Future All-American Junior Day 1 Standouts

Day 1 of Future All American Junior Elite was all about talent evaluation. After registration, the campers broke out into their tryout teams, allowing coaches to evaluate the talent on display and fairly assemble teams for the rest of the week’s play.

Here are some of the standouts from Day 1:

Trey Patterson (Rutgers Prep ’21) At 6-foot-6, Patterson is a force to be reckoned with. A versatile wing that can also play in the low post, the rising 8th grader is certainly one to watch for the future as he has elite length and athleticism. He scored at will for most of the tryouts on day one and there are few campers who can guard him when he drives the lane. His game is really fluid at this stage of development and his potential is off the charts.

Tariq Eubanks (’21) Eubanks has one thing that coaches cannot teach: speed. A blur in the open court, this point guard can do it all. He can catch and shoot from long range, facilitate for teammates, and lead the offense in transition with his lightning speed. Eubanks was gliding past defenders in the paint and finishing, and he was always able to find the open man when the paint was too congested for him to drive.

Kam Rodriguez- (’22) Rodriguez showed his ability to knock down threes, and even more impressively, get past defenders in the tryouts. The rising 7th grader is extremely quick with the ball in his hands and skated by defenders for most of day one. Whether it was leading his team on the fast break, crossing up defenders, or finishing smoothly around the rim, Rodriguez showed why he is one of the top point guards at the camp.

Travis Roberts- (St. Columba ’22) dominated the paint on day one during the tryouts, thanks to his 6-foot frame. Roberts showed why he’s a top talent with his finishing around the rim, dominating of the glass at both ends of the floor, and generating turnovers on the defensive end. Roberts used his length very well to finish over smaller defenders, and he used his reach to steal the ball in the open floor to start the breakaways at the other end of the floor.

Tyler Seward (Haverford ’21) Seward is a very physical athlete who impressed many with his strength in the paint. He finished strong on the inside and was impossible to move off his spot once established in the paint. Along with his strength and athleticism on the inside, Seward showed that he is a capable shooter with a silky smooth stroke from beyond the arc. The rising 8th grader is one for the future as he continues to grow and develop his scoring abilities.

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