Day 3 Top Performers: Elite Camp Session 2

Another day down here at Albright. Day 3 wrapping up only means one thing: playoffs and all-star games tomorrow! Always an exciting day at camp, but before we get to that let’s take a look at some more guys who impressed on Day 3:

Dashon Giddings (Del Val Charter ’15)
Giddings is a big guard with a good handle and a knack for getting into the paint. Even when you may think you kept him in front of you as a defender, he will still rise up and finish over you or hang in the air just enough to alter his shot and roll it in. While some shots may look unorthodox, a majority of the time they go in for Dashon.

Tyler Plummer (2015)
Plummer may be one of the best prospects at camp this week. Only a rising sophomore he has showed a lot of promise this week. The 6’3 guard/wing showed off his shooting touch today. Knocking down threes off of penetration. He also has no problem creating his own offense and showed a nice step back jumper as well.

Jelani Mofford (St Roch Catholic High ’15)
While Mofford can be pegged primarily as a shooter, he showed today that he can score in a variety of ways. He just scored at will today from the outside and inside and looked as if he could not be guarded. He very well may be the best offensive player at camp this week.

Dylan Okoro (Mac Prep ’15)
Dylan Okoro is big and strong. He’s 6’8 and has muscle and power to bully guys in the paint. He is incredibly tough to move around down low. He also has an explosiveness to him when he attacks the rim. He has the ability to rise up from two feet and throw down a big slam.

Bryson Watson (Lehigh Valley HS ’15)
Watson played very well right from the start today. He showed an ability to get to the rim at will in his morning game. The crafty guard used a great hesitation move to keep defenders off balance and then blew right past them for lay ups for free throws.

Ty Nelson (Father Henry Carr ’15)
Nelson showed he could be a great passer as a point guard today. While many guards like to run the fast break themselves with the dribble. Nelson continuously looked to push the ball down the sidelines to a wing. He was zipping passes all around the court today, finding teammates for bucket after bucket.

Deniz Celen (Ankara Lisesi ’15)
Celen is another international player who has impressed with his play this week. Listed at 6’9, he is a strong post that boxes out and rebounds the ball well. He showed a very good ability of keeping balls alive for his team and has a nice touch finishing around the basket.

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