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Sunday | Day 2

4:12 PM

Roselle runs down the clock for a 63-52 victory over Lincoln

4:08 PM

Lincoln cuts Roselle Catholics lead in half. Roselle leads by six with 1.24 to play.

3:50 PM

Ranney runs away with it and goes up 20 pts on Imhotep late in the second half with a standout performance by Bryan Antione

 3:45 PM

tied game with second set left between Clifton and concordia prep in the first half

3:31 PM

Roselle goes up one on Lincoln heading into the second half

3:19 PM

Tip by Imhotep to make it 32-35 going into the second half

3:15 PM

Ranney regains the momentum and goes for two unanswered possessions 31-28 with 1.33 in the first

3:12 PM

Imhotep ties it up after three consecutive drives for what looks like another when Imhotep next steals and breaks for a layup but Bryan runs it down for a block from behind

3:06 PM

Ranney goes up three on Imhotep after a steal and two foot finish by Bryan Antione

2:50 PM

Strong performances by Camden’s Lance Ware and Saleem Brown to beat Wildwood 71-70.

2:48 PM

Down 70-69 Brown’s steal and reverse layup with under 10 seconds left helped Camden pull out the one point victory after a missed opportunity with 2 seconds left

2:44 PM

Wildwood knocks down two shots from the free throw to go up 1 with 20 seconds to play

2:39 PM 

Lance Ware on the line for a technical to make it a one point game with 33 seconds to play. Camden 67 – Wildwood 68

2:37 PM

Vianney drives with seconds left of the clock for a clutch finish and extra point from the line to put them up one with 3 seconds to play

2:34 PM

Great game by Lester Quinones from St Benedicts who scored 24 pts in his team’s 64-54 win over Valley Forge

2:18 PM


1:37 PM

Despite the margin reaching double figures, both Westtown/RC kept the intensity at 100 until the game ended. Westtown took the game 75-65. Cam reddish finished with 34 points, while Reid had 25 for RC


Westtown finishes with the 76-65 victory


Westtown tries to run down the clock but it is stripped and put away

1:30 PM

Noah with his second major dunk of the night. 2 to play.

1:27 PM

Westtown goes for a six point run with three unanswered possessions. Up 14 pts with under three mins to play

1:20 PM

Bad hand off by Westtown as Roselle pick up the pressure and returns for an easy lay up

1:15 PM

Playing like number 1  against Roselle Catholic. Already has 17 in the first half


1:04 PM

Energy from this Westtown/Roselle catholic game is off the charts. Fans talking trash, players talking back. Westtown leads 40-37 at half…cam reddish has 19 pts

12:50 PM

Both teams putting on a show as Naz Reid answers Noah Collier’s alley’oop with a monsterous dunk

12:47 PM

Roselle Catholic’s Naz Reid with a drive down the middle and strong finish at the rim for the basket  and foul

12:40 PM

Cam Reddish answers a fade away mid range jumper by Roselle with a walk up three. A lot needs chatter on floor

12:30 PM

One of the most anticipated match ups of the weekend  tipping off NOW

12:20 PM

Shawnee holds off Kiski 63-60. Dylan Deveney was definitely the player of the game…score keeper didn’t count his points but I’m guessing he had around 20 and 10 rebounds

12:15 PM

Kiski collects the rebound and goes down Fir an easy two. They trail by one without 18 seconds left

12:11 PM

Another clutch finish from Bergan Catholics Doug Edert as his team defeats St Benedicts 59-51. Edert finished with 20 points (4 three pointers) and knocked down the clutch free throws to seal the game

12:14 PM

Shawnee running down the clock to hold on to three point lead with less than one min to play

12:07 PM

11:47 AM

Another fantastic game for Shawnee’s Dylan Deveney who scored 20 pts in his team’s floss to Bergan Catholic….his team is up 39-37 against Kiski and hes controlling the boards/been the primary scorer for Shawnee

11:01 AM

Westtown finished a game, much closer than the score, 72 – 51 over VF. Top scorers include Cam Reddish who added 17 points in the second half (24 total) and Aaron Lewis who finished with 31 points

10:59 PM

10:41 AM

Westtown Valley Forge game picking up some heat entering the second half. Westtown now leads by 13 with ten mins to play.

10:29 AM

Forrester’s (with 14 pts at the half) dunk has changed the entire momentum of this game and after being tied with mins left in the first half, Westtown enters the second half up 8 pts.

10:26 AM

Jake Forrester from Westtown just there down the best dunk of the weekend!! Right Handed flush on the fast break and stare down


10:01 AM

Awesome back and forth game between Shawnee and Bergan Catholic. BC pulled out a 72-66 victory. Doug Edert was UNSTOPPABLE with an impressive 41 points in his first game at #HGShowcase.

9:00 AM

Second day of #HGShowcase tipping off with a promising line up. Teams including Imohtep and Bergen Catholic adding to the mix of an exciting first day yesterday.

Saturday | Day 1

9:11 PM

17 points and the game winning layup by Paul Mulcahy as Gill St Bernard defeats west town 77-75

8:57 PM

Soucie with the tip to Paul Mulcahy under the basket and HUGE buzzer beater finish!

8:46 PM 

Soucie with three from the line for Gills to make it 75-75 with 5 seconds on the clock

8:40 PM

With two impact defensive stops, Westtown now LEADS Gills by four.

8:38 PM

Cam Reddish with a walk up three. Westtown trails by 2 with 3.40 to play

8:19 PM

Randolph’s Pat Kelly finishes with some contact making it 49-43 with 1.30 left on the clock


Vianney with a reverse layup to put them up 1

8:15 PM

Vianney picking up momentum as Randolph leads by 2 with 4.19 to play.

8:04 PM

McQuaid showing great resolve! Trailed 14-2 to start the game, they now trail only 5 (34-29) at the half

7:54 PM


7:47 PM

HOT start for Newark Eastside who hold a 10-0 lead over McQuaid in the game’s first 3 minutes

7:37 PM

Sean Conoway with a finger roll to secure PHD Basketballs victory over Juice All stars

7:33 PM

Travis Young on the line for Juice All Stars as they trail by 5 with under a min to play

7:30 PM

Led by 11 second half points from Neikko Graves, the gritty Seward Park defeats East Orange 54-42

7:08 PM

Following their first blowout win, Ridge is again up big 31-18 against New York’s Upper Room Christian

7:00 PM

Juice all stars and PHD are locked at 24 apiece at the half. PHD’s Sean Conway leads all scorers with 11

6:30 PM

Ranney pulls out a late victory and finishes 73-68 over South Shore

6:25 PM

Offensive foul on South Shore’s drive. Now three unanswered possessions letting Ranney take the lead, 71-68 with 18 seconds on the clock


Amadur Sarnor with a steal goes to the line and kickstart both down to tie it up with a little less than two to play


Bryan on the line for Ranney with two mins to play, down by 3

6:14 PM

Ranney’s Scottie Lewis and Bryan Antoine coming up big on back to back plays closing South Shores lead to 2 points with 5mins to play.

6:10 PM

Tied at 59 with 17 seconds on the clock, pleasantsville’s Devine Anderson drives to the hoop for a buzzer beating layup to defeat Randolph

6:03 PM

St Mary’s Elizabeth defeats WrightWay 64-41

5:55 PM

St Mary Elizabeth’s lead over WrightWay has grown to 22 with only minutes left in the game. Dribble penetration and aggressive full court defense have been key for St Mary’s

5:52 PM

After being separated for no more than 3 points the entire second half, pleasantville’s mini run has them leading by 6 (53-47) with seven minutes left in the game

5:45 PM

After winning their first two games of the day, WrightWay Skills is in a tough battle with St Mary’s Elizabeth as they trail 37-30 at the beginning of the second half

5:32 PM

5:20 PM

St Mary’s leads Wright Way 25-14 with 4 mins to play in the first half.

4:45 PM

On the opposite end of the gym, McQuaid is building on a blowout of their own; beating East Orange 57-29 with 12 minutes left in the game


Ridge continues to floor the gas pedal as their lead balloons to 30 just minutes into the second half

4:34 PM


Ridge continuing their onslaught as they now lead 31-6

4:29 PM

Only twelve minutes into the first half, and Ridge has solidified a commanding 28-6 lead against St John Vianney

4:08 PM

6’8 Peter Sober scored a hard earned 20 points to guide Gill St Bernard to a grind it out 70-66 victory over the Patrick School

3:48 PM

Camden’s second half comeback isn’t enough as they fall 47-46 to Teaneck

3:43 PM

16 second half points from Kareem May helps South Shore hold off Shawnee 68-61

3:37 PM

Game between Patrick School and Gil St Bernard is becoming one of the best of the afternoon. Tied at 48 with 11 min left. Both teams working for every basket

3:26 PM

After trailing by 15 in the first half, Lance Ware’s one handed flush gives Camden a 31-30 lead over Teaneck

3:18 PM

Mr Do Everything Georgi Bezhanishvili is forcing the issue on both ends of the floor as the Patrick School leads Gil St Bernard 28-21 with 6:30 left in the first half

3:09 PM

Teaneck’s ability to attack the paint has them dominating Camden 27-12 at the end of the first half

2:40 PM

2:30 PM

After trailing by 23 points, Bethlehem Preps shutdown full court press has them back within 9 (72-63) with 3 minutes left

2:25 PM

Hard fouls, tough screens and poster dunks have been the storyline in the Wildwood vs Patrick School game. Score tied at 41 with 11:30 remaining in the second half



2:00 PM

1:54 PM

WrightWay is playing flawlessly as they lead Bethlehem Prep 30-10 with 7 minutes left in the first half

1:50 PM

Bethlehem Catholic–Young Brothers.   2019 6’8 Kyle  2018 6’10 ryan

1:48 PM

Intriguing matchup between 6’10 bigs Ryan Young (Bethlehem Prep) and Tayler Mattos (WrightWay). Both have high IQ, run the floor and can play inside and out

1:40 PM

A strong overall performance on both ends of the floor from Adam Afifi (15 pts) helps Mater Dai survive 54-49 against Camden

Mater Dei trio leads victory over Camden
2018. 6’8 Adam Afifi
2018 6’1 kyle cardaci
2019 Alex Rice

1:35 PM

After losing their first game at the buzzer, CBA wins a nail biter 73-72 against Our Savior

1:31 PM

Tied at 57 with 3:30 left, Dean Noll (32 points) leads Shawnee on a 13-1 run to win the game 70-59

1:25 PM

6’1 Dean Noll throws down a thunderous And 1 dunk to shift the momentum in favor of Shawnee who leads 65-57 with under 2 minutes remaining

1:19 PM

The back and forth battle between Shawnee and Rutgers Prep continues! Game tied at 57 with 3:30 remaining

1:17 PM

HEATED matchup between Camden’s Lance Ware and Mater Dai’s Adam Afifi. Game tied at 40 with 6:30 left

1:15 PM

12:57 PM

Neck and neck game between Shawnee and Rutgers Prep. Rutgers leads 34-32 at half behind 10 points from Trey Patterson

12:50 PM

After a tough loss to Pennsbury, CBA has bounced back with a strong 42-31 first half lead against Our Savior

12:41 PM

12:31 PM

Camden Twin Towers 2020 6’9 Lance Ware and 2019 Osuto getting ready to face Mater Dei @12:30


12:28 PM

Dunks, Blocked shots and behind the back passes – Gorgi Bezhanishvili was everywhere in the Patrick Schools 75-72 win over South Shore

12:23 PM

12:18 PM

WrightWay Skills cruises to a 61-48 victory behind 21 points (5 three pointers) from 6’2 Ghared Boyce

12:05 PM

Wildwood Catholic’s Caleb Fields scores 28 points to help give his team a 77-67 victory over Reading

12:04 PM

After trailing 35-34 at half, Patrick School starts the second half on an 8-0 run to take a 7 point lead

11:40 AM

Inside outside combination of Tayler Mattos & Nkosi Cooper (26 pts combined) gives Wrightway a 36-28 lead at halftime

11:20 AM

11:17 AM

A dominant second half shooting performance triggered by Jonah Charles’ 14 points gives Rutgers Prep a 82-55 win over Mater Dai

11:10 AM


11:00 AM

Patrick School defeats Bethlehem Prep 60-49 led by Vasquez (24 pts) and Majak (16 pts)

10:50 AM


A 19-7 spurt to open up the second half has given the Patrick School a 42-32 lead with 9:30 left

10:30 AM

A gritty, defensive minded game going on between Bethlehem Prep and Patrick School. BP leads 25-23 at half led by Northwestern commit Ryan Young

10:12 AM

Colin Connor (24 points) races down court and banks in a game winning three to give Pennsbury a 69-66 win over CBA

10:11 AM

Pennsbury and CBA tied at 66 with only 55 seconds left to play.

9:44 AM

9:00 AM

Some of the top players from the area heading to the gym for Fall High School Showcase. First game set getting ready to tip off

Middletown Sourth        vs       Union City

Neptune                            vs        Reading

CBA                                   vs         Pennsbury

NJ Racers Academy       vs         Wallkill Valley

Video Highlights

Outside Media Coverage

Daily Recap

Sunday | Day 2

Hoop Group’s Fall High School Showcase had some different faces today. Teams including Imhotep, Valley Forge Military Academy and Bergen Catholic brought a new energy to the gym.

Valley Forge Military Academy took no time to warm up and jumped right into a battle with Westtown. VFMA was led by shooting guard Aaron Lewis who recorded 19 of his teams 26 points in the first half. VFMA looked strong against the showcase powerhouse, Westtown, but began to breakdown when Jake Forrester collected the ball in transition and threw down the best dunk of the tournament. After, the whole momentum of the game shifted and Westtown opened up the gates. In the second half, Cam Reddish (ESPN’s #3) went off collecting 19 pts in the half on top of Jalen Gaffney’s added 11. The game ended in a misleading 72-51 Westtown victory.

This deficit was definitely not a trend of the day with several games winding down to the final seconds including that of Camden and Wildwood Catholic. The last 30 seconds came down to foul shots. Teams were back and forth when Lance Ware stepped to the line with 33 seconds left and knocks them down to put Camden down by one. After a little play, Wildwood is tested on the line and puts two away to go up one with 20 seconds on clock. Camden is able to burn some time off the clock and finish on a reverse layup with under ten on the clock. Wildwood is unable to return and fall to Camden 71-70.

This lead to the most anticipated game of the weekend between Westtown and Roselle Catholic. The match up highlighted two ESPN Top 20 players, Cam Reddish and Naz Reid. Both teams came to entertain in the first half answering each other on dunks and alley’oops. Abraham Frink, Kahlil Whitney and Naz Reid combined for over 90% of Roselle Catholic’s points but could not keep up with Cam Reddish who recorded 34 points on his own. The best way to experience the level of talent on the floor is to see it for yourself.

Check out full game highlights courtesy of Hoop Major.

Player Standouts



Dylan Deveney | Shawnee | 2018

Scouts maybe surprised to hear Dylan Deveney’s name thrown around in basketball, but Deveney was hard to ignore this weekend. Committed to Lafayette for baseball, Deveney is a high academic and overall standout athlete with a 3.7 GPA. He shot the lights out in Shawnee’s game against Bergen Catholic and recorded 5 threes and a total of 21 points on the game.




Peter Sorber | Gils St Bernard | 2019

Sorber showed why he will be a consistent presence in the paint all season for Gill.  Against The Patrick School, the reigning TOC champs in New Jersey, Sorber finished with 20 points and 12 rebounds to help lead Gill to victory.  Of those 20 points, 14 came on seven big dunks as Sorber showed his athleticism and power all day.  Expect Sorber to help anchor Gill in the paint all season as they look to challenge for a TOC crown.


Kahlil Whitney | Roselle Catholic | 2019

Four star small forward Kahlil Whitney was an offensive force this weekend for Roselle Catholic. Kahlil played explosive and made plays around the rim. He carried Roselle in outside shooting against powerhouse Westtown and finished with 18 points. Kahlil played to score and does a good job of exposing the lane and attacking the paint.


Damhir Bishop | Imohtep Charter | 2019

Damhir Bishop had a productive summer and picked up several offers this summer including some high-major interest. Bishop turned heads this weekend with the use of his length and athleticism. On defense, he has quick feet and plays long helping keep his opponents outside the paint to force the outside jumper. Where he really impressed this weekend was offensively. A slasher, Bishop looked to get to the basket and was able to finish around the rim. Only a junior, Bishop is already a stand out and has potential to grow.


Cam Reddish | Westtown | 2018

Cam Reddish entertained the crowd with talent this weekend, but impressed basketball junkies with his knowledge of the game. The most consistent performer of the weekend, Cam averaged 28 points and shot an impressive 87% from the line.  The Duke commit played with control and confidence. He finished around the rim and surprised the defense with a walk up three.








Bryan Antione | Ranney | 2019

Bryan went off in Ranney’s game against a competitive Imhotep team Sunday. At the half, Bryan had 22 points and added another 16 in the second. Bryan commanded the offense exposing the lane and playing strong around the rim to draw the foul. He kept the intensity up on both sides of the floor and ran plays down on defense keeping Imhotep to 16 points in the second half.


Naz Reid | Roselle Catholic | 2018

Naz showcased his versatile play this weekend. Despite his 6’11 stature, Naz had the stamina to run the floor and control Roselle’s offense for a full 50 mins against Westtown. Naz kept their defense active; he pulled up for the outside jumper, attacked the paint and used his height to see over the defense to find his teammates. Naz Reid looks forward to LSU, but is locked in, with the rest of Roselle Catholic, on the New Jersey T.O.C. title.

Saturday | Day 1

Hoop Group team tournaments tipped off its high school season with one of its favorite events of the year, Fall High School Showcase. Coming off  last year’s loaded event featuring division 1 athletes Isaiah Washington, Nick Richards, Lonnie Walker and Brandon Randolph, the hype around the showcase is high and the first day did not disappoint. Five star athletes including Cam Reddish, Naz Reid, Bryan Antione and Scottie Lewis walked into as 2017 Fall High School Showcase top division 1 prospects, but underrated players including Dean Noll,  Khalil Battle and Paul Maulcahy were not afraid to go at them.

Femi Odukale was a standout for South Shore in an early match up against The Patrick School and finished with 12 points in the first half from around the rim. Despite South Shore’s performance, the difference in the first half was The Patrick Schools outside shooting. Marquis Nowell recorded four threes in the first half and CJ Wilcker added another three accounting for almost 80% (27 pts) of the team’s points in the first half. South Shore, down by 1 entering the first half adjusted and put some pressure on holding Patrick School’s snipers to a team total of four threes from the outside. From there, 6’9 Giorgi Bezhanishvili took over and finished with 13 pts (all in the second half) securing The Patrick School’s 13 point victory.

Dean Noll was another high scorer of the day in Shawnee’s game against Rutger Prep. Noll was out of his mind and put up 15 points in the first half and another 17 (32 total) in the second including a thunderous dunk that caught not only the gym’s, but social media’s attention. Trey Patterson’s performance is not to be overlooked. He recorded 17 pts for Rutgers Prep in the match up and ran the floor the entire game. Shawnee pulled out the win with a final of 70-59.

Game intensity was high during the 12:30 set as Camden and Mater Dei faced up. It was a heated battle of the bigs. 6’9 Lance Ware and 6’8 Adam Afifi were going after each other the whole game and needed to be separated to cool down. Despite Mater Dei’s five point victory late in the game, they were missing their point Layola commit Kenny Jones.

That brings us to the surprising Gils St Bernard victory over last year’s PA State Champions, Westtown. Khalif Battle was unstoppable from behind the arc and carried Gils into the second half recording 6 threes (and total of 21 pts) in the first half. Gils lead Westtown by 6 entering the second half when Gils turned it on and began to spread the scoring around with 4 players finishing in double digits.

Cam Reddish (27) Jalen Gaffney (17) Jake Forrester (13) and Noah Collier (10)

Westtown was matched by Gils who recorded 4 players in double digits including Will Soucie who knocked down crucial free throws leading up to Paul Mulcahy’s buzzer beater finish at the rim. After a tip off the rebound, Mulcahy collected the ball and went up into contact. Despite being shoved out of bounds, he finishes for a memorable victory over Westtown.

Khalif Battle (21) Paul Mulcahy (18) Will Soucie (14) Will Yarbrough (12)


Player Standouts



Al-Amir Dawes | Patrick School | 2019

Dawes shot the lights out of the ball against Wild Wood Catholic this weekend recording five thees in the first half. The junior point was impressive all weekend with his ability to command the floor, organize his team and make good the decision on the ball.



Dean Noll | Shawnee | 2018

Some LM may be missing the boat on Dean Noll. Coming off a strong Fall Jam Fest performance, Noll has flown under the radar up until this weekend when he turned some heads with a thunderous dunk against Rutgers Prep. What you do not see in the video is Noll’s versatility, feel on the ball and ability to make good decisions.


Khalif Battle | Gils St Bernard | 2019


If there was ever a question of Battle’s shooting from behind the arc, there is not anymore. In Gil’s game against Westtown, Battle knocked down SIX threes in the first half and added another three against Patrick School White on the weekend. A natural athlete, Khalif is explosive off the dribble and is able to finish around the rim.


Alejandro Vasquez | Patrick School | 2019

Vasquez plays beyond his age. As a junior point, he plays aggressive and punishes people in the lane. This weekend, Vasquez kept defenders on their toes playing quick in transition and hitting the outside jumper.

Scottie Lewis | Ranney | 2019

Ranked number 2 by 247Sports Rating, Scottie’s length, jumping ability and ability to play quick/ push the ball made him a terror in transition this weekend. Scottie recently made the switch from small forward to shooting guard and proved its where he belongs. He recorded double digits against strong competition this weekend and abused people in the lane.


Tayler Mattos | Wrightway Skills | 2019

Coming off a big summer of recruitment, Mattos shows no signs of slowing down. He is an absolute workhorse and has the stamina to run the floor the entire game. Mattos impressed with his fluid play, able to work the ball inside and out, and ability to drain jumpers from the outside.


Jonah Charles | Rutgers Prep | 2019

Jonah Charles shot the lights out of the gym this weekend. He drained four from behind the arc in the second half against Mater Dei and added another three against Shawnee for the weekend.


Paul Mulcahy | Gils St Bernard | 2019

Paul Mulcahy was out of his mind for Fall High School Showcase. Mulcahy is the definition of a combo guard. He finished the weekend with double digits in both of Gil’s game this weekend including a tough game winner against Westtown. 6’6 with an athletic build, Mulcahy is not afraid to be aggressive and seeks contact around the rim. Paul is being heavily recruited by Rutgers but also holds offers from St Joes, SMU, Boston College and Seton Hall.

Hoop Group Teams Win State Championships

2017 Pennsylvania AAAAAA State Champions Reading High School

“Dreams Do Come True”

In addition to all the individual camps and AAU events the Hoop Group runs during the course of the year, we also provide opportunities for high school teams to play together as a unit in highly competitive exposure events.

During the off-season the Hoop Group manages the Summer and Fall High School Showcases at the Hoop Group Headquarters in Neptune NJ as well as the Hoop Group Elite Team Camp during the July Live Period at Albright College in Reading Pennsylvania.

The Hoop Groups operates four major high school showcase events during the season, the Reading Tip-Off Showcase (Albright College – Reading PA), NJ Tip-Off Showcase (Caldwell University – Caldwell NJ), Boardwalk Showcase (Brookdale Community College – Lincroft NJ) and Lehigh Valley Showcase (Parkland High School – Allentown PA).

Over the years many teams have used these events as springboards to go on to win state championships.

A look at the 2017 state champions who have played at a Hoop Group Team event this year and used that experience to help them earn a state chip.

Albany Academy NY

Archbishop Wood PA

Baltimore Poly Tech MD

Don Bosco Prep NJ

Frederick Douglas Academy NY

Imhotep Charter PA

Lincoln NY

Linden NJ

Molloy NY

Patrick School NJ

Reading PA

St. Benedict’s NJ

Teaneck NJ

Westtown PA


The Hoop Group Boardwalk Showcase Live Blog

Game 1: Marlboro vs Rumson

Q1: Game 1 at the Hoop Group Boardwalk Showcase is underway. A good move from Dylan Kaufman and an early 3 from Ryan LaRocca put Marlboro up 9-2 in the early going! Marlboro zone giving RFH some problems. They lead 14-5 with 2 minutes to play. Both teams starting to find their stroke offensively to close the quarter. After 1 Marlboro leads 15-10

Q2: Ian O’connor wrestles down an offensive rebound to start the second half, and sticks it back. Rumson down 3. Marlboro pushing the pace, and gets a two easy lay ins. They lead 19-15 with 4 to play.  Teddy Sourlis hits his 3rd three of the 1st half, he has 9 At the half Marlboro 25  Rumson 23!

Q3: Quarter number 3 is underway. Tommy Oakes hits a big early 3 and gives RUmson their first lead of the day 31-30! Rumon firing on all cylinders in the 3rd quarter up 39-35 with 1:30 to play. A tough 3 from senior Daniel Weiss cuts the RFH lead to 1, 39-38.

Q4: AND 1 for Justin Marcus puts Marlboro up 44-41 with 4:00 to play.A steal and foul on the other ends leads to two shots for Jack  Higgins. Makes 1 44-42.  A HUGE 3 from Teddy Sourlis! 45-44 with 1 minute to go. Ian O’Connor makes two free throws puts RFH up 3.  Timeout Marlboro. 21 seconds. Down 3. Marlboro ball.

STOLEN by Ian O’Connor, Fouled, makes the first, and makes the second. RFH up 5 with 10 to play

Final: RFH 49 Marlboro 45

Players of the game:

Marlboro: Dylan Kaufman

RFH:  Teddy Sourlis


Game 2: CBA vs. Toms River North

Q1: And we are off in game # 2. Jaden Rhoden having his way early on with 8 of TRN 10 points. CBA’s Josh Cohen is making his presences felt. CBA up 13-10 with 3 minutes to play. Liam Kennedy making a big impact early with 7 points, scoring at all three levels. Timeout CBA as the TRN pressure bothers the colts. 16-15 TRN. An offensive battle through one with Toms River North Leading CBA 18-15

Q2: A slow start to the second quarter has CBA up 22-21 4 minutes in to the second quarter. Both teams on a scoring drought. 25-22 TRN with 30 seconds to play.

Q3: 30-29 TRN halfway through the third.  Jade Rhoden doing it all for TRN. He is having a monster day on the glass and getting to the rim at will. An impressive showing thus far. Another close quarter ends with Toms River North up 38-34 adjacent CBA.

Q4: Teams trading buckets int he early going. A tough pull up jumper from Liam Kennedy cuts TRN lead to 1. Another bucket for Jaden Rhoden answered by Josh Cohen on the other end. CBA up 45-44 with 3:18 to play. 46-45 with 2:34 to play in the game .

AND 1 for Travis Holland puts TRN up 4 with 2:19 to play! 50-47 with 54 seconds to play! Foul CBA send Mike Nyisztor to the line makes both. 52-47 with 40 seconds to go. Rhoden makes both 54-47 with seconds to play. Late attempts from CBA fall short. TRN win

Final: 57- 51

Team MVPs : Jaden Rhoden (Toms River North) Liam Kennedy (CBA)



Game 3: Mater Dei vs. Patrick School

Q1: AFter 1 patrick school leads 11-9. Mater Dei being very patient on the offensive end, while TPS size helped them dominant the rebounding battle.

Q2: The Patrick school is DOMINATING the offensive glass, leading to multiple put back opportunities. 6-0 run to start the quarter leads to 17-9 Pats lead. A big 3 from Jamir Harris stretches the Pats lead and puts him over the 1,000 career points mark! Congrats to Jamir! A jump hook and then a beautiful pass from Nick Richards helps stretch the TPS lead to 15! 32-17




Pooley’s Picks: New Jersey Tip-Off

Pooley’s Picks

2016 New Jersey Tip-Off Preview

Qualifications:  Sticking with the theme of high school events we have NEW JERSEY BASKETBALL BACK!  Nothing like the start of basketball season in NJ and nothing like the 2016 New Jersey Tip-Off.  This week we’ll have a little different approach to Pooley’s Picks.  No specific qualifications this week, just some pointers for people to watch out for during this event and really the rest of the season.

Picks are in no particular order. Please enjoy the fifth installment of Pooley’s Picks.

2016 New Jersey Tip Off

The 2016 New Jersey Tip-Off: Ten great match ups. 5 of the top 7 teams in NJ.

The Event: For years (17 to be exact), the Hoop Group has put on the NJ Tip-Off.  Each year, it features high-profile match ups and top-tier talent. The event itself is well run and the venues are always excellent.  The 2016 New Jersey Tip-Off will be very much the same.  First, Eric Kessler and Dave Fedor have a ton of experience running events, and more importantly a ton of knowledge of the teams.  When you get the best teams together to start the season it is important to have a great setup and planning.  This event will have that and more.


HC of Pope John at 2016 New Jersey Tip-Off, Vincent Johnson, while at Lehigh.

Vincent Johnson: Vincent was named the head coach of Pope John after former coach Jason Hasson left for Pennsylvania.  “Chico” as many know him, is a great coach with an unbelievable background in basketball.  More importantly, he is a good friend of mine and an excellent mentor to many young ball players.  The #1 thing I’m excited for at the 2016 New Jersey Tip-Off is to watch Coach Johnson in his head coaching debut.  Now, he has been matched up with Roselle Catholic, a staple at the top of the NJ rankings.  Don’t be surprised if Coach Johnson and his young, talented squad can keep it close.

2016 New Jersey Tip-Off participant Mike Morreale

2016 New Jersey Tip-Off participant Mike Morreale

Michael Morreale:  The 6’5″ 2017 senior is one of my favorites.  He is an excellent player, known both for his excellent athleticism and long range jumpers.  Entering his senior year, he’ll be a valuable asset for Coach Mergin Sina and the Knights.  Look for Mike to knock down a couple threes and convert on a jam or two.  More than that, look for Mike to make the big play at the end.  Defensively Mike is one of the best around, guarding point guards right on down to centers.  More importantly, he is a great kid and a great teammate.  No question that at the 2016 New Jersey Tip-Off everyone will enjoy watching Mike.



Blair v Linden: Earlier in the year, in the first installment of Pooley’s Picks I predicted the most productive players in New Jersey.  This match up features (admittedly) my biggest snub: Tavon Jones.  I can’t wait to watch Tavon in his first opportunity to prove me wrong.  The big guard can do it all and will have a huge test against one of my favorite backcourts on the east coast.  Let’s not forget the match up also features two great coaches: Phil Colicchio and Joe Mantegna.


Bergen Catholic v St. Benedict’s:  Mark Taylor’s team is led by impressive Syracuse commit Bourama Sidibe and fab frosh Noah Farrakhan.  Billy Armstrong’s team is led by two senior guards Gabe Stefanini (Columbia) and Taj Benning (Fairfield).  Something has to give here.  This is the most evenly matched game of the weekend, and one I really am excited to see.  Look for the X-factor, 6’8″ freshman Matt Zona, to jump onto the New Jersey seen.


Ja’Quaye James:  The small, heady PG will have his work cut out for him against Newark East Side.  First, the Red Raiders are one of the best defenses at the 2016 New Jersey Tip-Off.  Second, they are led by senior stopper Elijah Olaniyi and sophomore stud Anas Amos.  However, none of that matters to James, who has been taking on the country’s best for years.   Watch for some highlight reel excitement, some up-tempo basketball, and a lot of buckets from James.


Hun vs Union Catholic:  Just a solid match up.  Union Catholic is tough and physical, Hun is tough and physical.  Guard play from both schools will be the difference in the game.  Hun will try to keep Jordan Pierce of the offensive boards and Union Catholic will need to keep Tyler Washington and Desmond Cambridge away from the rim. Freshman guard Niels Lane, who got a lot of minutes at PSA Cardinals Showcase just two weeks ago, is another X-factor.


Calistus Anyichie 2016 New Jersey Tip-Off commit

Calistus Anyichie 2016 New Jersey Tip-Off commit

St. Mary’s Elizabeth Bigs: Certainly not a group the casual fan would talk about, but I think that’s about to change.  Both bigs, Calistus Anyichie and Casmir Ochiaka, have big upside and great coaching.  Perhaps a little underrated right now, I’m looking for them to have a breakout 2016 New Jersey Tip-Off.  As the season continues, look for colleges to start taking notice as well.

Jabri Abdur-Rahim: First of all, it’s not often you get to see a freshman play major minutes in a High School game.  Second of all, it’s less often you get to see a top player nationally impact a game.  Finally, both of those two will come together for the 2016 New Jersey Tip-Off, as Abdur-Rahim will do his best to live up to the hype.


Samba Diallo:  Will BLOW UP this season.  Been hearing his name a lot lately in some basketball circles.  Samba has started coming into his own. First, look for this kid to have his first big game of the year at the 2016 New Jersey Tip-Off.  Then, look for him to finish his sophomore year with all of the offers.  The big lefty can do it all, and legitimately play 4 different positions.


Special Guest this week, Event Director Eric Kessler:

New Jersey Tip-Off Game 7 Preview

Game 7

Sunday 3:45 – St. Anthony’s vs St. Joesph’s Montvale

In Sunday’s second game St. Joe’s Montvale looks to take down one the giants of High School Basketball, Coach Bob Hurley and his St. Anthony Friars. Montvale, the defending Bergen County Jamboree champs  lead by seniors Chauncey Hawkins and Joe Radi look to make a splash on a national stage. While St. Anthony’s do-it-all point guard RJ Cole (Howard Commit) looks to lead the Friars to match last year’s perfect season. St. Anthony’s team is full of versatile, talented players including Nigel Marshall, Ithiel Horton, and SUPER SOPH Xander Rice. They are one of the deepest teams in New Jersey and coached by a Hall Of Famer, this is a game you are not going to want to miss!