The 2018 HOOP GROUP FRESHMAN OF THE YEAR comes as no surprise. She is a player that comes around once in a lifetime. We have not seen a player like her, enter the shore since…who knows? This year, she not only lived up to the hype but exceeded it. She brought an excitement to the Shore Conference and most importantly to Ocean Country that we have never seen before.

Hoop Group 2018 Shore Girls Freshman of the Year is….DESTINY ADAMS of Manchester Township High School.

“Never once ,did she show her youth. Once she realized, she was a one of our go to’s on both ends of the court , she was BIG , game in and game out, and bottom line , she produced.” Quote David Beauchemin, Manchester  Township Head Coach

By now most know the story of Destiny Adams walking up to me, to inform me she was the best 7th grader in the Shore. What most don’t know is that she sold herself short that day. Destiny Adams, is not just the best freshman in the Shore. she is the best freshman on the Tri-State area. She my friends is something I have personally never seen before. Her stats this season are mind blowing. This season she averaged 15 points…8.7 rebounds..2.2 assists…along with 2.4 blocks a game. She had 466 points for the season. Those numbers are shocking by anyone standards. It was not her stats that were most impressive. It was her humble unselfish play that stood out to most. Destiny Adams is that rare superstar, that believes basketball is a team game and is willing to share the spotlight with her teammates. It’s why so many cheer and wish her the best.

Destiny Adams did not wake up and become a superstar. What she does have is a superstar work ethic and attitude. It why she is willing to make a 50 minute  ride on weekends to train. It why she allows you to coach her hard without her showing a negative attitude. It’s why when told she must become a better shooter, she did just that this season. She had 26 three’s this season. More than anything else Destiny Adams proved she is a real teammate, she played wherever she was needed on the court this season. She played every single position on the court this year. This  season at times her young teammates had trouble getting her the ball and often forgot where their bread was buttered. But not once did Destiny Adams show an attitude or raise an eyebrow. It is why once again coaches, teammates and opponents root for her success.

Before the season Destiny Adams was topic of much discussion. The word hype is often used when a talented player is introduced to the Shore Conference. the Shore is the show me conference, where doing over talking is required. Destiny is  6’3″ long and athletic but most importantly plays with a fire. It the only reason to explain how in her first game against rival Donovan Catholic she brought the house down. She had 28 points, 6 rebounds, 4 steals and a game winning shot. It was her way of introducing herself to the Shore Conference. If there were any doubts left, she put them to rest at the WOBM. She had 28 …13 rebounds and 3 assists against Toms River North in the championship game. It was the first WOBM title for Manchester and the first by a Ocean County school in a decade. She also became the first Freshman to walk away with the MVP honors. Manchester saw a lot of first with Destiny Adams in the lineup this season.

When Manchester knocked off RFH this year, it was sign of things to come. Like Manchester becoming a Top 20 team for the first time in schools history. Like winning consecutive Sectional titles for the first time. Like playing an elite schedule against teams like Franklin and a matchup against Mainland High School with Kylie Watson, these were big time showcase events Manchester has never been part of; prior to the arrival of Miss Adams. It was this type of excitement and attention that Destiny Adams has brought to Manchester High School. She has done all this with a cool demeanor and class. Her respect displayed toward, teammates, coaches, opponents and officials, proved she was more than at talented basketball player…but rather a first class young lady.

Destiny Adams will play college basketball wherever see pleases one day. It’s interesting that she seems not to be interested in attention from college coaches. I think she is enjoying playing with her sister. I also think were here sister Dakota goes to college will play a role in where one day she will play. Nobody told me this, I just know the relationship she and her family have. The Adams family are not your typical basketball family, they are proud of Destiny but keep her level headed. Her mother is a lawyer and one tough cookie. She doesn’t believe in special treatment and thinks all kids should be treated the same, including her own, regardless of there ability. Her father is the principle of Manchester High School and he will not allow anything to take a front seat above education. The Adams do everything as a family. They travel together, eat together and go to church every Sunday together. I once joked that Destiny should skip church to attend NBS on a Sunday….her mother did not laugh. The Adams raise Alpha daughters and sons, they are nurturing and firm. There are no shorts cuts. Everyone is held responsible and how many rebounds and points you get has nothing to do with anything.

This marks the 2nd year in a row Manchester has won the THE HOOP GROUP FRESHMAN OF THE YEAR, Kamari Reynolds won it last year. She has something in common with Destiny Adams. She too is a great teammate and ego free. There was talk if the two stars on a upstart program could work together. The questioned was answered this season, it was answered with unselfish play. The two have showed that winning trumps everything. Manchester is going to do a lot of winning over the next 3 years. Manchester will be a Top 5 team in the state to start next season. They will have a big target on their back. DESTINY ADAMS  has had a target on her back; since the day she announced she was best player in the 2021 class. That’s not just talk folks, because she is the …THE 2018 HOOP GROUP FRESHMAN OF THE YEAR…CONGRATS TO MANCHESTER TOWNSHIP HIGH SCHOOL AND DESTINY ADAMS

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