Coach Profile: Zach Kuba

Zach Kuba

Coaching Position:
Coastal Academy (Neptune, NJ)
1st Season as Head Coach

Phone: 412-551-3735
Twitter: @CoachKuba

What are your biggest accomplishments as a coach?
While coaching at University of the Pacific, we earned a 22-13 record and the Big West Championship, as well as a NCAA Tournament bid.

What are your most memorable basketball experiences?
Hitting a 3-point shot that sent a game between my university (NYU) and then-#6 University of Rochester into a second overtime, a game which we would go on to win.

Mentor as a Coach: Ben Howland and Bob Thomason

What is your philosophy as a coach?
My goal is to develop my players’ skill set and create opportunities for guys to make plays with spacing, cutting, and quick hitting on offense.

What are you looking forward to about coaching at Hoop Group Elite?
I look forward to making and maintaining relationships with great coaches and players. I am always learning while at Elite camp, and that allows me to help players improve as well.


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