow’s great basketball players.

Kayla Jackson- Jackson was determined to work hard while at camp. She is in great shape and runs the floor well in transition, but could use extra work on her jump shot. Once her jump shot becomes more consistent, her overall game will significantly improve. Her intensity flows throughout the whole team and her presence is recognized.

Emma Rodgers- She is very talented and her presence is known within a few seconds of playing time. She shoots the three and can rebound the ball. I believe she needs to be more focused and more consistent. These things will put her over the top and she will be a great competitor.

Erin Kennedy – Erin is the type of player that every coach wants on their team because she’s a warrior. She has a great jump shot and just needs to have more confidence in her shot. She can use her body well against smaller defenders to beat them off the dribble and get to the basket.

Camila Drobac – Camila is an amazing shooter when she is confident in her shot. She is a vocal defender who hustles and blocks shots. If she works on her ball handling, she will be a very versatile presence on the floor.

Elena Pulanco – Elena is what you would consider to be a great point guard with outstanding ball handling skills. Elena continues to amaze people with her ability to create for her teammates and herself with such ease. She was always the smallest on the court but always played with the biggest heart.