Dana Carbone Verbal to Monmouth Universitty

Monmouth head coach Jenny Palmateer told me this pass summer that “recruiting the shore was a major priority”. Then later in the summer her assistant, Hall of Fame Coach Jasina Perazic took me to lunch and this is what she said “Tiny we are going after the best Shore kids, we just need time to learn the landscape, just give us time and you and everyone else will see”. Tuesday the Monmouth staff backed up those words, senior Dana Carbone of Monsignor Donovan gave the Hawks a verbal commitment. Coach Palmateer once told me that any kid she recruits must fit her system, be a good kid and most importantly impact her program. In Dana Carbone,she got exactly what she was looking for… Monmouth University is clearly sending a message to the shore players and the shore community, that they plan on protecting their backyard IN A BIG TIME WAY. They are also positioning themselves to corner the talent in the junior and sophomore classes in the Shore Conference, which is LOADED!

Monmouth women's head coach

In Carbone, Monmouth is getting a 5’11” player who has the ability to play multiple positions. Her ability to score inside and out is something Monmouth will take advantage from day one. Remember Dana Carbone became only the 8th MonDon Player in school history to score 1000 points last year. She did this in 3 years while playing a very unselfish style of play. But its her passing and improved ball handling skills that will shock even the Monmouth staff when she arrives next year. Her ability to raise the level of the players around her is rare. While playing AAU for Ali Napolitano’s Wildcats, she has won 4 state AAU championships in a row. That puts her in rare air folks…Her 21 points and 11 rebounds in the championship game this year was nothing short of amazing. She has helped take a once forgotten High School program in MonDon and made them relevant again. MonDon spent most of last season in the Top 10 and Dana Carbone was a big reason why. Jerry Bruno her coach can’t praise her enough. But what’s interesting is that Carbone credits both Ali Napolitano and Jerry Bruno for believing in her and talks about their “long hours in the gym with her and their CONSTANT GUIDANCE”. She is the true definition of a program kid. The Monmouth program will be able to count on this young lady from day one.

Dana Carbone Jerry Bruno

If you don’t understand Dana Carbone, let me give you her quote after her verbal to Monmouth University…. ” I would love to ESPECIALLY thank my Parents, and sibling for the ENDLESS SUPPORT in everything I do. My amazing friends that have always been there to cheer me on. My Wildcat and MonDon teammates for their support and for making these past few years so memorable. Finally I would like to thank coach Palmateer, Coach Jazz and the the rest of the Monmouth coaching staff for giving me this opportunity. I’m so excited to spend the next 4 years with them.” You see this is a rare kid, one that comes around once in a blue moon. So let me tell you what Dana Carbone didn’t tell you! She is the President of her high school..Do you know any basketball players who are the president of their school? She has been on her student Council for 4 years. She is a honor roll student, she Volunteers for habitat for humanity. Hell I’ll just assume she sells popcorn at football games and serves lunch for her classmates…lol.

Dana Carbone family

Dana Carbone, is more than just a basketball player, she is somebody that understands that everyone can have a slice of the pie. She is a well rounded young lady. I have never met a more pleasant kid in all my years. She greets everyone with a smile and is respectful at all times to coaches, friends and family. Mr and Mrs Carbone have raised about as perfect kid as you can get. It just so happens she is a great basketball player. If you want to understand where all this humbleness and desire to be more than just a basketball player comes from, look no further than Mr and Mrs. Carbone. Last Wednesday, Mr. Carbone came up to me and said if Monmouth offers Dana, it would be a dream come true. Well guest what Mr. Carbone DREAMS DO COME TRUE!!!!

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