Fab Frosh/Super Soph Camp Gives Underclassmen Valuable Experience

Fab Frosh Super Soph
For underclassmen looking to get a leg up on the high school competition, Hoop Group Elite Fab Frosh/Super Soph camp offers a unique opportunity.

“Fab Frosh/Super Soph is our way of separating the rising freshmen and rising sophomores into their own league where they’re able to compete against themselves,” Elite director Chad Babel said.

“It’s an environment that provides high-level coaching and competition and really brings out the best in players…we really shine a spotlight on them,” Babel went on to explain.

Hoop Group Elite is hosting two sessions of Fab Frosh/Super Soph camp in Summer 2012. The first session–which was a part of Elite III–ran July 23-27. The second session will be a part of Future All-American Camp, set for August 5th-8th.

Players in the first session displayed a great work ethic and willingness to improve, and several players insisted had great things to say about their time at camp.

“I think it’s really good–especially the competition,” Ryan Thornburg said. Thornburg is a rising sophomore at Cape Henlopen (Lewes, Del.).

“I went to the extra activities like the video sessions and the Sweatshop workouts,” Thornburg went on. “It’s my first Hoop Group camp…I like it a lot more than any of the other camps I’ve been to.”

Kyle Austin, a rising sophomore out of Moorestown High School in Moorestown, N.J. echoed similar sentiments.

“I learned a lot in the stations, I took a couple things from every station, Austin said. “The competition is great, too. Playing against better players helps you in the future because you’re playing against older, better players in the high school basketball season.”

Babel was impressed by the group of players during the first Fab Frosh/Super Soph session.

“I think they’ve done a great job.”

“Our coaching staff and commissioners really pushed the players to improve, and I think the players did an excellent job of taking that coaching to develop and improve their skills,” Babel stated.

Nasir Alexander–who came from Osceola High School in Kissimemee, Fla.–spoke highly of his experience at the first session of Fab Frosh/Super Soph camp.

“This is my first basketball camp ever, so just coming to see all the competition from all the new places has really shown me a lot about my game and my strengths and weaknesses,” Alexander explained.

Alexander has a natural love for the game, and said that he loves the organization of Fab Frosh/Super Soph, because it fulfills his desire to spend as much time as possible on the court.

“It’s basketball all the time, just basketball and the essentials–food and shelter. And that’s all I really need.”

For more information on Fab Frosh/Super Soph, visit the camp homepage.

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