Coach Profile: Kenyatta McKinney

Kenyatta McKinney

Coaching Position:
Philadelphia Learning Academy South (Philadelphia, PA)
1st Season as Head Coach

Phone Number: 267-325-4855

What are your biggest accomplishments as a coach?
Helping develop the basketball program at World Communication Charter School from 2007-2011

What are your most memorable basketball experiences?
Coaching in the Philadelphia All-Public Game

Mentor as a Coach: Bill Ellerbee and John Chaney

What are your coaching philosophies?
I am a defense-minded coach that focuses on character, skill development, and hardwork. I try to emphasize a “we” culture with my teams.

Why coach at Hoop Group Elite?
I love coaching at Hoop Group because of the structure it provides to the campers from a basketball fundamentals perspective. The camps allow players to improve on all areas of their game, not just play games all day. I also enjoy being able to work with other coaches and learn from them.

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