Coach Hurley Camp I – Standout Players

Michael Vandemark-

Michael is a very coachable player and has natural point guard skills. He is always looking for the open man and is a true leader on the floor.

Kobey Hart-

Kobey is always ready to help on the defensive end and hustles for every loose ball. His work ethic is contagious and his energy brings up the whole team.

Conor Geelan-

Conor improved throughout the week as one of our best defenders and ball handlers. His work rate helped improve the whole team’s defensive presence.

Emilio Fierro –

Emilio has the potential to be a very good player. He is a very coachable kid and works hard at all times. He should develop into an excellent player.

Jack O’Connell-

He has potential to be a top guard in his class. Jack listens to his coaches and gives full effort on the court. Jack is going to be a very good team leader someday.

Raef Hetherington-

He has the potential to be an elite big man. Raef gives full effort on the floor. Raef can be an unstoppable force on the court if he keeps working on his game. He needs to work on his shot selection.

Derek Zurin –

Derek is a very athletic wing player who has tremendous quickness. If he continues to improve his game, he can be a really good piece to a good program. Derek needs to improve on his defensive effort and rebounding. He is a very coachable kid and has a high motor, which is a key addition to a basketball player

Keshawn Grant –

He is an athletic player who has good leaping ability. Keshawn is a tough kid who can score in the paint and can also shoot the ball from 3 point range. He must improve on his defense and rebounding at his size. Keshawn is a very versatile Power Forward and if he continues to work on his game, he can be a very valuable player

Jordan White –

Jordan is a kid who brings intensity and has the ability to shoot the mid-range jump shot and score the ball inside the paint. Jordan must improve his off -ball defense and rebounding. He is a high-energy kid with a good upside. If he continues to work on his game, he can be a very good player.

Isaiah Wiggins-

Isaiah completely dominated his league with pure physicality and skill. He has an elite combination of speed and strength, which allowed him to get to the basket against anyone. As he grows bigger and stronger, he will be an all-around dominant player.

Marquis Bobian –

Marquis’ speed and toughness gave him an edge on every guard that was spliced in front of him. Continuing to work on his jump shot and ball-handling will take him a long way and make him a very tough match-up.

Gerardo Mari –

There wasn’t a kid at camp that loved his team and his teammates more than Gerardo, better known as “Big G”. His intensity and communication allowed his team to always stay focused on the court. Also, his ability to knock down the open jump shot keeps the momentum of his team always at 100%. He is a valuable asset to any team.

Carnell White-

Carnell is a very skilled on-ball defender from the Bronx. He is able to finish the ball strongly and play through contact. With improvement to his jump shot, his game will be complete.

Tyrese Jenkins-

He is a talented wing player out of Newark, NJ. He is only going to be a Freshman this coming year. He has a great feel for scoring the ball and making plays off the dribble. His competitiveness and overall basketball feel allowed him to compete with players far more experienced than him. Tyrese has a promising future ahead of him.

Mason McCloy

Mason is a post player from Southern Ohio that has a big build and is not afraid to get his hands dirty around the basket. His size and physicality serve him well on the block and he has good hands for offensive rebounding purposes. As his game grows, he shows promise in developing a mid-range jump shot and face-up game.

Jake Barr-

He is a strong 6’3 Center who possess the best post footwork in camp. Jake is a great kid who is very coachable and wants to get better. If he works to become more aggressive and continues to play to his strengths, he could become a real force inside in the near future.

Oliver Whelan-

Oliver is a versatile wing whose strengths include on-ball defense, rebounding and slashing to the hole. He brings good energy to the floor and is a great teammate. In the future, he must work on his shooting and ball-handling ability to become more of an offensive threat

Lance Singh-

He is a long, tall wing with a great handle and soft shooting touch. Lance has the strongest off-hand in camp and is always a threat to score. He has the able to play at the varsity level, but needs to develop his defensive game and learn to keep his motor going during every possession.

Miles Samuels-

Miles has great size and length for his age. He is an effective offensive rebounder and can score in the lane. If he develops his left hand, he has a great chance to reach his full potential and be very quality player.

Jayshen Saigao-

He is a quick “combo” guard who is great at changing speeds to get into the lane. He showed good 3 point range at and could really improve if he became more aggressive. With hard work, he has a chance to be a good player at the next level.

Jace Budin-

He is an under-the-radar scorer. He has exceptional basketball instincts and seems to always be in the right spot at the right time. If he continues to shoot the ball with confidence and works on his weak hand, he will drastically improve his game.

Jason Shills-

He is a 6″3 wing player who is a capable 3 point shooter but prefers to be more of a slasher. He can create for others and has the tools to develop into a solid player. Jason can become a better defender to improve his game.

Bryce Drakeford-

Bryce is a scoring guard that has great court vision and can find a man in the open floor. He has a nice mid-range pull up game. Bryce is a lead by example player and he picks his teammates up on the court. He can improve his defensive ball pressure and help side availability to polish his defense.

Angelo Stuart –

Angelo is a small, quick guard who runs the floor well and can get to the basket at ease. He sees the floor well and can finish with both hands around the rim. Angelo needs to remain aggressive offensively and not settle for jump shots when he is so good at breaking down defenses.

Bobby Optiz –

Bobby is a hard-worker on the court. He hustles on every play and has a great knack of being in the right spot at the right time on both ends of the court. He needs to work on being more vocal and assertive offensively to allow his teammates to get him quality shots.

Joe Kassas-

He runs the floor well and has a great mind for the game. His dribbling and court vision is sound. Joe does need to work on his shooting form, even though he became more comfortable with his shot as the week progressed. With some work, Joe has a great basketball future ahead of him.

JP Ramel-

JP is an extremely passionate player on the floor and shows his love for the game with his energy and effort. He is a coach’s dream with his toughness and team-first mindset. As JP develops his shot consistency and ball-handling, he will become a solid all-around player.

Mike Farr-

He is a consistent player that finishes well around the basket. I see Mike becoming a great high school player with the ability to play college in the future. He possesses great leadership skills and will be a great asset to his high school team.

Ryan Smith-

He proved to be a great asset for his team defensively by taking charges and getting after the ball with a willingness to dive on the black top. He is an animal and a fun player to watch.

Scott Thomas-

He was tremendous on the defensive end of the floor, using his size and length to disrupt his opponents. Scott should develop nicely as he gets older and increases his knowledge of the game.

Anthony Tutwiler-

Anthony is a very hard-working player who has the potential to be very good. He needs to work on developing his off hand to take his game to the next level.

Griffin Coccari-

Griffin is a hard-working player who simply needs to develop his all-around skill set. He has great tenacity and work ethic on the floor and that rubs off on his teammates.

Chris Winne-

Chris is a good ball-handler who needs to develop his shooting to become an all around player. Once he finds a consistent shot, he will be a dangerous player and a tough match-up for opponents.

Jordan Tucker-

He is a really good shooter with unlimited range. He possesses great size for his position and a solid ball handler. Jordan needs to concentrate on being more assertive on offense. He is only going into his freshman year and projects to be an excellent player with his best basketball ahead of him.

Pedro Casanova-

He is a very good shooter with solid range. He is capable of playing both guard positions well and is a nice fit at the combo guard. Pedro has to put more effort on the defensive end of the floor, primarily with his on-ball defense.

Mazi Brickous-

Mazi is a solid point guard. He defends on and off the ball very well. Mazi needs to utilize his speed to get shots off over bigger and longer defenders.

Adam Gloskin –

Adam is an aggressive defender and pushes the ball in transition, looking to attack the rim. He has a good mid-range game offensively but needs to be more selective on offense. Adam is a slash first, shoot second type wing.

Ryan Mia-

An active and versatile forward, Ryan runs the floor hard and challenges shots at the rim. He makes multiple efforts to rebound and his motor is constantly going. Ryan is a good finisher around the basket and can step out to knock down the mid-range shot.

Ignacio Gutierrez –

Gutierrez is an aggressive defender with quick feet. He runs the floor well in transition and has good court vision. Ignacio is a slick passer off the dribble and a capable shooter.

Jamal Williams-

He is one of the best guards in the league because of his size and aggressiveness. He always makes the right decisions on offense and always gets back on defense. He needs to work on his left-hand and jump shot to complete his game.

Mike McDougal-

He is the quickest guard in camp and also has great leadership skills. He can finish with either hand, even through contact. His mid-range jumper is what separates him from the rest.

Charlie Miner-

He is a workaholic that crashes the boards every play. There have been times when he gets 10 offensive rebounds in games. He has a great motor and plays with so much heart every game. Coaches will love having Charlie on their team.

Anthony McFadden-

He is a very skilled guard from Ohio with a great outside shot and overall strength. With more development in his ball-handling, he has a great future ahead of him and will become a quality player.

Charlie Bagin-

He is a hard worker on both ends of the floor, but his on-ball defense makes it tough to bring the ball up. With more strength and development to his offensive game, Charlie will become a more consistent player with unlimited upside.

Zack Roth –

His energy is contagious on the floor and raises his teammate’s level of play. He has a great motor and works hard every possession.

Marcellus Ross-

Marcellus’ work ethic and his all-around game make his team better. Marcellus has a great future on the basketball court and should develop into an exceptional player.
Noah Berger –

Noah brought it every time he stepped on the court. His teammates put their trust in him and he took the role as their leader. He is a great asset to any program and team.

Jimmy Panzini-

Jimmy is a tough, hard-nosed point guard who is a natural leader and has a great feel for the game. Throughout the week, he constantly made winning plays on both ends of the floor for his team. Jimmy needs to continue to work on his jump shot to become more consistent.

Mohamed Bendery-

Mohamed is a big, strong, physical post player that has soft hands and is able to finish through contact. He has the ability to impact a game on both ends of the floor. Mohamed has a bright future if he is able to develop some “go-to” post moves.

Elijah Maynard-

Elijah is an athletic wing player that can attack the basket or shoot the 3. He gave great effort throughout the week and has a chance to develop into a shutdown defender. He has a bright future if he commits himself to the game.

Clay Stratton-

He is a coach’s dream, hauling from Ohio, and is capable of scoring with the best of them. He is a good athlete that has no problem getting on the floor for his team. Clay needs to improve his ball-handling to create his own shot and get stronger to really take his game to the next level.

Jeremy Martia-

Jeremy came from the Pocono’s all the way from Texas. He is a really good shooter with a quick release and creates mismatches all over the court with his versatility. He needs to improve his ball-handling and get stronger to add with his jumper in order to complete his game.
Nyke McCombs-

He is a strong, scoring guard. He has a special knack for scoring despite his size. He needs to get a consistent jump shot, whether it be mid-range or 3’s, so he can keep defenders honest and also it will allow him to use his craftiness to get in the lane.

James Sexton –

He is a great athlete who can score at will around the rim and knockdown the open jump shot. He has good height for his age which gives him the upper hand on his opponent. If he gets a killer instinct on offense, he will be very dangerous.

Joseph Grippo-

Joe has a great point guard IQ which makes him dangerous on fast breaks. He is also a phenomenal shooter which makes it difficult to guard him. Joe has a bright future in basketball.

Michael Bradley-

He is a great basketball player that is will blossom into something fantastic. He is 8 years old with the IQ of a high school point guard, and is always the scrappiest player on the floor. He has the heart of a lion.

George Kinzler –
George is an athletic and versatile big-man. He has great footwork with his back to the basket and is able to finish in a variety of ways, with both hands. He is also skilled enough with the ball to handle it on the perimeter and knock down mid-range jump shots. Defensively, he is long and constantly alters shots inside the paint, helping his team get out in transition for easy buckets.

Jalen Allen –
Jalen is everything a coach looks for in a point guard and has an exceptional feel for the game. He is a great decision-maker, active on defense, gets all his teammates involved in the game, and fearless of his opponents. Jalen is a guy that coaches want with the ball late in the game because of his basketball IQ in crucial situations and ability to make the best play for his team.
Shawn McDonald –

Shawn is an athletic and versatile wing player with tremendous upside. He can shoot the ball well from deep, but at his best when he is attacking the rim in transition or from dribble penetration. On defense, his length causes problems and allows him to get deflections and steals for his team.

Joe Wiggins-

Joe has the motor and attitude of a champion. His relentless efforts accompanied with his skills make him a very valuable player. He is at his best off the dribble when he is attacking the rim. Even with exceptional talent, he is the first one on the floor for his teammates, making him a great kid to play with.

Andrew Billingsley-

He is a very aggressive offensive player who has a bright future once he rounds out his game. Andrew has no problem taking and making big shots in clutch situations.

Martin Bedulski-

Martin is an inside-out force on the offensive end. He is a very skilled player who is just getting his feet wet in the American game. He will be a valuable asset to a coach at the next level due to his hard-working mindset and versatility on the floor.
Gregory Harmon-
He has a fantastic attitude and is a great team player. Greg is one of the best 3 point shooters in the SEC league. If continues working on handling the ball with both hands, he will be a great point guard in the future.
Tim Peterson-
Tim is a great kid with heart that is tough to match. He simply loves to play basketball and understands that he was here to work hard and get better. He is very easy to coach. He is an all-around type of player with the ability to do a lot on the court. If he continues to work hard on his handle, he will be a complete player.

Jordan Davidson-

Jordan is a great player with a lot of energy and speed. He understands it takes the entire team to win games and can get everyone involved. He needs to improve on his shot selection and stay aggressive every possession.

Zeke Blauner-

He has an excellent jump shot and shooting form. He is a team-first player who knows his game and strengths. He has a great attitude and is very coachable.

Sammy Ventola-

He hustled as hard as anybody in camp this week. He was fearless going to the basket, regardless of opponents. He improved on his passing and decision making during the week.

Mike Dettro-

He did whatever he could to help the team play well. He showed great toughness by coming back to play after an injury. He played very good defense and was active with his hands.

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