Bigger Than Ball Vol.9 : B.J. Boston

This time last year, B.J. Boston was just another player from Georgia and virtually unknown to major basketball circles. After making it to the High School State Championship this past season and his play with 15u Georgia Stars on the EYBL circuit, B.J. started to blow up. A long and smooth wing,  he entered 2017 Future All American Camp an ESPN Top 15 player.  

MP—What NBA player do you model your game after?

B.J Boston—- Kevin Durant



MP—–What makes you different from the other top players in the country?

BB-I have a lot of confidence, I know how to score the ball


MP——What motivates you when you play?

BB—My mother, I do it for her.


MP–You are from Atlanta so I have to know, Migos or Gucci Mane?

BB–Oh, Migos all day.


MP—Who is your favorite migo?

BB—Ohh that’s a tough one. Quavo is the best migo, but Offset is the best rapper.


MP—-Best BBQ in Georgia?

BB—–Chicken no doubt, I have a lot of it


MP—Favorite NBA Legend and why?

BB–Michael Jordan. Nobody is stopping him.


MP—One Goal this year for you on the court?

BB–For school I am trying to win a state championship. Last year we got there, but we came up short

By my senior year I am trying to be the number one player in the country.


MP—If you did not play basketball, what would you play?

BB—Football. I’d be a quarterback.


MP–What is the toughest matchup you have had?

BB–I don’t know, I just blew up this year so I have faced a lot of good guys.


MP—What do you look to improve out on the court?

BB–I need to get stronger.


MP—What do you look to prove out on the court?

BB—I want to show that I AM the best.


MP–Describe your game in one word.



The quiet Georgia native may be new to the spotlight, but he will not be leaving any time soon.

Bigger Than Ball Vol. 8 : Trey Patterson

Most of the 2021 class is just starting their young basketball careers. However, Trey Patterson is already on college coach’s radar. One of the top prospects in his class, Patterson’s 6’7” frame allows him to do a little bit of everything on the court. The young star holds offers from Rutgers and Wake Forrest, proving that much more is to come for the swingman.



MP-What NBA player do you model your game after?

Trey Patterson- I’d probably have to say maybe LeBron because he’s just an all-around team player, he can score the ball, he gets his team involved, and he plays a bunch of defense.


MP–What motivates you when you play?


Being one of the top kids in the country. It puts an extra target on my back. I have to play as hard as I can because there’s always someone after me.

MP-You play for Team Rio right?



MP-Being from NJ, we need to know. Is it Pork roll or Taylor Ham?

TP–Taylor Ham. No doubt.


MP–Favorite pre game song?

TP–Right now, Solo by Future.


MP–If you didn’t play basketball what would you play?

TP–I used to play football and baseball, so one of those.


MP–What is something you can improve on?

TP–I can always improve on my ball handling and my shooting, so those two things.


MP–What do you look to prove out on the court?

TP–That I am one of the BEST out here and that no one can stop me.


MP–Describe your game in one word



The future is bright for this budding star from Rutgers Prep. Patterson knows how to go out and get the job done. He carries himself and plays the game beyond his years. Looking forward to seeing him develop.


Bigger Than Ball Vol. 7: Jalen Green

The mantra around California basketball in recent years has been that it’s all flash, no fire. That the players aren’t “tough enough”. When it comes to Fresno native Jalen Green, those words are never used. Jalen was recently named ESPN’s Class of 2020 #2 overall player. An absolute terror in transition, the 6’5’’ shooting guard from San Joaquin Memorial High School is an athletic force. Green not only has good body control, but a tight handle on the ball and array of moves to compliment his game. Green brought home a gold medal with the USA U16 National Team. We had a chance to catch up with Jalen at Future All American Camp.

MP—What NBA player do you model your game after

JALEN GREEN—-I model my game after Kevin Durant.


MP—–Best part of your game?

JG-Probably attacking, getting to the cup.


MP—What part needs the most improvement?

JG—I’d say shooting, defense, my offense in the half court things like that.


MP—Favorite Athletic Achievement to date

JG—-On the court? *Laughs* probably hitting a between the legs something like that.


MP—-What motivates you when you play?

JG—–Always having a chip on my shoulder. I WANT to get buckets, I want to be the best player out here.


MP—-What was it like playing for team USA


It was great experience, I can tell you that. All the people that are out there, all the top players in the country playing against them competing for a spot. It’s fun.


MP—-Biggest pregame ritual

JG—-I like to eat junk food. *Laughs*. Skittles or Starbursts or something.


MP–Favorite twitter or Instagram follow

JG—-Probably Ball is Life, they always have videos up there.


MP—Of you?

JG—*Laughs* Sometimes.


MP–Toughest matchup you’ve had

JG—Either Nico (Mannion) or Josh Green, or Jalen Suggs. They’re always aggressive, they take no plays off. It’s always a battle.


MP–If you didn’t/couldn’t play basketball, what sport play

JG–Football. I’d be a receiver for sure.


MP–What’s the thing you look to prove the most when out on the court?

JG–That being from Cali doesn’t matter.

(A little proof from earlier today he was not kidding)


MP—One word to describe you as a basketball player.



The future is bright for the young gunner from California, and he is hungry to bring the bark back to the West.


2017 Academic Elite Session 2 Media








All Star Rosters


Ivy Team 1

# Name Grade Height School City
271 Jontai Williams 2018 5’10 Cardinal Hayes Bronx
207 Chris Dean 2018 6’4 Deep Run Glen Allen
206 Davis Long 2018 6’3 Sherwood Sandy Spring
128 RJ Mhoon 2018 6’6 Suffield Suffield
492 Jacob O’Connell 2019 6’11 St Joes Prep Philadelphia
72 Darius Hines 2018 5’11 Bishop Ireton Alexandria
56 Byron Breland 2019 6’4 Hamden Hall Country Hamden
495 Daniel Sofield 2019 6’5 Jackson Liberty Jackson
39 Joe DeLolllo 2018 6’9 LaSalle Institute Troy
549 Dima Zdor 2018 6’9 Sagemont Weston
129 William Mulquin 2018 6’5 Georgetown Prep North Bethesda


Ivy Team 2

# Name Grade Height School City
501 Devin Cooper 2018 5’11 Red Bank Regional Little Silver
255 Tyler Small 2018 6’2 Holy Trinity Hicksville
189 Ioannis Chatziveroglou 2018 6’6 Penteli Basketball Club Athens
487 Brad McCabe 2019 6’5 Manasquan Manasquan
59 Daniel Malinowski 2018 6’9 Paul VI Fairfax
191 Danny Frauenheim 2018 5’10 Point Pleasant Beach Point Pleasant Beach
125 Romey Talley 2018 6’2 Plainfield Plainfield
269 MyKayle Carter 2018 6’6 Piper Lauderhill
498 Marc Dadika 2018 6’7 St Mary’s Rutherford
279 Chris Ford 2018 6’6 LC Bird Chester Field
227 Calvin Whipple 2018 6’4 Northfield Mount Mount Hermon



# Name Grade Height School City
233 Alfonso Pickens 2020 5’10 Cathedral Prep Erie
210 Eric Jackson 2020 5’6 Parkwood Monroe
204 James Thompson 2020 5’11 Christian Brothers Albany
236 Kadin McClurg 2020 6’2 University Morgantown
217 Amiri Atkins 2021 6’2 Bishop Eustace Pennsauken
202 Kendural Jolly 2020 5’9 Putnam City North Oklahoma City
193 Jacob Walsh 2020 5’10 St Peter’s Prep Jersey City
223 Kaden Metheny 2020 5’10 University Morgantown
186 Qentin Santillan 2020 6’1 Cathedral Prep Erie
177 Nathaniel Smith 2020 6’3 Hillsboro Hillsboro
306 Oliver Ruatti 2021 6’3 Italy Italy



# Name Grade Height School City
241 Josh Jahnz 2020 5’7 Lincoln Lincoln
301 Matteo Caneva 2020 6’0 Italy Italy
227 Davis Beischer 2020 6’2 Durham Academy Durham
246 Jack Rovillard 2020 6’2 Atlantic City Atlantic City
307 Ismail Taylor-Kamara 2020 6’4 West Orange West Orange
173 Carmine Castiello 2020 5’10 Iona Prep New Rochelle
182 Jordon Walker 2020 5’8 Kingswood Oxford West Hartford
304 Lorenzo Segala 2021 6’1 Italy Italy
303 Pierto Munari 2020 6’1 Italy Italy
218 John Stone 2020 6’4 Bishop Eustace Prep Pennsauken
207 William Fredrick 2021 6’2 Great Valley Malvern


Patriot Team 1

# Name Grade Height School City
360 Manny Clark 2019 5’8 Pottsgrove Pottstown
446 Bo Furey-Bastian 2019 6’3 Unionville Kennett Square
453 Judah McIntyre 2019 5’11 Dwight Englewood Englewood
624 Angelo Santiago 2020 6’5 Rectory Pomfret
599 Brandon Roughley 2020 6’8 Salisbury Salisbury
433 John Duane 2019 5’11 Cupertino Cupertino
479 Asa Shannon 2019 6’4 Episcopal Alexandria
489 Andrew Jackson 2019 6’4 Unadilla Valley New Berlin
349 Ryan McKeon 2019 6’6 Sanford Hockessin
409 Daniel Woods 2019 6’6 Trinity Christian Morgantown
372 Vernon Johnson 2019 5’10 St Peters Prep Jersey City


Patriot Team 2

# Name Grade Height School City
481 Armon Harried 2019 6’3 Reach Partnership Baltimore
357 Tahjamere Bradford 2019 6’2 Bishop Grimes East Syracuse
472 Jamahl Humbert 2019 6’4 McKee Tech Staten Island
319 Johnny Bultema 2019 6’7 Indian Hill Cincinnati
309 Jay Atkins 2019 6’7 Cortland Cortland
421 Devan Sharma 2019 5’8 Don Bosco Prep Ramsey
335 Daniel Kalimian 2019 6’2 Holy Trinity Hicksville
373 Ryhlee Matthews 2019 5’11 Sussex Central Georgetown
398 Robert Booker, II 2019 6’4 Takoma Takoma Park
414 James Jordan 2019 6’0 Warren Hills Washington
384 Christian Reames 2019 6’0 Bealeton Bealeton


2017 Elite Session 2 Media


Awards Live Blog All Stars Roster


NBA West Division

NBA East

NCAA Awards

Team Awards

Live Blog

Friday June 21st

1:45 PM

Team White wins in High Fashion

93-61! So long here from Albright College, follow us this weekend for our Summer Jam Tournament in Spooky Nook!

1:35 PM

Idan Tretout is a very exciting player as he has 15 here in the Top 20 game

1:02 PM

Top 20 game is tipping off here in 5 minutes! Get to the gym.

12:44 PM

The Award Ceremony went very well! Now its time to kick off the All-star Games!

12:17 PM

Team 14 wins in a THRILLER 58-55 here on Championship Friday. Andy Stark rallied the troops late to mount a double digit comeback victory in one of our more exciting games this summer!

12:11 PM

Team 14 is ahead 56 to 55 here with under 2 minutes remaining! This is a nail biter for a championship game!

12:00 PM

Jerod Haase is in the building here to watch the rest of the games today.

11:55 AM

Fahmir Ali with a solid 20 points here as Team 14 takes the 4 point lead going into the 4 quarter.

11:40 AM

Team 14 is coming! they cut the double digit deficit to just a 4 point one here with a little under 2 minutes left in the 2nd.

11:28 AM

Team 10 is ahead right now 20-12 at the end of the first. Samba Diallo and company are looking to come back here in the most important game of the week.

11:18 AM

Championship is here! Team 10 vs Team 14 is are battling it out here on the big court.

10:57 AM

Dima Zdor has really soft touch in the paint for a big. The Florida big man has shown hes able to bang with the best here this week.

10:28 AM

Team 14 wins again! Samba Diallo comes up clutch in the 55-50 win here on Court 1.

9:58 AM

Che Evans with the shifty move to the rack for the finish through contact. That’s a senior move for a Sophomore player.

9:30 AM

Che Evans is getting ready to play here on Court 1. The Baltimore Guard has caught the eye of many Division 1 programs here this week.

9:08 AM

Betlow and compnay prevail here on Championship Friday!

8:33 AM

Mann vs Betlow. Court 2. Match up of the day going on NOW.

8:28 AM

Good morning Ladies and Gentleman, Today is Championship Friday! Get to the gym for some elite hoops now.

Thursday June 20th

7:38 PM

Joel Ntambwe is playing out of his mind here this week. The big man has had a  great footwork and soft touch down low

6:50 PM

Chareef Knox with the put back SLAM here on Rec 2. The We R 1 Forwards stock has risen dramatically here this week.

6:22 PM

Mike Rice of Team Rio National is here giving insight to players on Court 2. Valuable skills from a very decorated coach.

5:55 PM

Chris Mann has a quick 3 consecutive buckets here on Rec 2. Army West Point is in attendance to watch the wing play.

5:31 PM

Musa Jeng is out here handling the ball like a guard as a 6’8 forward.

4:50 PM

Chris Archidiacono showing signs of his brother former Villanova Guard Ryan Archidiacono here on Rec 2.

4:15 PM

Samba Diallo is scary good. Catch him and the dominate Team 14 on Rec 3 now!

3:45 PM

Che Evans is getting ready to tip off here on Court 1. High Major Guard has showed out here this week.

2:48 PM

Betlow with the deep three here on Court 1. The Montverde Guard has shown his range here at Elite 2.

2:15 PM

Afternoon session is underway here at Albright College! Stay tuned for our last full day of Elite hoops this week at our Elite 2 camp!

1:25 PM

All of the players are packed into the gym to listen to Coach Austin Kelley and other various coaches answer questions they have on the recruiting process.

9:55 PM

Ntambwe and Kelly vs Iglehon and company here on Rec 3. The battle of the best bigs here at camp is a MUST see.

9:28 PM

Jake Betlow with the shake and bake move and the three. Montverde guard is showing he can hit from deep here on court 1.

8:45 PM

Jake Forrester is putting on a dunk contest here late on Court 3. The big  man is throwing down with FORCE.

7:55 PM

Khalil Battle vs Jake Forrester and company. Get to the Bollman 3 ASAP.

7:33 PM

Get to the gym ASAP as Team 1 is getting ready to play here on Court 3.

6:54 PM

Thomas Bernard is a very pesky defender. The guard from Orlando is communicating very well here on Rec 1.

6:20 PM

Night session of an already super exciting day is about to start up!

5:36 PM


5:15 PM

Chris Mann with a quick dunk and a 3 here on Court 3. The wing is trying to get his name out here at Elite 2.

4:45 PM

Upstairs is CIRCUS, we have numerous High major programs here in attendance for this exciting match up. Schools such as Pittsburgh, Yale, and Seton Hall are here to watch it all play out!

4:00 PM 

To start off the live period we have an exciting match up between Jeng and Mann vs Forrester and company! Get to Rec 3 to get a seat!

3:25 PM

Torrey Thomas of York Catholic with the strong move to the basket for the finger roll.

2:38 PM 

The afternoon session of games is underway, and the live period is coming up! get to the gym ASAP.

1:55 PM

The middle of the day drill session is about to start up, coaches are instructing players on making the right entry pass into the block, a very important skill that most players have not mastered yet.

1:28 PM

The live period begins at 5 PM today so be prepared for coaches to be coming in packs to the gym!

12:45 PM

Ntambwe to the rack for the And-1! The big man shows he can be versatile by taking the ball up the court like a guard.

12:12 PM

Joel Ntambwe and Isaiah Kelly. BIG TIME front court duo here on Court 1. Both players have high major offers and a lot of talent so make your way to the gym NOW!

11:48 AM

Justin Steers with the Alley oop slam from Phillip Lyttle!

11:28 AM

Jermaine Couisnard of Montverde has himself with a couple of threes early here on Court 1. Hes a player that needs to be monitored throughout the week as he could blow up at any time.

10:48 AM

Court 3 is featuring a nice match up between Guard Tyree Pickron and  Seth  big man Seth Pinkney and company. Great way to start off the day!

10:05 AM

Good Morning! Today’s games are the start of the most competitive week this summer so get to the gym ASAP!

Wednesday June 19th

8:35 PM

That will conclude the last set of scrimmages! Tomorrow is a big day as the live period is beginning and teams will be announced so get ready !

8:09 PM

Jahbril Price-Noel might be this camps best kept secret. The 6’7 forward has been nothing short of excellent here on Day 1.

7:41 PM

The last set of scrimmages is getting ready to go underway here

7:00 PM

Izaiah Brockington is an UNDERRATED high flyer here at camp. With only 3 offers from mid major programs, Brockington is looking to put his name on the map this week.

6:23 PM

Evan Gauger is starting to catch fire from mid range here. The 2019 guard from Indiana is GRITTY.

5:44 PM

Little dunk off action here on court 1. This week is going to be the best one yet!

5:07 PM 

Tyson Etienne with 2 threes and a dunk in 5 possessions here on court 2. The Long Island Guard is heating up.

4:38 PM

Seth Pinkney is throwing down everything right now in scrimmages.

3:52 PM 

Full court scrimmages are getting ready to tip off here!

3:15 PM 

Aidan Iglehon with some big time dunks in warm ups here. Big man from Ireland is BIGTIME.

2:30 PM

Players have started doing warm up stretches and broken off into lay-up drills.

2:29 PM

Good Afternoon here from Albright College. We are here live for our Elite 2 camp and this week is going to be better than ever!


Top 20 Team 1

# Name Grade Height School City
182 Aaron Clarke 2018 6’1 Pope John XXIIII Parsippany
578 Isaiah Kelly 2018 6’7 Pace Atlanta
668 Myles Stute 2020 6’7 Gonzaga College Washington
653 Mezie Offurum 2018 6’6 Georgetown Prep North Bethesda
59 Joel Soriano 2019 6’10 Archbishop Stepinac White Plains
103 Alexander Rice 2019 6’3 Mater Dei Middletown
523 Tyree Pickron 2018 6’1 Archbishop Wood Warminster
559 Samba Diallo 2018 6’7 Pope John Sparta
644 Joel Ntambwe 2018 6’8 Forrest Trail Academy Kernesville
515 Elijah Taylor 2020 6’8 Imhotep Philadelphia


Top 20 Team 2

# Name Grade Height School City
654 Josh Pierre-Louis 2019 6’1 Roselle Catholic Roselle
604 Jake Betlow 2019 6’2 Montverde Montverde
114 Izaiah Brockington 2018 6’4 Woodstock Woodstock
348 Shamarie McLeod 2018 6’6 Shiloh Snellville
49 Seth Pinkney 2018 7’0 Archbishop Wood Warminster
390 Daniel Sackey 2018 5’9 22 Feet Academy Anderson
73 Hassan Diarra 2019 6’2 Holy Cross NYC
466 Idan Tretout 2019 6’4 Wilbraham & Monson Wilbraham
409 Donatas Kupsas 2018 6’8 Long Island Lutheran Brookville
389 Ajiri Johnson 2018 6’8 Monsignor Bonner Drexel Hill


Senior All Star Team 1

# Name Grade Height School City
220 Ja’Quaye James 2018 5’8 Teaneck Teanecck
279 Justin Anderson 2018 6’3 Archbishop Carroll Radnor
168 Myles Thompson 2018 6’5 Camden Camden
589 Nikkei Rutty 2018 6’8 Trinity Pawling School Pawling
109 Joe Jones 2018 6’9 Park Buffalo
520 Sam Sessoms 2018 5’11 Shipley Branmar
602 Josh Cornish 2018 6’1 Dulaney Timonium
385 Allen Betrand 2018 6’3 Roman Catholic Philadelphia
289 William Bounds 2018 6’8 Battlefield Battlefield
249 Josh Alexander 2018 6’8 Iona Prep New Rochelle
609 Justin Steers 2018 6’7 Friends Central Wynnewood


Senior All Star Team 2

# Name Grade Height School City
557 Naquante Hardy 2017 6’4 Miller Grove Lithonia
551 Savion Lewis 2018 5’11 Half Hallow Hills East Dix Hills
325 Marques Watson 2018 6’3 Thomas Jefferson Brooklyn
620 Mohamed Fofana 2018 6’7 Wings Bronx
199 Dima Zdor 2018 6’9 Sagemont Weston
225 Jordan Caruso 2018 6’2 Gould Bethel
599 Elijah Kiah-El 2018 6’7 Martin Luther King High Philadelphia
618 Ike Nweke 2018 6’6 Georgetown Prep North Bethesda
588 Karrington Wallace 2018 6’7 Archbishop Warminster
622 Latravian Glover Jr 2017 6’8 South Miami Miami


Underclassmen All Star Team 1

# Name Grade Height School City
585 Jordan McAllister 2019 6’4 Worcester Academy Worcester
662 Chuck Harris 2020 6’0 Gonzaga Washington
633 Jamil Riggins 2019 6’6 Imhotep Charter Philadelphia
138 Taj Thweatt 2020 6’5 Wildwood Catholic North Wildwood
665 Joshua Gray 2020 6’10 Knox St James
415 Jonas Harper 2019 6’3 St Lukes New Canaan
376 Jonah Charles 2019 6’4 Rutgers Prep Somerset
539 Kimari Williams 2018 6’7 St Andrews Sandy Spring
448 Che Evans 2020 6’6 Dulaney Timonium
666 Franck Kepnang 2021 6’10 MacDuffe Granby
356 Cartier Bowman 2019 6’4 Notre Dame Lawrenceville


Underclassmen All Star Team 2

# Name Grade Height School City
278 Daniel Ogoro 2019 6’6 Mercersburg Mercersburg
664 Niels Lane 2020 6’3 Hun Princeton
661 Zion Bethea 2020 6’3 Immaculate Conception Montclair
89 Marial Mading 2019 6’8 St Maria Goretti Hagerstown
189 Bernard Kouma 2019 6’9 Our Savior Lutheran Bronx
659 Ryan Myers 2020 5’11 Christ the King Middle Village
202 Rob Higgins 2019 5’11 Middletown North Middletown
565 Clarence Nadolny 2019 6’3 Our Savior New Centereach
139 Richard Springs 2020 6’9 Bishop Loughlin Brooklyn
269 Jake Glezen 2018 6’8 Loomis Chaffee Windsor
579 Jevonnie Scott 2019 6’7 Athlete’s Institute Mono


West All Star Team 1

# Name Grade Height School City
20 Mikel Shuler 2018 5’3 Woodland Dorchester
90 Steven Gilbert 2018 6’0 Harrisonburg Harrisonburg
490 Jared Latane 2018 5’10 Haddon Heights Haddon Heights
463 Joseph Hoch 2019 6’1 Archbishop Molloy Archbishop Molloy
346 Dalin Stanford 2018 6’4 Goddard Goddard
561 Josh Cabezudo 2018 6’0 Perth Amboy Perth Amboy
82 Xavier Starks 2018 6’0 Reading Reading
562 Torrey Thomas 2018 6’1 York Catholic York
46 Jermaine Jones 2018 6’3 Charlotte Secondary Charlotte
187 Leandro Vignolo 2019 6’5 LaSalle Parana Parana
31 Chance Farrell-Martin 2019 5’10 Redwood Larkspur
12 Sean Donnellan 2019 6’0 Eastchester Eastchester

West All Star Team 2

# Name Grade Height School City
 261  Dajuan Piper  2019  5’11  The Dwight School  Manhattan
133 Jay Tamakloe 2018 6’1  Gaitherburg  Gaithersburg
373 David Velasco 2018 6’1  Immaculata  Ponferrada
45 Amori Guadeloupe 2018 6’3  Catonsville  Catonsville
67 Federico Claur 2019 6’5  Betania Patmos  Barcelona
629 Ewens Jean-Baptise 2018 5’8  Bedford Academy  Brooklyn
493 Jelani Jackson 2018 6’1  West Orange  West Orange
34 Ryan Rachic 2019 6’2  Huntingtown  Prince Frederick
265 Xavier Grant 2018 6’3  American Heritage  Platation
177 Donovan Russell 2018 6’5  Burrell  Lower Burrell
392 Nicholas Boyd 2019 6’0 Saint Mary’s Rutherford
274 John-Michael Hughes 2018 6’3 IMG Bradenton




NCAA All Star Team 1

# Name Grade Height School City
108 Jalen Reneau 2020 5’10 St Raymond Bronx
277 Primo Spears 2020 6’1 Northwest Catholic West Hartford
103 Brendan Mykalcio 2020 6’3 Don Basco Prep Ramsey
152 Kenneth Hodges 2020 6’5 Indian River Chesapeake
189 Andrew King 2020 6’6 Downingtown East Exton
182 Hassan Perkins 2020 5’11 Sanford School Hockessin
172 Anthony Marshall 2020 6’0 Brooklyn Democracy Brooklyn
278 Zaire Rogers 2020 6’4 Notre Dame Lawrenceville
291 Amir Williams 2020 6’4 Linden Linden
220 Hayden Peek 2020 6’5 Trinity Pawling Pawling


NCAA All Star Team 2

# Name Grade Height School City
297 Malik Edmead 2020 5’7 Deer Park Deer Park
133 Isiah Phillips 2001 5’8 St Paul’s Covington
288 Nick Marshall 2020 6’0 Mount St Joseph Baltimore
279 Josiah Freeman 2020 6’4 Paul VI Fairfax
176 Jamir Watkins 2020 6’6 Trenton Catholic Hamilton
117 Kevon Watt 2020 5’11 Father Henry Carr Etobicoke
124 Jalin Sinclair 2020 5’10 Suffield Suffield
145 Corey Walters 2020 6’0 Hamden Hall Hamden
186 Dave Brown 2021 6’3 St Mary’s Ryken Leonardtown
129 Zayon Marsh 2020 6’6 Columbia Maplewood