Can Highlight Tapes Help My Recruitment?

During the 2016/2017 season, over 550 thousand males and 430 thousand females  participated in a high school basketball program. For this reason, few high school players are actively recruited by college coaches. The overwhelming majority must figure out a way to sell themselves to college coaches to be noticed.

How Do I Get Coaches to Notice Me?

Once you reach out, the first thing a coach is going to ask is “Can you send me your film”. Since they can not be everywhere, coaches will often use this as a method to weed out, prioritize and research athletes. It is important to have film clipped, sorted and ready to share with coaches. Sharing your a highlight tape saves coaches hours of sorting film and allows you to showcase your strengths.

What Should I Include in My Highlight Tape?

A highlight tape should be what it sounds like : short, entertaining and effective. Coaches can often watch two possessions and be able to size up a player. Therefore, what you choose to include is paramount. Some things to keep in mind while you are selecting your content include:



  1. Keep it short. The ideal length for a highlight tape is between 2-3 mins. This allows you to showcase a variety of talents without losing interest.
  2. Add variety. Mixing in defensive plays, assists, foul shots, off the ball movement and plays in transition help maintain a coaches interest and helps give coaches a full understanding of a player.
  3. Consider your music selection. Including music in your highlight tape can help maintain an interest, but be careful it does not take away from the film or turn coaches away.
  4. Post it to YouTube or Vimeo. If coaches are not going to watch a 4 min highlight video, they definitely are not going to wait that long to download it. Uploading your video and including a clickable link in an email saves you the hassle of uploading the file multiple times and coaches the hassle of downloading large files.
  5. Include your information. Providing your name, contact information, school and height gives puts the information coaches look for right in front of them.

Highlight tapes are a great tool for early in the recruiting process. When starting to recruit a class, coaches need to research a large number of players, and do not have the ability to be courtside at every game to see everyone. Most times, players need to find a way to put themselves in front of coaches. Highlight tapes are a great way to showcase what you are capable of at your best in a short, concise, and professional video that does not take as long to view as a raw game film.



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Recruiting Advice: What Are Your July Plans?

Recruiting Advice: June is an Important Month

6 Tips Heading into Summer Camp

It’s that time of year, schools all over the country are beginning to break for summer and players  are trading textbooks for basketballs. While the thought of summer camp was hard to fathom during the snow-filled winter months, the reality is that camp season is just around the corner. Before you begin filling your schedule with camp after camp, make sure you have a plan in place to make this the best summer possible. Here are six tips to consider heading into camp.

Before Camp:

Get Your Academics in Place

Before your school year is over, you should have a conversation with your high school coach or guidance counselor, or both, about where you are at academically. You can play the greatest summer of your life, but if you do not have enough credits, good enough grades, or the right years of math, english etc, then college coaches will not recruit you. Make sure you are squared away academically, then spend your summer focused on hoops.

Assess Yourself

Once your squared away in the classroom, now it’s time to focus on the court. First step to your on court preparation is to give yourself an honest assessment of your game. By taking a step back and answering the question “where is my game at?”, you will enable yourself to build fair and reasonable expectations for the summer. Honesty is key; being honest will allow you to reach attainable goals during the summer months and in turn help your recruitment as opposed to hurting it.

Provide Coaches with Your Summer Schedule

Prior to the start of the summer, you should compile a list of schools you are interested provide them with your schedule for the summer. Coaches won’t be able to see you if they don’t know where you will be this summer. A simple email with your schedule attached can go a long way in helping you stand out and get seen by the schools you want to see you.

At Camp:

Play to Your Strengths

The offseason is a great time to work on your weaknesses. However, do not bring your work in progress into games before you are ready. Put yourself in successful situations by playing to your strengths. For example, if you’re better driving to the hoop instead of shooting from the outside, don’t go hoisting up threes and proving to coaches that you don’t have a strong outside shot. Show coaches what you can do, while you work on what you can’t during drills and workouts.

Make Optional, Mandatory

Aside from putting you in front of college coaches, most camps offer a number of opportunities to work on your skill sets…take advantage! Not only will you benefit from the extra work outs, but coaches will take notice to those players who choose to work whenever given the opportunity.

Be a Good Teammate

Remember, college coaches are looking for players who fit their TEAM. Talent level is important, but it’s not the only thing coaches are looking for. Turning yourself into a black hole offensively and shooting every time you touch the ball is a good way to have coaches cross you off their list immediately. Be aggressive, but also be a team player. The more you play for your teammates, the more coaches will take notice, and the better your recruitment will be.

Lastly, here’s a message about Summer Planning from Hoop Group President, Rob Kennedy.

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