LIVE Blog: Future All American Camp Day Three

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8:30AM- Day three is about to get underway, we have plenty more great basketball here at Albright College! Follow along here for all the updates on the day’s activities. –@AndrewKoob

9:30AM- Campers are working hard through stations, getting warmed up for all the action that lays ahead for the rest of the day. A lot of intensity in the early stages of the day looks promising as we get the second full day of basketball underway. –@AndrewKoob

10:20AM- Myles Douglas(Friends, Baltimore, MD) is having another strong day of camp, and teammate Lonnie Walker(Reading, Reading, PA) is feeling right at home here in Reading, Pennsylvania as the two have been the primary options on offense today. But as strong as those two have been, it was Jordan Kennard(Lake Clifton Eastern, Baltimore, MD) who hit the big three-pointer to force Overtime! These kids know how to #BeElite! –@JakerBaker58

11:09AM- In a 65-65 game, 2018 forward Justin Winston (Liberty MS, N.J.) came up huge with a three-pointer just in front of the half-court line. A big play by Winston to help his team walk away with the victory. –@AndrewKoob

11:55AM- Devonte Green (Our Savior New American (N.Y.)/6-1/2016), Joe Hampton (DeMatha (Md.)/6-6/2016) and Steve Jordan (Conwell Egan (Pa.)/6-5/2016) all played soldly in early game action on the outdoor courts here at ALbright. –@pfebbraro

12:40PM- Be sure to keep tweeting with the hashtag #BeElite to qualify for the Mr. Social Award. The award will be given out tomorrow afternoon and so far it is still wide open! –@JakerBaker58

1:25PM- Rising Freshman Mohammed Bamba(Cardigan Mountain School, Canaan, NH) is tall and very athletic with mountains of potential. His wingspan is affecting the game on both offense and defense as he has been the player to watch here today! He could use some added weight, but once this 6’7 freshman comes into his own, Watch Out! –@JakerBaker58

2:00PM- The campers here at Future All-American Camp are in for a treat today as legendary Coach Bob Hurley is here to teach the kids how to become better basketball players. Coach has been to a few camps this summer at The Hoop Group, and every time he had a demonstration, the campers responded with better play the rest of the week. Only the best coaching here at The Hoop Group! –@JakerBaker58

2:12PM- DeAndre Hunter (Friends Central (Pa.)/6-4/2016) used his long arms to his advantage as he disrupted several opposition passes, even recording a few steals, during an afternoon game at the Bollman Center. –@pfebbraro

3:44PM- It’s not too late to win the Mr. Social Award! Tweet #BeElite for extra points in the race, which ends tomorrow with naming Mr. Social during the Awards Ceremony! You can check out the standings here with last night’s Top 5 Tweets! –@JakerBaker58

4:29PM- Jahmier Pugh(St. Michael, Brooklyn, NY) has some incredible ball-handling skills! His crossover might be the best I’ve ever seen from and 8th grader. But to #BeElite, you need more than a sweet crossover. You need passing, shooting, rebounding, DEFENSE, strong drive and an even stronger mind for the game. I hope these campers were paying attention to Coach Hurley before, because he sure knows what it takes to get there! –@JakerBaker58

5:18PM- Tyler Jones(Pennington, Lawrenceville, NJ) was clutch for his team tonight! Up one with under twenty seconds left, Jones was fouled and nailed both free throws to extend the lead to three. But not to be out done, Jordan Tucker(Our Lady of Mt. Carmel, White Plains, NY) stepped back and hit a huge three to tie the game and force Overtime! The guys sure know what it takes to #BeElite! –@JakerBaker58

6:10PM- Darius Webster (Business of Sports School, N.Y.) is a tall and lengthy wing that is a nightmare on defense. The sophomore has had some good games today, making sure every shot an opponent puts up is contested. –@AndrewKoob

6:50PM- Devonte Green is putting on a show right now! All the campers are gathering around to watch his thunderous dunks here at the Hoop Group Future All-American Camp! #BeElite –@JakerBaker58

7:30PM- Vaughn Covington (Neumann-Goretti, Pa. 2016) has been lighting up for his team, just connected on three straight jumpers. Covington showing off his sweet stroke and an ability to create his own shot with a nice step-back move. –@CabWashington

8:13PM- Gemir Robinson has been very impressive tonight, leading his team down the floor possession after possession and stepping up on defense forcing a few turnovers! Gemir is super clutch as well, not turning the ball over once in his last game. #BeElite! –@JakerBaker58

8:35PM- Michael Cunningham (Hampton Road Academy, Va.) hits the shot with three seconds left in the game to give his team a 55-53 victory! A big-time effort by Cunningham to make sure that his team walked away with the victory. –@AndrewKoob

9:22PM- Tre Wood(Sheridan School, Washington, D.C.) is a non-stop ball handling machine! Earlier we were giving praise to Mr. Pugh, but Tre Wood has beentricking people out of their sneakers left and right! I’m not even giving him justice, you have to be here to understand how good this guy is. Campers have been flocking to his games all day just to catch a glimpse of this show he’s putting on! #BeElite! –@JakerBaker58

10:00PM– The third day of the 2013 Future All-American is in the books. Be sure to follow the LIVE Blog tomorrow as updates on the session’s championship teams, all-stars and additional awards will be posted as the day goes on! –@CabWashington

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