DunkDog.com shows The Hoop Group some love


We at The Hoop Group love to see when our campers get the recognition that they deserve, and thanks to our friends over at Dunkdog.com, five more young and talented kids were added to an already big list. In a recent article by Corey Pegram, Corey highlighted a few of the many campers that excelled at the Baltimore Top 100 that took place on September 15th. Pegram especially took notice of Myles Douglas, Tyler Foster, Justin Gorham, Markus Oliphant and Kodye Pugh. Corey also had some nice words to say about the Hoop Group Camp:

“As expected, several prospects were able to capitalize on the instruction, competition, and exposure the event had to offer, and Hoop Group delivered the talent as advertised. New faces and young talent were the theme of the day.”- Corey Pegram

This just goes to show why the Hoop Group Elite and Top 100 camps are still number one in exposure and instruction!

Click Here for the full article at Dunkdog.com.

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