Top 5 Tweets of Elite 3 Camp 7/24/13

Every day throughout the Summer of 2013, Hoop Group will be conducting the Social Media Challenge, where players score points for tweeting with the hashtag #BeElite, working to make the Top 5 Tweets of the Day.

Tweets with the #BeElite hashtag are worth one point, but the big points are for those who make it in the Top 5. Below, in descending order, you’ll find the Top 5 from over the course of the last day. The best tweet of the day, No. 1, is worth 25 points in the Social Media Challenge, No. 2 is worth 20, No. 3 is worth 15, No. 4 is worth 10, and No. 5 is worth 5.

At the end of each session of camp, points will be added up and the winner will receive a prize! Yesterday, the man they call Señor Social came away with the top tweet of the day, showing off his bilingual skills in the tweet game! So will one #1 Tweet get it done for the Foreign Former Facebooker? HARDLY! Right now he is just one of a few Hardcore Tweeters who are in this race. This will go all the way down til noon on Friday!

Check back daily for our Top 5 tweets of the day. Here is the latest:

No. 5

No. 4

No. 3

No. 2

No. 1

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