Coach Glenn Farello Speaks at Elite Camp

By two o’clock on Thursday, players at Hoop Group Elite Camp were either coming back from lunch or finishing up their first game of the day. When the final buzzer on those games sounded, the camp came together and was given a special treat: a chance to relax, rest up for their games and controlled scrimmages that would come later in the day and listen to a tremendous lecture from Coach Glenn Farello.

Coach Farello has seen a number of his players go on to play Division 1 basketball

Coach Farello has seen a number of his players go on to play Division 1 basketball

Coach Farello is the head coach at Paul VI Catholic High School in Fairfax, Virginia. Before becoming the head coach in 2007, he coached at Elanor Roosevelt in Maryland. Coach Farello has coached many Division 1 athletes, including two who are returning to Pal VI next year before attending UCONN and Syracuse.

His lecture began with some tips and advice on how to stand out in front of college coaches. When it comes to standing out, one question must be in the front of every players mind: “How are you going to show college coaches you can help them win?” Farello says. “They’re not here to see you jack it up all the time…make the right play.” Coach Farello emphasized this point by telling a story of a former player of his whom attended Elite Camp a few years earlier, made the Top 20 game and touched the ball “maybe four times.” This player was able to stand out by doing the little things: playing defense, rebounding and hustling at all times. All things coaches want a player to do and need a player to do to be successful.

From there Coach Farello showed some shooting drills to the camp. Some of the drills he showed the camp are some of the same ones that NBA point guards Delonte West and Jameer Nelson practice. The message in each drill was simple: compete. Coach Farello believes the international game has caught up to the American game because “we don’t shoot enough.” So, he urged players to not just get out and shoot, but make it competitive and push themselves.

Coach Farello’s lecture was a great break in what was a full day of games and stations. Players were able to take a break from the physical action and mentally become better basketball players. It was a great opportunity for everyone involved.

(More drills from Coach Farello’s lecture)

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