Coach Profile: Neal Biscaldi

Coaching Position:
Wilkes University (Wilkes Barre, PA)
NCAA Division III
6th Season as Assistant Coach

Phone Number: 570-408-2703

What are your biggest accomplishments as a coach?
Two Division III Final 4 Appearances
Going 82-8 at home over three seasons
Coaching players that would go on to earn All-American and All-Conference honors

What is your most memorable basketball experience?
The first Division I game that I ever coached in at Maryland
Playing UConn in the 1998 NCAA Tournament

Mentor/Idol as a Coach: Ron Ganulin

What is your philosophy as a basketball coach?
I want to teach my players life lessons and help them develop into good people.

Why coach at Hoop Group Elite?
Hoop Group Elite is a great place to see high caliber student-athletes all in one place and having the chance to coach some of them and help them get better is awesome.

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