Coach Profile: Ray Bolton

Ray Bolton

Coaching Position:
Petersburg High School (Petersburg, VA)
Virginia High School League 3A
10th Season as Assistant Coach

Phone Number: 804-943-1364
Twitter: @ProdigyHoops

What are your biggest accomplishments as a coach?
2 VHSL State Final 4 Appearances
Coached 2 VHSL State Player of the Year Award Recipients

How has basketball impacted your life?
Basketball afforded me a college education and many professional opportunities. I now use basketball as a platform to teach and mentor hundreds of youth, which has allowed me to grow as a man, father, and coach.

Idol as a Coach: John Thompson and Magic Johnson

When did you know you basketball was a passion of yours?
I knew that the game would grow into a passion of mine at a young age, when I would see my coaches and fellow players use the game as a way to do the impossible. When I was in college watching Patrick Ewing and Michael Jordan play, I just became even more inspired to make the game part of my life.

What are you looking forward to about coaching at Hoop Group Elite?
I always look forward to developing the next generation of great high school and college basketball players and seeing where their hard work can take them.

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