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Sunday | August 6th

12:06 PM

James Gross Jr has been a strong players all week. Good hands and able to see the court. One of the hardest workers on the court

12:00 PM

Shawn Maness diving into the chairs to save a far pass

11:46 AM

Che Evans with a strong block keeping his team within 8 with 4.30 to play

11:38 AM

Christian Batista with a steal and set up of the glass. Zed Key hammers it home

11:23 AM

3 mins until the start of the Championship game

10:57 AM

Luke Sipala hits a big three making it a one point game heading into the second half

10:45 AM

Terrence Clarke and Deivon Smith running Bollman 1. Alternating finishing on possessions.

10:41 AM

Terrence Clarke still working on day 4! Tipping passes on defense, driving hard to the basket and knocking down threes.

10:25 AM

Deivon Smith, 2020 5’11 guard with some bounce. Plays simple and is able to see the play develop.

10:14 AM

Jahvon Johns (229) showing up this morning hitting some early threes. Putting in work on both sides of the court.

10:02 AM

9:40 AM

And he does not disappoint! Strong drive and throws one down

9:28 AM

This morning all eyes are on Lance Ware (69). The long 6’9 big from Burlington New Jersey has been impressive all week.

9:20 AM

Getting an early start with games for the last day of Future All American Elite Camp.

Saturday | August 5th

9:27 PM

Enoch Cheeks absolutely denies CJ Robinson and follows with powerhouse dunk

9:20 PM

Bollman 2 is the first to tip as Bollman 3 heads into overtime!

9:19 PM

Andrew Sachs with a big drive putting them up by 1 with 30 seconds to play on Bollman 3

9:17 PM

Last game set of the night about to tip-off

9:04 PM

As promised some highlights from Future All American dunk contest earlier. Players definitely did not disappoint


8:59 PM

Hassan Diarra versatile player able to command the point and drive or pull up for the long jumper. Player to watch playing on Bollman 1 now.

8:49 PM

Donte Davis playing with kids on Bollman 2. Handles are insane.

7:56 PM

7:30 PM

7:15 PM

Che Evans giving Jalen Green a battle on Bollman 1. Both of them getting after it making buckets going shot for shot.

7:02 PM 

Mark Williams, a 6’11 big out of Norfolk Virginia making his mark on PA.

6:48 PM

Zaire Rogers connecting with Ahmad Fair on back to back dunks on Bollman 1

6:43 PM

Richard Springs with the pin! Been having a strong showing all camp

6:13 PM

Maddox Trynor coming up big on defense helping shut down Nick Folk, a shifty point and big play maker

6:04 PM

5:38 PM

Devin Greenfield going OFF on Bolman 2. Strong offensive finished followed by a big block

5:20 PM

KD Johnson with a game winner jumper on Bollman 3!

5:00 PM

Quaran McPherson going off on Bollman 1. Hitting shots from the outside and driving to create the open player

4:47 PM

Elijah Wood with the pin! Has been a standout this game set

4:30 PM

Elijah Wood; 2020 with a quick release on the jumper.

3:48 PM

3:21 PM

Max Mancuso with a nice stroke. Been consistent from three this game set

3:10 PM

Justin Lewis and Bol Akot facing up on Bollman 1

3:00 PM

Che Evans with a smooth finish.

2:46 PM

Richard Springs coming off the dunk contest hot, throwing it down on Bollman 1

2:30 PM

Noah Farrakhan 2017 Future All American Champion!!!!!

1:35 PM

12:58 PM

Much anticipated Dunk Contest about to start! Check out our SnapChat story and twitter page for highlights!

12:45 PM 

Franck Kepnang is a workhorse. Dives on the floor for a loose ball and hits a dead sprint down the court to collect the floater and finish.

12:35 PM

11:55 AM

11:46 AM

Richard Springs blowing up at Future All American. Leaves the floor for a two handed dunk in transition

11:35 AM

Marcellus Vail (166), two for two from behind the arc, good movement off the ball to get into scoring possition

11:28 AM

11:22 AM

10:40 AM

Noah Collier with the poster! Athletic forward with height and a lot of potential. Currently holds an offer from St Joeseph’s

10:20 AM

10:00 AM

Jersey match-up on R1 this morning! Trey Patterson from Sommerset and Noah Farrakahn of Newark

9:45 AM

Day 3 games  sets of Future All American getting started in just 15 mins!!

Friday | August 4th

8:55 PM 

Bollman 1 tunring into a battle. tied game with 4 mins to play

8:48 PM

Julian McGowan with a back to back blocks

8:40 PM

8:16 PM

Alex Gibbens hits the deck hard. Gets up and finishes for two from the line

7:58 PM

Cliff Omoruyi is a terror on the boards. Athletic build with the skill to fit his size.

7:48 PM

Love to see Jordan Toles laying out for a loose ball on Bollman1!!

7:38 PM

7:25 PM

Williams with a block on Kepnang!!

7:15 PM

Mark Williams excites the crowd and slams one on Frank Kepnang

6:45 PM

Terrence and Jalen about to go head to head on Bollman 3

6:37 PM

Dunk contest going on on Bollman 1 ! Last 2 mins going back and forth.

6:33 PM

Lewis can not be stopped. Making the right decision to put himself and his teammates in scoring positions

6:20 PM

Justin Lewis with a big block and finishes on the other end

6:08 PM

KD Johnson with a smooth finish in transition

5:56 PM

5:35 PM

5:33 PM

Morning stand out Bol Akot warming up on Bollman 3

5:25 PM

Jyare Davis with a slam!

5:15 PM

Ryan Myers shooting the lights out on Bollman 1. 3 3s on back to back possessions

5:00 PM

Noah Collier has been a constant this weekend. Athleticism and work ethic are unmatched.

4:50 PM

4:24 PM

Kieves Turner doing a good job of find the open lane. Making smart backdoor cuts and releasing early on rebounds

4:15 PM

4:03 PM

3:53 PM

Kyree Banks (211), a quick guard with the ability to see the play develop

3:31 PM

John Kuminga is a powerhouse under the basket!

3:24 PM

Jalen Green putting on a show on Bollman 3 proving his NCAA #2 Class 2020 rank

3:05 PM

Luke Kolaja, a long 2020 from Montclair, commanding the boards on Bollman 1! 3 stops in 1 possession.

2:28 PM

1:37 PM 

Standing room only on Bollman 2. 500 campers, media and staff crowding the court

1:20 PM

Kieves Turner has been a real standout on Bollman 1. Not afraid of contact near the rim and able to pull up under pressure.

12:50 PM

Samuel Pohlman putting in work on both ends of the court. Fourcing turn overs and laying up back to back fast breaks

12:14 PM


12:11 PM

Do not count John Kuminga out of this loaded match up. Been a consistent source of energy and overall standout on court 3

11:59 AM

Elijah Wood of Team Statement; crafty guard with good court vision and control.

Currently holds offers from DePaul, Colorado State, Hampton, TCU, Georgia, Auburn, Tulane, Norfolk State, St Bonaventure, Texas A&M and Texas Tech

11:40 AM

Malik Emead with a consistent stroke knocking down two threes in three possessions.

11:15 AM

About to be a show on Bollman Court 3.

John Kuminga               Jaleen Green

Mark Williams              Henry Coleman

Cam Thomas                 Elijah Wood

11:08 AM

11:11 AM

Amare Marshall (2021) technical guard not afraid to attack the rim

10:43 AM

10:38 AM

Anthony Thomas commands the gym’s attention, throwing one down on Bollman court 1.

10:27 AM

A lot of height on Bollman 3! No one on the floor right now under 6’2

Che Evans 6’6                   Richard Springs 6’9

BJ Boston 6’5                    Burke Smith 6’10

10:20 AM

First tip of Day 2 of FAA Camp! Looking forwards to seeing players put on a show.

Thursday| August 3rd

8:45 PM

Trey Patterson has been next level here on Court 3. 2021 Big man has been ELECTRIC.

8:26 PM

Bj Boston up next on Court 2.

8:05 PM

Quran McPherson and Team 9 are having the gym going crazy on Court 3.

7:30 PM

Justin Lewis with the BIG TIME fast break flush on court 1.

7:13 PM

Julian McGowan has stepped onto the scene here as an emerging star. The Jersey Guard had numerous dunks on  Rec Court 1.

7:05 PM

Jalen Green with the 360!!! The show must go on!

6:30 PM

Green with the POSTER. WOW!!!!

6:05 PM

Jalen Green getting ready to warm up here on Rec 1!

5:45 PM

John Kuminga has been lighting it up so far here on Rec 2.

5:21 PM

Isaiah Hill of Union Catholic has been SHIFTY here on Rec 2. 6-2 Freshman has shown he means business early.

4:47 PM

Very exciting first session of scrimmages here on Day 1!

4:24 PM

Jalen Green With a dunk show that’s being put on here on Rec 2.

3:45 PM

Let the Tryout scrimmages begin!

3:15 PM 

Tryout Teams are being assembled and attendance is being taken here in The Bollman Center!

2:45 PM

Communication is KEY for success at the next level. Players are being instructed by Coach Siers at center court on the subject!

2:15 PM

And we are finally here! Future All American Camp is tipping off with some team ball movement drills. Stay tuned this weekend for some of the best hoops we’ve seen all summer!


Top 20 Team 1

# Name Grade Height School City
520 Cam Thomas 2020 6’3 Oscar Smith Chesapeake
286 Zion Bethea 2020 6’3 Immaculate Conception Montclair
523 Che Evans 2020 6’6 Dulaney Timonium
149 Woody Newton 2020 6’8 McKinley Tech Washington
129 Zed Key 2020 6’8 Brentwood Brentwood
123 Bol Akot 2020 5’11 Proctor Andover
603 Jalen Green 2020 6’6 San Joaquin Irvine
218 BJ Boston 2020 6’5 Norcross Norcross
526 Justin Lewis 2020 6’7 Calvert Hall Baltimore
79 Richard Springs 2020 6’9 Bishop Loughlin Brooklyn


Top 20 Team 2

# Name Grade Height School City
247 Hassan Diarra 2020 6’1 Punam Science Putnam
169 Trey Patterson 2021 6’8 Rutgers Prep Somerset
209 Noah Collier 2020 6’7 Westtown West Chester
605 Taj Thweatt 2020 6’5 Wildwood Catholic North Wildwood
29 Mark Williams 2020 6’11 Norfolk Academy Norfolk
519 Taelon Martin 2020 6’2 Masters West Simsbury
601 Terrance Clarke 2021 6’6 Rectory
527 John Kuminga 2021 6’8
69 Lance Ware 2020 6’9 Life Center Academy Burlington
119 Elijah Taylor 2020 6’8 Imhotep Philadelphia


Super Soph 21-40 All Star Team 1

# Name Grade Height School City
307 Enoch Cheeks 2020 6’3 Kimball Union Meriden
57 Jacob Sussman 2020 6’4 Delbarton Morristown
308 Elijah Wood 2020 6’5 St Andrew’s Episcopal Potomac
98 Amir Williams 2020 6’4 Linden Linden
239 Henry Coleman 2020 6’7 Trinity Epispical Richmond
206 Raejon Figures 2020 6’2 Immaculare Conception Montclair
237 Jordan Toles 2020 6’3 St Francis Baltimore
577 Dimingus Stevens 2020 6’4 Woodrow Wilson Washington
59 Luke Kolaja 2020 6’9 Montclair Kimberley Montclair
529 Franck Kepnang 2020 6’10 MacDuffie Grandby
96 Ronnie Ellis 2020 6’2 Hamden Hamden


Super Soph 21-40 All Star Team 2

# Name Grade Height School City
513 Ryan Conway 2021 6’0 Dulaney Timonium
58 Darius Maddox 2020 6’4 St Johns Washington
298 Julian McGowan 2020 6’6 Notre Dame Lawrenceville
278 Darrick Jones Jr 2020 6’5 Millwood Midlohian
576 Joshua Gray 2020 6’10 Knox St James
406 Carter Whitt 2021 6’1 Trinity Academy Shenandoah
18 Eddie Evans 2020 6’4 Trenton Catholic Hamilton
159 Dyondre Dominguez 2020 6’8 New Hampton New Hampton
349 Nnanna Njoku 2021 6’9 Sanford Sanford
528 Clifford Omoruyi 2020 6’10 Roselle Catholic Roselle Catholic
234 KD Johnson 2020 6’0 Southwest Dekalb Southwest Dekalb


Super Soph West All Star Team 1

# Name Grade Height School City
186 Colin Baker 2020 6’2 Toms River North Toms River
91 Ahyan Brown-Miller 2020 5’7 Linwood North Brunswick
130 Kylam Exum 2020 5’5 Central Capitol Heights
25 Ben Alderfer 2020 6’1 Broadway Broadway
155 Philip Mullins 2020 6’1 Chapmanville Regional Chapmanville
136 Briglain Previl 2020 6’2 Ocoee Ocoee
310 Raymond Brown 2020 5’7 Atholton Columbia
102 Jeremiah Anderson 2020 5’9 Eagle Academy Brooklyn
436 Julian Colon 2021 6’0 Reading Reading
151 Brandon Weiss 2020 5’8 Jericho Jericho


Super Soph West All Star Team 2

# Name Grade Height School City
83 Justin Morety 2020 5’11 Archbishop Stepinac White Plains
93 Jace Spinelli 2020 5’11 Bishop Moore Orlando
258 Chris Cain 2020 6’5 Pine Bush Central Pine Bush
104 Jaren Smith 2020 6’0 Xavier Middletown
90 Jesus Rodriguez 2020 5’4 Reading Reading
322 Kenny Lazo 2020 5’10 Brentwood Brentwood
260 Ty-Shon Pannell 2020 5’7 Central Islip Central Islip
80 Timothy Selkridge 2020 5’4 Fieldston Bronx
164 Lamar Duncan 2020 6’0 St Andrews Middleton
277 Jordan Miles 2020 6’3 Fleming Island Orange Park
87 Josh Stehle 2020 6’3 Great Valley Malvern


Fab Frosh / Super Soph All Star Team 1

# Name Grade Height School City
481 Nick Folk 2021 5’7 Unity Prep
475 Lorenzo Washington 2021 5’10 Patrick Hillside
376 Malcolm Eley 2021 6’0 The Patrick School Hillside
387 Justin Taylor 2021 6’1 St Anne’s Belfield Charlottesville
538 William Felton 2021 6’5 Millbrook Raleigh
426 Zakai Zeigler 2021 6’0 Upper Room Christian Dix Hills
477 Tyshun Bryant 2021 6’0 St Thomas Moore Oakdale
358 Isaiah Hill 2021 6’2 Union Catholic South Orange
438 Travis Roberts 2021 6’3 St Columba Oxon Hill
359 Micawber Etienne 2021 6’8 Middletown Middletown
INJ Ike Cornish 2021 6’4 Dulaney Timonium
INJ Christian Tomasco 2021 6’7 St Joseph Prep Philadelphia


Fab Frosh / Super Soph All Star Team 1

# Name Grade Height School City
333 Aidan Rodgers 2021 5’9 Rectory Pomfret
341 Guy Fauntleroy 2021 5’8 St John’s College High Washington DC
458 Donte Davis 2021 6’3 Immaculate Conception Montclair
347 Bobby Hill 2021 6’2 DeMatha Catholic Hyattsville
398 Jake Mancuso 2021 6’2 Dominion Sterling
291 Thermere Simmons 2021 5’7 Imhotep Philadelphia
510 Jayden Brown 2021 5’10 Immaculate Conception Montclair
449 Daniel Nixon 2021 6’5 Eagel Brook Eagel Brook
448 Chisom Okapara 2021 6’3 Iona Prep School Iona Prep School
419 Walter Mattingly 2021 6’5 Batesville Batesville
410 Andre Speight 2021 6’2 South County South County
INJ Stefon McLeod 2021 6’2 Rolesville High School Rolesville High School


2017 Buzzer Beater Classic Media

Champions Live Blog Recap



Live Blog

Sunday July 30th

4:45 PM

From all of The Hoop Group staff, we thank you for staying tuned through this weekends exciting event! Stay updated this upcoming week as we start up our Future Jr and Future All American Camps!

4:35 PM

Crown takes home the crown! In a 74-50 victory, Thornton Scott put on a show!

4:00 PM

Ross Gang with back to back 3s to cut the deficit to 10 for SBA.

3:20 PM

Playaz win! 58-55 in a great championship game. Up next is Crown vs SBA Elite.

2:50 PM

Jersey Force 16u cuts the Playaz lead to 1 with 8 seconds remaining at the time out.

2:45 PM

2:25 PM

Crown takes the W on a clutch 3. Championship game is set for Crown and SBA Elite!

2:19 PM

Crown ties it up at the buzzer! Double OT is underway!

2:13 PM

OT is here for Crown vs Jersey Force. Catch it live on Court K.

1:47 PM 

Ross Gang is catching fire here as SBA leads 52-50

1:34 PM

Runners are ahead 37-36 here to start the 2nd half.

1:12 PM

Casmir Ochiaku is putting on a dunk contest here early.

1:09 PM

12:59 PM

Road Runners vs SBA Elite. Court C. Best of the best coming to you live from Neptune NJ!

12:48 PM

Force win! 68-66 on a late buzzer beater attempt. They will survive and advance!

12:32 PM

Jersey Force is up 63-61 against The Jersey ShoreShots. This game is coming down to the wire!

12:16 PM

SBA beats the NY RENS 66-60 to advance! They will play the Road Runners here on Court C.

12:12 PM

Greyhounds wins 61-56! NJ Shoreshots struggle to stop the interior scoring despite the late run.

11:40 AM

11:35 AM

Smart timeout Jersey Force as they scramble for the ball with less than a min to play

11:28 AM 

TNBA and Jersey Force tied with 2.30 to play.

10:48 AM

Very defensive matchup here as both teams have numerous blocks early. Greyhounds are ahead 21-17 with 6 minutes left in the first half.

10:35 AM

Shoreshots Jones vs the GreyHounds here on Court 4.

10:24 AM

5 seconds remaining here as the Running Rebels are fouling. SJ Hoops Elite bangs home both free throws to put them up 4.

10:19 AM

SJ Hoops elite is ahead 37-35 with 36 seconds remaining here on Court 4. Can the Running Rebels capitalize? Or are they heading back to Randallstown. Stay tuned!

9:50 AM

Solfield (#2) running both ends of the court for Shoreshots Kessler. Been dangerous from the perimeter with two big blocks in second half

9:30 AM

Ben Callahan #0 on GSA scored 24

9:01 AM

8:15 AM

Getting an early start for day two of 2017 Buzzer Beater Classic. Looking forward to another Championship Sunday!

Saturday July 29th

10:30 PM

9:30 PM


8:55 PM

Cecil Kirk is up 10 here vs the RoadRunners with 5 remaining in the 2nd Half.

8:25 PM

Casmir Ochiaku has a dangerous drop step low post move that he’s been showing off today on Court 2.

8:12 PM

7:55 PM

BEN KLING HAVE A DAY! 9 threes in the first half for the guard from Team Attack!!!!

7:36 PM

Drew Green drops an easy 25 in the loss against NJ Beasts. Keron Williams with the impressive 30 piece as well.

6:44 PM

NJ Beasts go up 1 on a and 1 layup with under 30 seconds to go. The atmosphere is electric on Court 1.

6:30 PM

NJ Beasts are ahead 50-49 with a little over 5 minutes to go.

6:20 PM

Bridge City wins on a buzzer beater against Riverside! Pilsitz with 18 in the victory.

6:00 PM


5:50 PM

5:38 PM

George Visconti scores 19 in a double digit victory West Flash. Jersey guard is averaging 18.5 in two games today.

5:13 PM

TNBA West Flash is keeping it close here as it’s a 5 point game against SBA Elite on Court 2 mid way through the 2nd half.

4:38 PM

NJ Roadrunners defeats LBA Team Attack by 6 on Court 6!

4:06 PM

6th Man Warriors beat the NY Havoc 73-71 in a wild battle that had the crowd on the edge of their seats!

3:35 PM

Ben Nigro scores 24 points for the CT Northstars in an impressive game!

3:00 PM

2:38 PM

Bump City takes the win over Game 7 by 6!

2:16 PM

#0 Hegel Augustine of Rack scored 31 points

2:10 PM

2 the Rack wins 71-70 in a nail biter finish over Cardinal.

1:41 PM

#CoastalStrong wins in high fashion On Court 1

1:17 PM

Smooth euro step from Raheem Carter as he finishes in traffic for #CoastalStrong. They lead 28-23 with 2 minutes left in the first half.

1:12 PM

1:03 PM

Jersey Force Black vs #CoastalStrong here has started off to a 3 point duel here early as both teams have 3 off the bat.

12:42 PM

William Boyer- Richards three as time expires isn’t enough for Sphere to beat Positive Image in OT.

12:33 PM 

SBA Elite runs away with this one 66-43  in an impressive shooting outing from George Visconti.

12:15 PM

Ross Gang is coming to life as he hits his 3rd contested lay up in a row.

12:03 PM  

Khayri Harris with an impressive 21 points in the game against IWork.

11:45 AM

George Visconti with 3 threes within the first 5 minutes of play for SBA. 6-3 Guard has the potential for a scary game here on Court 1.

11:36 AM

SBA Elite vs Team Pro Look here as SBA looks to repeat its recent success last weekend at Summer JamFest.

11:28 AM

The Cats have gotten 3 straight defensive stops using the full court press but Connor Deveny has been stroking it from 3 to stop the momentum swing.

11:26 AM

The offense is running through Center Ryan Smith here late for the Cats. The big mans soft touch and ability to crash the offensive glass has been their key.

11:24 AM

11:15 AM

Jack Brockett has been hitting from the perimeter at a high level here midway through the second half

11:03 AM

All tied up here on Court 1. Cats AAU with a late comeback here as they were trailing most of the 1st half. Exciting second half of play is coming your way!

10:48 AM

10:37 AM

RI Elite wins by 6 in a late foul situation. Valiant Effort by #CoastalStrong. Up next we have SJ Hoops Elite HGSL vs Cats AAU.

10:29 AM

Brandt Roundtree for 3!!! BANG! Roundtree at the buzzer to send this game to a thriller for #CoastalStrong!

10:24 AM

RI Elite with the big time run here late. Up 1 with a minute to play.

10:13 AM

#CoastalStrong is here up 6 with under 7 minutes to go here in the 2 Half. RI Elite is making a run here late!

10:06 AM 

We are here live at Our Buzzer Beater event this summer at the Sportika Sports Complex. A lot of big time teams here so get ready for some Elite hoops!

Spotlight Games

Day Two Spotlight Games

Crown vs Jersey Force In a thriller semi final game that ended in 3 overtimes, Crown found themselves in a hole late. Kenny Jones was nothing short of clutch as he hit the pump fake and finished to give The Jersey Force the 2 point advantage. In a battle that drew a big time crowd, Crown took home he cake and eventually took home the Crown in the championship game.


Day One Morning Spotlight Game

            Division I schools La Salle University from the A10, Robert Morris from the Northeast Conference, and a multitude of Division II and III schools were in attendance to watch the morning matchup between the Crusader Nation and New York Havoc. With a trip to the winner’s bracket on the line, both teams showed some early game jitters to start.
            Team Havoc jumped out to a quick 17-5 lead behind the energy and hustle of their point guard number 12, William Aybar.  Aybar set the pace of the game from the opening tip, extending the defensive pressure 94 feet and advancing the basketball by passing ahead.  Crusader Nation eventually acclimated to the frenetic pace of play, but trailed double digits throughout the game’s first 10 minutes.  The Nation never looked comfortable in their half court sets, struggling to execute against the extended pressure of Havoc.  Skilled 6’8” forward Joe Delollo (#33) provided a perimeter, threat stretching the defense and opening driving lanes for Havoc’s lighting quick Aybar.  Crusader Nation eventually found a way to put up points up through second chance opportunities and fast break chances. They went on a 10-2 run and cut the lead to seven to close out the half.
            The Nation continued their aggressive play to start the second half, finishing contested shots around the basket and creating and-1 opportunities.  With momentum on their side and foul situations softening up Havoc’s defensive pressure, the Nation began to convert on open jump shots. Although he showcased a soft touch around the basket and consistent face up game outside the paint, Delollo was unable to guard the perimeter on defense.  Delollo was forced to soft contest on screen and roll switches and gave up easy driving angles to Crusader Nation’s guards. Havoc trailed by two points going into the game’s final four minutes.
            The game came down to the final possession in regulation, tied at 60 with a little over eleven seconds remaining. Crusader Nation was set to take the ball out on a side out of bounds.  The ball was inbounded, and a down screen was set away from the ball in an effort to free up their team’s leading scorer for the game, #0-Nick Parrish.  He was denied but eventually caught the ball out near half court under duress .  With three seconds remaining he stepped into a 30 foot pull-up jumper that seemed to hang in the air for an eternity before swishing through the net; ending the game and advancing the Nation to the winner’s bracket.  When asked about what was going through his mind in the closing seconds, Parrish responded, “I ain’t gone lie to you, I practice that shot a lot…a hesitation to a pull up three—so, to see it finally come to work, it’s a blessing man. It felt great”.  Parrish continued on to speak about his team’s togetherness, “I’ve played with these guys for four years now–with these guys they go out and give it a hundred percent every game. It’s more like a family than a team.  We all just play together, and play for each other”.
            Crusader Nation will look to build upon this momentum going into their next matchup.  Number 33 for Havoc led the team in scoring with 15 points, while Parrish finished with 12 points, 10 in the 4th quarter and the game winner.

Day One Evening Spotlight Game

Roadrunners vs Cecil Kirk was the most entertaining game of the day. Trailing by ten points with four minuets left on the clock, NJ Roadrunners turned on the Jets. A well coached game from a legendary staff, Kaheed Jenkins drew the foul and layed it up for a picture perfect finish to put Roadrunners up by one and crush Cecil Kirks chance at an upset. The Jersey Road Runners live to see another day and head to Neptune tomorrow to show they are meant for the big stage!


Day One Player Standouts

George Visconti | SBA Elite

A three point sniper, George Visconti has been nothing short of elite from behind the arc. The smooth 6-3 guards’ stroke has been machine- like here today as he had 5 three in a routing of Team Pro Look. The Jersey guard had numerous schools here in attendance to watch his stellar performance including Lafayette and TCNJ.

Keron Williams | NJ Beasts

The shifty Newark guard was getting to the basket and slashing for the back door dump off better than anyone today. Scoring an easy 3, The Eastside high star shined in the lime light here and will continue to do so this summer. Look for Williams to start getting on college coaches maps here very soon.

Drew Green | Cecil Kirk

Green was playing very similar to Celtics wing Gerald Green here today. He caught a super impressive 1 handed alley and slammed it home in-front of a big crowd and people soon realized who Drew really is. Scoring an easy 25, Drew was able to show his athleticism was good enough to hang with the best here at the Sportika Sports Complex.

2017 Academic Elite Session 2 Media








All Star Rosters


Ivy Team 1

# Name Grade Height School City
271 Jontai Williams 2018 5’10 Cardinal Hayes Bronx
207 Chris Dean 2018 6’4 Deep Run Glen Allen
206 Davis Long 2018 6’3 Sherwood Sandy Spring
128 RJ Mhoon 2018 6’6 Suffield Suffield
492 Jacob O’Connell 2019 6’11 St Joes Prep Philadelphia
72 Darius Hines 2018 5’11 Bishop Ireton Alexandria
56 Byron Breland 2019 6’4 Hamden Hall Country Hamden
495 Daniel Sofield 2019 6’5 Jackson Liberty Jackson
39 Joe DeLolllo 2018 6’9 LaSalle Institute Troy
549 Dima Zdor 2018 6’9 Sagemont Weston
129 William Mulquin 2018 6’5 Georgetown Prep North Bethesda


Ivy Team 2

# Name Grade Height School City
501 Devin Cooper 2018 5’11 Red Bank Regional Little Silver
255 Tyler Small 2018 6’2 Holy Trinity Hicksville
189 Ioannis Chatziveroglou 2018 6’6 Penteli Basketball Club Athens
487 Brad McCabe 2019 6’5 Manasquan Manasquan
59 Daniel Malinowski 2018 6’9 Paul VI Fairfax
191 Danny Frauenheim 2018 5’10 Point Pleasant Beach Point Pleasant Beach
125 Romey Talley 2018 6’2 Plainfield Plainfield
269 MyKayle Carter 2018 6’6 Piper Lauderhill
498 Marc Dadika 2018 6’7 St Mary’s Rutherford
279 Chris Ford 2018 6’6 LC Bird Chester Field
227 Calvin Whipple 2018 6’4 Northfield Mount Mount Hermon



# Name Grade Height School City
233 Alfonso Pickens 2020 5’10 Cathedral Prep Erie
210 Eric Jackson 2020 5’6 Parkwood Monroe
204 James Thompson 2020 5’11 Christian Brothers Albany
236 Kadin McClurg 2020 6’2 University Morgantown
217 Amiri Atkins 2021 6’2 Bishop Eustace Pennsauken
202 Kendural Jolly 2020 5’9 Putnam City North Oklahoma City
193 Jacob Walsh 2020 5’10 St Peter’s Prep Jersey City
223 Kaden Metheny 2020 5’10 University Morgantown
186 Qentin Santillan 2020 6’1 Cathedral Prep Erie
177 Nathaniel Smith 2020 6’3 Hillsboro Hillsboro
306 Oliver Ruatti 2021 6’3 Italy Italy



# Name Grade Height School City
241 Josh Jahnz 2020 5’7 Lincoln Lincoln
301 Matteo Caneva 2020 6’0 Italy Italy
227 Davis Beischer 2020 6’2 Durham Academy Durham
246 Jack Rovillard 2020 6’2 Atlantic City Atlantic City
307 Ismail Taylor-Kamara 2020 6’4 West Orange West Orange
173 Carmine Castiello 2020 5’10 Iona Prep New Rochelle
182 Jordon Walker 2020 5’8 Kingswood Oxford West Hartford
304 Lorenzo Segala 2021 6’1 Italy Italy
303 Pierto Munari 2020 6’1 Italy Italy
218 John Stone 2020 6’4 Bishop Eustace Prep Pennsauken
207 William Fredrick 2021 6’2 Great Valley Malvern


Patriot Team 1

# Name Grade Height School City
360 Manny Clark 2019 5’8 Pottsgrove Pottstown
446 Bo Furey-Bastian 2019 6’3 Unionville Kennett Square
453 Judah McIntyre 2019 5’11 Dwight Englewood Englewood
624 Angelo Santiago 2020 6’5 Rectory Pomfret
599 Brandon Roughley 2020 6’8 Salisbury Salisbury
433 John Duane 2019 5’11 Cupertino Cupertino
479 Asa Shannon 2019 6’4 Episcopal Alexandria
489 Andrew Jackson 2019 6’4 Unadilla Valley New Berlin
349 Ryan McKeon 2019 6’6 Sanford Hockessin
409 Daniel Woods 2019 6’6 Trinity Christian Morgantown
372 Vernon Johnson 2019 5’10 St Peters Prep Jersey City


Patriot Team 2

# Name Grade Height School City
481 Armon Harried 2019 6’3 Reach Partnership Baltimore
357 Tahjamere Bradford 2019 6’2 Bishop Grimes East Syracuse
472 Jamahl Humbert 2019 6’4 McKee Tech Staten Island
319 Johnny Bultema 2019 6’7 Indian Hill Cincinnati
309 Jay Atkins 2019 6’7 Cortland Cortland
421 Devan Sharma 2019 5’8 Don Bosco Prep Ramsey
335 Daniel Kalimian 2019 6’2 Holy Trinity Hicksville
373 Ryhlee Matthews 2019 5’11 Sussex Central Georgetown
398 Robert Booker, II 2019 6’4 Takoma Takoma Park
414 James Jordan 2019 6’0 Warren Hills Washington
384 Christian Reames 2019 6’0 Bealeton Bealeton


2017 Summer Jam Fest Media


Live Blog Daily Recap Champions



Live Blog

Sunday | July 23rd

4:12 PM

4:06 PM


4:06 PM

Middlesex Magic with the ball under the basket. Having trouble getting it into play and SBA intercepts a pass to Shaughnessy in the corner.

4:05 PM

SBA Elite makes a nice move under the basket and finishes to put them up 1 with seconds to play

4:05 PM

Middlesex Magic playing keep away drained 30 + seconds off the clock. Still lead by 1 in the championship game of the 17u Platinum Division.

4:04 PM

William Yarbrough with a big 15 footer from the right elbow to pull SBA Elite within 1 (46-45) with 1 minute to go in the game

3:58 PM

Mark Natiello is having himself a GAME for SBA Elite. One of the main reasons SBA has been about to stay in it trailing by 3 with 2.22 to play

3:54 PM

On Court 1, Bryce Daley with a beautiful finger roll finish over a defender plus the foul, pushes Middlesex Magic lead to 4 with 4.47 to go in the game

3:51 PM

Black Bear North and DapzKK battling hard, Jacob Godfrey #8 with a nice reverse layup over the arms of a defender. Tied game with 10.00 left on the clock

3:34 PM 

Natiello with ANOTHER basket from three point land putting SBA Elite up 26-22 at the half

3:30 PM

Mark  Natiello hits a three to put SBA Elite up 22-20 with 2.50 left to play in the first half

3:24 PM

Mark Natiello (#25) for SBA Elite is really putting his team on his back and goes on a 6 point streak himself

3:16 PM

SBA Elite is competing with presumably the best team in the bracket. Score 11-15

3:15 PM

Game underway for the 17U Platinum between Middlesex Magic and SBA Elite , already an intense game displaying each teams strengths

3:01 PM

2:47 PM

David Duda with a 3 to answer Oh NOVA #15 Rodericks

1:27 PM

12:35 PM

On Court 3, Maryland Elite is lead Franklin Force by with 12:30 to go in the game. Sean Yoder with a big 3 in the coner to push the lead to 4 points. East Coast Power leading 42 -38

2:31 PM

David Duda with a 3 at the buzzer to end the first half putting his team within 1. Duda has been strong from the perimeter all weekend.

2:25 PM

East Coast Power getting Multiple opportunities to score

2:25 PM

With 3 mins remaining in the first half, Oh NOVA leads East Coast Power 30-24

2:15 PM

East Coast Power looks to rely on their hot perimeter shooting in lefty #2 David Duda and strong combo guard #5

2:03 PM

East Coast Power and Oh NOVA about to play on court 1. both teams look evenly matched u

1:58 PM

DAP2kk trying to seal the deal on the free throw line with 27 seconds remaining in the game. Leads 71-66

1:58 PM

DAP2kk trying to seal the deal on the free throw line with 27 seconds remaining in the game. Leads 71-66

1:50 PM

BBN trying to run sometime off the clock and escape the defensive pressure

1:40 PM

BBN Elite leads House of Hoops by 5 pts with a little more than two mins to go

12:52 PM


THOMAS SHAUGHNESSY SPINS OFF A PICK FOR THREE TO END THE GAME!! Middlesex Magic advances to the finals against SBA

12:45 PM

Adam Freese down with 21 seconds to go after some contact under the basket

12:42 PM

Antonio Rizzuto with a TOUGH finish plus the foul. Knocks down a free-throw to make it a tied game 72 all

12:39 PM

Middlesex Magic leads by 2 points with 3 mins remaining

12:30 PM

Back to Back 3’s by Melik Martin and Adam Freese bring York Ballers back within a 4 point game with 6.56 to play. Environment feels more like a final game with people crowding the court.

12:16 PM

At halftime on court 1, Middlesex Magic leads York Ballers 41-36 Antonio Rizzuto and Tyler Shaughnessy trading baskets back and forth

12:11 PM

12:05 PM

SBA Elite vs Crown is an 11 point game with 10 remaining. Crown trying to handle the speed of Alex Schachne and company.

11:43 AM

East Coast Power Basketball wins 73-59 here on Court 1!

11:34 AM

60-53 ECPB with 2 minutes left on the clock.

11:28 AM

6th Man Warriors are battling back here on Court 1! Down 5 with under 6 remaining!

11:18 PM


11:02 AM

East Coast Power is ahead 36-27 at the halfway point. 6th man continues to try to battle back with the perimeter shot, but can’t answer the ECPB counter attack. More exciting basketball coming your way!

10:43 AM

6th Man Warriors vs East Coast Power Basketball here on Court 1. East Coast Power is up 7 with under 5 in the 1st half.

10:18 AM 

Antonio Rizzuto is at it again. Lockup up his defender on the drive and taking it to the rack on the fast break. Rizzuto is bigtime here folks.

 10:00 AM

New Heights loses to Crown Athletics 85-66 here on Court 3. THIS.IS.SUMMER JAM.

9:45 AM

Bridge City Ballers vs York Ballers on Court 1 is a nail bitter early. York Ballers up 10 with under 3 minutes remaining!

9:25 AM

Good Morning PA! Today is championship Sunday. Make sure you get to the Spooky Nook Sports Complex ASAP to catch the last set of our summer Jam games!

9:06 AM

Saturday, July 22nd

10:40 PM


9:00 PM

SBA Elite vs NJ ShoreShots in a battle of the tri-state powerhouses. Catch it live on  Court 1!

8:45 PM

New Heights win by 30 in a game that seemed so much closer. Moses and company move on to the next round as no team has been able to stop the big man.

8:35 PM

Castle Athletics  win in high fashion! 61-50 is he final in a thriller on court 5.

8:15 PM

Castle Athletics the 5 point lead with a little under 7 remaining. Shoreshots keeping it close here on Court 5

7:55 PM

Moses Brown and Precious Achiuwa are getting ready to play against SJ Hoops Elite here on Court 1. Big crowd for the #1 big in the country.

7:28 PM

Robert Beran #5 of Team Richmond Garner Road is a tall and long big who is not afraid to get down in the pain, draw contact and uses his wingspan to get tips. Do not sit on him behind the arc, he can pull up and hit the three. Only 2019 on the roster.

6:59 PM

Low scoring but tight game between Team Richmond Garner Road 17 Elite and NY Jayhawks 17 – 11 with 3.14 to play in the first

6:50 PM

Sam Many (#32), top scorer of the 5:20 pm game set with 37 pts for Global Squad

6:40 PM

2019 NY Jayhawks big man#31 Chrisopher Ledlum doing some dirty work. Crashing the boards and getting rewarded with strong rebounds.

6:19 PM

Melik Martin finishes with 18 points in its victory over NJ Roadrunners


6:03 PM

Global Squad Denmark has shown they belong here with the big dogs.  The European squad has been hitting mid range jumpers very efficiently today.

5:34 PM

Castle vs the 6th man warriors on court 19. Malachi de Sousa looking to continue his dominate play against a gritty program. Get there ASAP!

5:00 PM

Brad Bundscuh of SBA Elite has shown he’s able to bang downlow against  tough competition.

4:30 PM

NY Gauchos and Team Silk are underway here on Court 2. Emmanuel Umoffia has the footwork downlow but can he show he can stretch the floor? Find out next here at Summer Jam!

4:05 PM

4:05 PM

SBA Elite vs NY Lightning here on Court 1. Huge matchup with numerous college players coming up soon.

3:20 PM

Hoyas and New Heights drawing a crowd to court 1!

3:12 PM

Hoyas vs New Heights on Court 1. Bigtime matchup here halfway through Day 1.

2:52 PM

Noah Kamba has done a phenomenal job breaking the press today.

2:38 PM


2:02 PM

Malok Majak is a very interesting prospect here. At 6-7, the class of 2020 SF has been dominate today. With already two dunks in this game alone, Majak is looking to follow his brothers footsteps and pickup some big time offers this weekend.

1:37 PM

Aaron Gao of the NJ Roadrunners was the floor general today as his confidence was strong. Gao is a Sneaky passer with the ability to score on the perimeter and slash to the basket.

1:20 PM


Malachi De Sousa highlights! #SummerJam #BeElite

1:11 PM

This is the Rizzuto show here on Court 1.. The perimeter sniper has been elite today. The York Ballers have been put on the Division 1 Map here at Summer Jam.


Global squad Denmark and The York Ballees are getting ready to start up here on Court 1.

11:50 AM

Rens vs PK Flash 17u is a great game going into the half . Rens  are up 26-25 on Court 1.

11:20 AM 

Virginia Blaze pull away and win by 9 in a late offensive run. Up next we have Team Attack vs Team Rebel! Stay Tuned!

11:07 AM

David Duda of The  East Coast Power has been automatic from deep. Duda isn’t afraid to let it fly and has shown that here late.

11:04 AM

Jermaine Hall has 23 here as the Crusaders trail by 1 with under 5 remaining.

10:51 AM

Tight game here at Court 11. 39-37 Virginia Blaze with 9 minutes remaining.

10:33 AM

Jarvis Vaughan of The Virginia Blaze has a couple of dunks here early.

10:19 AM

Big man Brendan Medley Bacon has  a very soft touch down low with deceiving footwork. He’s leading Crusader  nation to a 13-11 lead here early.

9:56 AM

Crusader Nation vs Virginia Blaze here on Court 11.

9:33 AM

Good Morning East Hempfield! It’s our first full day of basketball today and we are looking forward to it! Get to the Spooky Nook Sports Complex ASAP!

Friday | July 21st

10:30 PM

That concludes Day 1 of Summer Jam! Very fun day ahead of us tomrorow so stay tuned!

10:12 PM

Second Half of play here as New Heights leads 28-21. Big half ahead of us here at an already exciting Day 1 of Summer Jam.

9:55 PM

New Heights is on a 15-0 run here. Wrightway Skills are trying to figure out the solution to stopping Moses Brown.

9:47 PM

The atmosphere on Court 1 is electric here. Wrightway skills has been off to a great start of this game.

9:30 PM

9:28 PM

New York’s best duo Precious Achiuwa and Moses Brown are tipping off here on Court 1.

9:06 PM

Antonio Rizzuto scores an Incredible 22 in a win over Castle #SummerJam

9:00 PM

Ronnie Silva has been a 3 point sniper here on Court 1.

8:51 PM

Femi Odukale Jr has been relentless on the drive to the rack. The 6-6  forward isn’t afraid to absorb contact and finish over larger defenders.

8:23 PM

NY Rens G Bryce Wells with a two handed jam to ignite the 11-2 run against The D.C. Blue Devils NH.

8:07 PM

Global Squad China is making a run here on Court 11 as they cut the DTP Elite lead to 7 with a minute to go in 2nd half.

7:52 PM

Middlesex Magic vs NY Jayhawks has had a great start, Magic up 9 in the 2nd half.

7:43 PM
Bryce Daley (#23 Middlesex Magic) has shown his high IQ today, especially in tough situations. The senior has been automatic From midrange here on Day 1.

7:15 PM


Antonio Rizzutto (#0 York Ballers) fresh off Elite Camps is pure shooter who can knock down open and contested 3’s. Handles the ball nicely and is versatile in his play being able to drive, finish or kick the ball out. Nice addition to the backcourt of HGSL’s York Ballers. Finishing on court 1.

6:54 PM

Jordan Preaster (#13 Team Moam) can jump out of the gym crashes the boards and runs the lanes. Has a creative finish to pull it together.

6:50 PM

Lamar Duncan with 26 points for R1 Delaware on court 13. Still time to play.

6:49 PM

6:36 PM

3 point games with 13 mins left to play in the match up between Richmond Garner Road and NY Jayhawks on court 1.

6:32 PM

Brandon McGlynn (York Ballers #4) quick skilled point who plays bigger than his size and can shoot the 3. Plays solid defense and reads passing lanes.

6:20 PM 

Over 50 college coaches already checked in for the weekend including St Joes, Army West Point and Hartford

6:04 PM

Toks Bakare of NJ Roadrunners for 26 points over Bridge City basketball.

5:44 PM

Moses Brown confirmed with  for Summer Jam Fest this weekend!

5:22 PM

4:50 PM

First tip of 2017 Summer Jam Fest Showcase ! Loaded set of game sets tonight and continuing throughout the weekend. Catch up on updates here!


Daily Recap

Day 2

Over 200 college colleges and 15 media outlets packed the gym today for the second day of Summer Jam Fest. The much anticipated schedule did not disappoint as top programs like New Heights, NY Rens, Team St8ment, Middlesex Magic, York Ballers and Jayhawks battled head to head.

Saturday had an exciting start with a SJ Blitz and ICC Truth match up ending in a buzzer beater by SJ Blitz’s Samuel Adejumo (#15). Both teams battled the entire game, but SJ Blitz was able to finish off a quick ball in and finish off the glass.

The energy continued throughout the day into a NY Rens and PK Flash match up. PK Flash’s quick offense helped give them an edge on a loaded Rens team. Ultimately, the Ren’s size and physical defense wore PK Flash down and ended in a 12 point victory after a string of Rens foul shots.

One of the last games of the night [7:45pm] between New Heights NYC and South Jersey Elite started off on the slow side but picked up as the time went on. This match up featured a couple of the nation’s top recruit in 7’0 Moses Brown (2018) and 6’9” Precious Achiuwa (2019) and they showed why they are both respectively in the top of their class. New Heights was finding a hard time finishing what would usually be easy layups in the first half — credit to the hard nosed defense played by SJ Elite. Brown had an impressive game continuously using his long size to finish at the rim and to post up the smaller players. The Deveney brothers (Dylan and Connor) were helping their team stay in the game by lighting it up from behind the arc. They were a bright spot for SJ Elite and seem to play well against a bigger team like New Heights. Heading into the second half, the game was still in arms reach with New Heights only holding a 38-30 lead. After an fastbreak Achiuwa dunk the momentum shifted towards New Heights and they never looked back from that. Couple of solid players in Rob Higgins and Omar Silverio, both complete this already stacked team with their abilities to handle the ball and create open shots for themselves off the dribble. Higgins is a dynamic point guard who is hard nosed on the defensive end and is a true playmaker on the offensive side. Silverio can stroke the trey ball nicely and also blow by multiple defenders for a easy two — very athletic and talented. New Heights ended up beating SJ Elite 75-44 but don’t let the score fool you because it felt closer than what it looked.

Day 2 | Player Standouts

#5 New Heights | Precious Achiuwa

Precious Achiuwa is arguably the most well rounded and volume scorer at Summer Jam. Ranked in the Top 25 on every website in the country, Precious’ ranking is without a doubt deserving. The 6-7 Small Forward from St Benedicts slashes to the basket better than anyone and his ability to draw the defensive double team is something unmatched. Holding offers from High major programs around the country, Precious’ has showed he’s ready for the next level.

#2 Shoreshots | Daniel Sofield

The 6’5 shooting guards height is a huge help to his game. Having the ability to “bully” the smaller defender is a trait he abuses on a regular basis. A very underrated rebounder at the 3 position, Sofield crashes the boards like a Power forward.  He has been absolutely brilliant here this past weekend and is looking to continue his success this summer.


#7 Castle Athletics | Malachi De Sousa

6-5 and dangerous, the small forward carries the ball up the court like a guard does. The Castle Athletics savage is a very underrated perimeter threat as he’s hit 2-3 threes per game. De Sousa’s stock has risen dramatically due to Hoop Group events and expect it to rise even more throughout the year at the Power House School South Kent.

#0  New Heights | Omar Silverio 

Game started off slow and Silverio did a great job picking up the offensive slack for his team by getting some easy fast break lay ups and staying in the passing lanes. Hit a couple of 3’s from deep and definitely has a nice shooting touch. Teammates look for him a lot which says a good amount about the type of player you are. Overall a dynamic combo guard with a lot of upside and a load of talent

#23 Wrightway Skills HGSL | Nate Hobbs 

Aside from being an extremely athletic player and a long hang time, he has the ability to score from anywhere on the floor and can be a nightmare match up for some teams. Had a poster dunk over a 7 footer yesterday and followed it up today with an emphatic one handed fast break jam. Creates space for himself and sees the court very well.

#0 York Ballers | Antonio Rizzuto 

Just a solid, solid, player. Started the day off right where he left off yesterday – HOT. Had a tremendous game today handling the ball pressure with ease, penetrating and kicking, shooting with confidence behind the arch, creating his own shot off the dribble/off screens. Tough kid who isn’t afraid to put his body on the line, guards hard and takes charges.

#24 Philly Hurricanes | Yazis Powell

½ of the dynamic backcourt for the Hurricanes, fast in-your-face type of player, not afraid to defend hard and dive for the hustle plays. He let it go from the outside a few times but also quickly blew by defenders finishing for high flying dunks/finishes at the rim. Has quick hands which leads to steals and uncontested fast breaks. Also an unselfish player that makes the extra, but CORRECT pass.


Day 1|  Player Standouts

#14 Middlesex Magic | Benjamin McPhierron

Pure shooter, started off the game off hot and hit a couple of long range 3’s – NBA range. Solid, under control, guard that has the ability to handle the ball and defend the ball. Provides good spacing on the floor which leads to efficient ball movement and scoring.

#24 D.C. Blue Devils  | Kevin Fernandez

Very tough player who is undersized but doesn’t let that affect him much. Has great body control and hang with the other players on the court. Hustles for every ball, takes care of each possession and plays hard defense. Capable of scoring off screens, has a good pull up and perimeter game.

#2 New Heights | Robert Higgins

Heck of a defender – guarded the other team’s best ball handler all game – hard nosed and gritty player. Quickest feet and hands I’ve seen on a player all day. Not afraid to get into the paint and draw contact and/or kick out. Shown a little bit of his perimeter game as well but overall definitely held his own out there.

#32 Wrightway Skills |  Charles Coleman

The Umass 7 footer was nothing short of a standout here at The Hoop Group Summer Jam. A big with high major offers, he was able to stretch the floor and score from the perimeter on numerous occasions. Look for him to have a huge weekend here as bigs are unable to guard his long range shot.

#3 DC Blue Devils | Ronnie Silva

The gritty NH guard put on a show today against The New York Rens. While only 5-9, he’s ability to drive in the lane and score in contact is something you don’t see from someone of his size. Silva’s killer crossover puts the defender on skates and is a walking highlight reel. With only 1 Division 2 offer, Silva is looking to get his name out on a national level.

#0 York Ballers  | Antonio Rizzuto

Rizzuto is an absolute bucket. The York Baller scored 22 with a win today against the tough Castle Athletics team. Standing at 6-3, he’s able to use his size to get around defenders and score in traffic. That in addition to a very reliable 3 point shot are his claims to fame. Holding numerous division 1 offers, Rizzuto is definitely a player to keep an eye on this week.

2017 Elite Session 2 Media


Awards Live Blog All Stars Roster


NBA West Division

NBA East

NCAA Awards

Team Awards

Live Blog

Friday June 21st

1:45 PM

Team White wins in High Fashion

93-61! So long here from Albright College, follow us this weekend for our Summer Jam Tournament in Spooky Nook!

1:35 PM

Idan Tretout is a very exciting player as he has 15 here in the Top 20 game

1:02 PM

Top 20 game is tipping off here in 5 minutes! Get to the gym.

12:44 PM

The Award Ceremony went very well! Now its time to kick off the All-star Games!

12:17 PM

Team 14 wins in a THRILLER 58-55 here on Championship Friday. Andy Stark rallied the troops late to mount a double digit comeback victory in one of our more exciting games this summer!

12:11 PM

Team 14 is ahead 56 to 55 here with under 2 minutes remaining! This is a nail biter for a championship game!

12:00 PM

Jerod Haase is in the building here to watch the rest of the games today.

11:55 AM

Fahmir Ali with a solid 20 points here as Team 14 takes the 4 point lead going into the 4 quarter.

11:40 AM

Team 14 is coming! they cut the double digit deficit to just a 4 point one here with a little under 2 minutes left in the 2nd.

11:28 AM

Team 10 is ahead right now 20-12 at the end of the first. Samba Diallo and company are looking to come back here in the most important game of the week.

11:18 AM

Championship is here! Team 10 vs Team 14 is are battling it out here on the big court.

10:57 AM

Dima Zdor has really soft touch in the paint for a big. The Florida big man has shown hes able to bang with the best here this week.

10:28 AM

Team 14 wins again! Samba Diallo comes up clutch in the 55-50 win here on Court 1.

9:58 AM

Che Evans with the shifty move to the rack for the finish through contact. That’s a senior move for a Sophomore player.

9:30 AM

Che Evans is getting ready to play here on Court 1. The Baltimore Guard has caught the eye of many Division 1 programs here this week.

9:08 AM

Betlow and compnay prevail here on Championship Friday!

8:33 AM

Mann vs Betlow. Court 2. Match up of the day going on NOW.

8:28 AM

Good morning Ladies and Gentleman, Today is Championship Friday! Get to the gym for some elite hoops now.

Thursday June 20th

7:38 PM

Joel Ntambwe is playing out of his mind here this week. The big man has had a  great footwork and soft touch down low

6:50 PM

Chareef Knox with the put back SLAM here on Rec 2. The We R 1 Forwards stock has risen dramatically here this week.

6:22 PM

Mike Rice of Team Rio National is here giving insight to players on Court 2. Valuable skills from a very decorated coach.

5:55 PM

Chris Mann has a quick 3 consecutive buckets here on Rec 2. Army West Point is in attendance to watch the wing play.

5:31 PM

Musa Jeng is out here handling the ball like a guard as a 6’8 forward.

4:50 PM

Chris Archidiacono showing signs of his brother former Villanova Guard Ryan Archidiacono here on Rec 2.

4:15 PM

Samba Diallo is scary good. Catch him and the dominate Team 14 on Rec 3 now!

3:45 PM

Che Evans is getting ready to tip off here on Court 1. High Major Guard has showed out here this week.

2:48 PM

Betlow with the deep three here on Court 1. The Montverde Guard has shown his range here at Elite 2.

2:15 PM

Afternoon session is underway here at Albright College! Stay tuned for our last full day of Elite hoops this week at our Elite 2 camp!

1:25 PM

All of the players are packed into the gym to listen to Coach Austin Kelley and other various coaches answer questions they have on the recruiting process.

9:55 PM

Ntambwe and Kelly vs Iglehon and company here on Rec 3. The battle of the best bigs here at camp is a MUST see.

9:28 PM

Jake Betlow with the shake and bake move and the three. Montverde guard is showing he can hit from deep here on court 1.

8:45 PM

Jake Forrester is putting on a dunk contest here late on Court 3. The big  man is throwing down with FORCE.

7:55 PM

Khalil Battle vs Jake Forrester and company. Get to the Bollman 3 ASAP.

7:33 PM

Get to the gym ASAP as Team 1 is getting ready to play here on Court 3.

6:54 PM

Thomas Bernard is a very pesky defender. The guard from Orlando is communicating very well here on Rec 1.

6:20 PM

Night session of an already super exciting day is about to start up!

5:36 PM


5:15 PM

Chris Mann with a quick dunk and a 3 here on Court 3. The wing is trying to get his name out here at Elite 2.

4:45 PM

Upstairs is CIRCUS, we have numerous High major programs here in attendance for this exciting match up. Schools such as Pittsburgh, Yale, and Seton Hall are here to watch it all play out!

4:00 PM 

To start off the live period we have an exciting match up between Jeng and Mann vs Forrester and company! Get to Rec 3 to get a seat!

3:25 PM

Torrey Thomas of York Catholic with the strong move to the basket for the finger roll.

2:38 PM 

The afternoon session of games is underway, and the live period is coming up! get to the gym ASAP.

1:55 PM

The middle of the day drill session is about to start up, coaches are instructing players on making the right entry pass into the block, a very important skill that most players have not mastered yet.

1:28 PM

The live period begins at 5 PM today so be prepared for coaches to be coming in packs to the gym!

12:45 PM

Ntambwe to the rack for the And-1! The big man shows he can be versatile by taking the ball up the court like a guard.

12:12 PM

Joel Ntambwe and Isaiah Kelly. BIG TIME front court duo here on Court 1. Both players have high major offers and a lot of talent so make your way to the gym NOW!

11:48 AM

Justin Steers with the Alley oop slam from Phillip Lyttle!

11:28 AM

Jermaine Couisnard of Montverde has himself with a couple of threes early here on Court 1. Hes a player that needs to be monitored throughout the week as he could blow up at any time.

10:48 AM

Court 3 is featuring a nice match up between Guard Tyree Pickron and  Seth  big man Seth Pinkney and company. Great way to start off the day!

10:05 AM

Good Morning! Today’s games are the start of the most competitive week this summer so get to the gym ASAP!

Wednesday June 19th

8:35 PM

That will conclude the last set of scrimmages! Tomorrow is a big day as the live period is beginning and teams will be announced so get ready !

8:09 PM

Jahbril Price-Noel might be this camps best kept secret. The 6’7 forward has been nothing short of excellent here on Day 1.

7:41 PM

The last set of scrimmages is getting ready to go underway here

7:00 PM

Izaiah Brockington is an UNDERRATED high flyer here at camp. With only 3 offers from mid major programs, Brockington is looking to put his name on the map this week.

6:23 PM

Evan Gauger is starting to catch fire from mid range here. The 2019 guard from Indiana is GRITTY.

5:44 PM

Little dunk off action here on court 1. This week is going to be the best one yet!

5:07 PM 

Tyson Etienne with 2 threes and a dunk in 5 possessions here on court 2. The Long Island Guard is heating up.

4:38 PM

Seth Pinkney is throwing down everything right now in scrimmages.

3:52 PM 

Full court scrimmages are getting ready to tip off here!

3:15 PM 

Aidan Iglehon with some big time dunks in warm ups here. Big man from Ireland is BIGTIME.

2:30 PM

Players have started doing warm up stretches and broken off into lay-up drills.

2:29 PM

Good Afternoon here from Albright College. We are here live for our Elite 2 camp and this week is going to be better than ever!


Top 20 Team 1

# Name Grade Height School City
182 Aaron Clarke 2018 6’1 Pope John XXIIII Parsippany
578 Isaiah Kelly 2018 6’7 Pace Atlanta
668 Myles Stute 2020 6’7 Gonzaga College Washington
653 Mezie Offurum 2018 6’6 Georgetown Prep North Bethesda
59 Joel Soriano 2019 6’10 Archbishop Stepinac White Plains
103 Alexander Rice 2019 6’3 Mater Dei Middletown
523 Tyree Pickron 2018 6’1 Archbishop Wood Warminster
559 Samba Diallo 2018 6’7 Pope John Sparta
644 Joel Ntambwe 2018 6’8 Forrest Trail Academy Kernesville
515 Elijah Taylor 2020 6’8 Imhotep Philadelphia


Top 20 Team 2

# Name Grade Height School City
654 Josh Pierre-Louis 2019 6’1 Roselle Catholic Roselle
604 Jake Betlow 2019 6’2 Montverde Montverde
114 Izaiah Brockington 2018 6’4 Woodstock Woodstock
348 Shamarie McLeod 2018 6’6 Shiloh Snellville
49 Seth Pinkney 2018 7’0 Archbishop Wood Warminster
390 Daniel Sackey 2018 5’9 22 Feet Academy Anderson
73 Hassan Diarra 2019 6’2 Holy Cross NYC
466 Idan Tretout 2019 6’4 Wilbraham & Monson Wilbraham
409 Donatas Kupsas 2018 6’8 Long Island Lutheran Brookville
389 Ajiri Johnson 2018 6’8 Monsignor Bonner Drexel Hill


Senior All Star Team 1

# Name Grade Height School City
220 Ja’Quaye James 2018 5’8 Teaneck Teanecck
279 Justin Anderson 2018 6’3 Archbishop Carroll Radnor
168 Myles Thompson 2018 6’5 Camden Camden
589 Nikkei Rutty 2018 6’8 Trinity Pawling School Pawling
109 Joe Jones 2018 6’9 Park Buffalo
520 Sam Sessoms 2018 5’11 Shipley Branmar
602 Josh Cornish 2018 6’1 Dulaney Timonium
385 Allen Betrand 2018 6’3 Roman Catholic Philadelphia
289 William Bounds 2018 6’8 Battlefield Battlefield
249 Josh Alexander 2018 6’8 Iona Prep New Rochelle
609 Justin Steers 2018 6’7 Friends Central Wynnewood


Senior All Star Team 2

# Name Grade Height School City
557 Naquante Hardy 2017 6’4 Miller Grove Lithonia
551 Savion Lewis 2018 5’11 Half Hallow Hills East Dix Hills
325 Marques Watson 2018 6’3 Thomas Jefferson Brooklyn
620 Mohamed Fofana 2018 6’7 Wings Bronx
199 Dima Zdor 2018 6’9 Sagemont Weston
225 Jordan Caruso 2018 6’2 Gould Bethel
599 Elijah Kiah-El 2018 6’7 Martin Luther King High Philadelphia
618 Ike Nweke 2018 6’6 Georgetown Prep North Bethesda
588 Karrington Wallace 2018 6’7 Archbishop Warminster
622 Latravian Glover Jr 2017 6’8 South Miami Miami


Underclassmen All Star Team 1

# Name Grade Height School City
585 Jordan McAllister 2019 6’4 Worcester Academy Worcester
662 Chuck Harris 2020 6’0 Gonzaga Washington
633 Jamil Riggins 2019 6’6 Imhotep Charter Philadelphia
138 Taj Thweatt 2020 6’5 Wildwood Catholic North Wildwood
665 Joshua Gray 2020 6’10 Knox St James
415 Jonas Harper 2019 6’3 St Lukes New Canaan
376 Jonah Charles 2019 6’4 Rutgers Prep Somerset
539 Kimari Williams 2018 6’7 St Andrews Sandy Spring
448 Che Evans 2020 6’6 Dulaney Timonium
666 Franck Kepnang 2021 6’10 MacDuffe Granby
356 Cartier Bowman 2019 6’4 Notre Dame Lawrenceville


Underclassmen All Star Team 2

# Name Grade Height School City
278 Daniel Ogoro 2019 6’6 Mercersburg Mercersburg
664 Niels Lane 2020 6’3 Hun Princeton
661 Zion Bethea 2020 6’3 Immaculate Conception Montclair
89 Marial Mading 2019 6’8 St Maria Goretti Hagerstown
189 Bernard Kouma 2019 6’9 Our Savior Lutheran Bronx
659 Ryan Myers 2020 5’11 Christ the King Middle Village
202 Rob Higgins 2019 5’11 Middletown North Middletown
565 Clarence Nadolny 2019 6’3 Our Savior New Centereach
139 Richard Springs 2020 6’9 Bishop Loughlin Brooklyn
269 Jake Glezen 2018 6’8 Loomis Chaffee Windsor
579 Jevonnie Scott 2019 6’7 Athlete’s Institute Mono


West All Star Team 1

# Name Grade Height School City
20 Mikel Shuler 2018 5’3 Woodland Dorchester
90 Steven Gilbert 2018 6’0 Harrisonburg Harrisonburg
490 Jared Latane 2018 5’10 Haddon Heights Haddon Heights
463 Joseph Hoch 2019 6’1 Archbishop Molloy Archbishop Molloy
346 Dalin Stanford 2018 6’4 Goddard Goddard
561 Josh Cabezudo 2018 6’0 Perth Amboy Perth Amboy
82 Xavier Starks 2018 6’0 Reading Reading
562 Torrey Thomas 2018 6’1 York Catholic York
46 Jermaine Jones 2018 6’3 Charlotte Secondary Charlotte
187 Leandro Vignolo 2019 6’5 LaSalle Parana Parana
31 Chance Farrell-Martin 2019 5’10 Redwood Larkspur
12 Sean Donnellan 2019 6’0 Eastchester Eastchester

West All Star Team 2

# Name Grade Height School City
 261  Dajuan Piper  2019  5’11  The Dwight School  Manhattan
133 Jay Tamakloe 2018 6’1  Gaitherburg  Gaithersburg
373 David Velasco 2018 6’1  Immaculata  Ponferrada
45 Amori Guadeloupe 2018 6’3  Catonsville  Catonsville
67 Federico Claur 2019 6’5  Betania Patmos  Barcelona
629 Ewens Jean-Baptise 2018 5’8  Bedford Academy  Brooklyn
493 Jelani Jackson 2018 6’1  West Orange  West Orange
34 Ryan Rachic 2019 6’2  Huntingtown  Prince Frederick
265 Xavier Grant 2018 6’3  American Heritage  Platation
177 Donovan Russell 2018 6’5  Burrell  Lower Burrell
392 Nicholas Boyd 2019 6’0 Saint Mary’s Rutherford
274 John-Michael Hughes 2018 6’3 IMG Bradenton




NCAA All Star Team 1

# Name Grade Height School City
108 Jalen Reneau 2020 5’10 St Raymond Bronx
277 Primo Spears 2020 6’1 Northwest Catholic West Hartford
103 Brendan Mykalcio 2020 6’3 Don Basco Prep Ramsey
152 Kenneth Hodges 2020 6’5 Indian River Chesapeake
189 Andrew King 2020 6’6 Downingtown East Exton
182 Hassan Perkins 2020 5’11 Sanford School Hockessin
172 Anthony Marshall 2020 6’0 Brooklyn Democracy Brooklyn
278 Zaire Rogers 2020 6’4 Notre Dame Lawrenceville
291 Amir Williams 2020 6’4 Linden Linden
220 Hayden Peek 2020 6’5 Trinity Pawling Pawling


NCAA All Star Team 2

# Name Grade Height School City
297 Malik Edmead 2020 5’7 Deer Park Deer Park
133 Isiah Phillips 2001 5’8 St Paul’s Covington
288 Nick Marshall 2020 6’0 Mount St Joseph Baltimore
279 Josiah Freeman 2020 6’4 Paul VI Fairfax
176 Jamir Watkins 2020 6’6 Trenton Catholic Hamilton
117 Kevon Watt 2020 5’11 Father Henry Carr Etobicoke
124 Jalin Sinclair 2020 5’10 Suffield Suffield
145 Corey Walters 2020 6’0 Hamden Hall Hamden
186 Dave Brown 2021 6’3 St Mary’s Ryken Leonardtown
129 Zayon Marsh 2020 6’6 Columbia Maplewood