Elite 2: Hall of Famer Hurley touches on improvement at camp

SONY DSCCollege coaches near and far were in attendance for Thursday’s Elite camp. But there was one coach that stood out, and he wasn’t looking to recruit the next big star.

Current St. Anthony’s (N.J.) High School and Basketball Hall of Famer Bob Hurley, who has been teaming up with Hoop Group for 20 years, spoke to the campers on improving their individual game as a means to become a better overall player.

“I’ve been doing this a very long time and I constantly find new things, new ways of improving the way the kids play individually,” Hurley said following his demonstration. “I love trying to learn to teach things that I’ve just seen. I hope to translate to these kids my enthusiasm and how I really believe that if you do all of this individual stuff, you can really improve your individual game, if you’re doing all of the other things.

“If you’re just playing games during the summer, you have to be doing all of the other things. If you add these individual things, you have a chance to develop your game and take something you’re not so good at and maybe make it a strength.”

In promoting the development of a player’s individual game, says Hurley, the competition becomes greater. This, in turn, leads to players improving both their individual and team game, while getting looked at closer by college coaches and scouts.

“Attention to detail, the mantra for us is getting the kids to play hard, play smart and play together,” Hurley said. “We’re constantly working on getting the kids to do those three things.

“[Hoop Group President] Rob [Kennedy] said it today, from April to November, we want these kids to all improve individually. So when they come back to us next year, and we put them all together, we have more weapons than we would have ever thought because so many kids improved their individual games.”

During the demonstration, Hurley used two of his players from St. Anthony’s, 2016 forward Taurean Thompson and 2016 guard Jagan Mosley, show a few drills that he believes, with plenty of work, can drastically improve a player’s shot speed and agility.

“He’s a really good coach,” Thompson said. “I’ve only been there for my freshman year, I haven’t played a lot but I’m still learning so much. Every day, I try and listen to the all coaches and work on everything, but I’ll listen to Bob Hurley in particular because he’s such a good coach.”

“I feel honored, getting taught by him,” added Mosley.

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