Corey Miller: Junior Elite Player of the Day

Corey Miller
NJ Shoreshots

Scouting Report: Corey is everything you can ever ask for in a point guard.  Playing for Shoreshots Cooper, Corey has exhibited incredible poise on the basketball, not phased by the pressure of long, athletic defenders.  He is able to break down on ball defenders with a variety of misdirection and change of pace moves, and once he gets in the paint, Corey does an excellent job facilitating to open shooters on the perimeter.  On the defensive end of the floor, he is able to pressure lead guards forcing offenses to initiate their sets further out.  One of the savviest guards in the class of 2022, we look forward to watching Corey run his teams for years to come.

Events Attended: Metro Jr. Elite, Hoop Group Showdowns, Hoop Group Jr. Jam Fest, among others

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