Northern Virginia Top 100 Player Reports

The first Top 100 of the Spring season took place Sunday at Marymount University. College coaches were treated to a sold out showcase filled with potential college basketball players. Here is every player’s individual evaluation from the showcase. Be sure to check out the rest of our Top 100 dates this Spring.

Achufusi, Ikenna10Ikenna is a stocky guard who goes well to his preferred left hand. Good 15 foot pullup and competes hard on defense.
Adedayo, Joe12Joe is a long athletic wing who can get his hands in the passing lane.Uses his athleticism well to rebound and attack the basket.
Albert, Ryan11Ryan rebounds the basketball really well. He plays really hard and throws good outlet passes. He also competes on defense.
Alexander, Logan10Logan has a great outside shot. Also shows the ability to create for others. High basketball IQ
Allen, Austin11Austin is extremely smart on the floor. He makes strong passes and sets his teammates up in good opportunities to score.
Anderson, Justen9Great court vision. Ability to create shots for teammates off the dribble.
Angelo, Isaac10Isaac was able to finish in the lane all day. He showed a nice touch with both hands. He was also able to rebound consistently on both ends of the floor.
Arrington, Jonathan10Jonathan is explosive with the ball. He goes by defenders and can score well of the dribble. On defense, he plays hard in the half court.
Baldwin, Adrian8Adrian played really well against older competition. He made some great plays off the bounce and showed he can make plays when it counts most.
Baltimore, Jonathan11Jonathan has a balanced offensive game. Good jumper and is a great decision maker. High IQ
Barnett, Michael11Very athletic player who can beat his man off the dribble and bully players to the rim. Athleticism shows in his rebounding ability.
Blake, Dishon10Young kid with a good handle. Likes to get in the lane and find the open man. High IQ guard.
Blaylock, Taija11Taija used his length and athleticism to effect shots in the paint. He presented a difficult matchup at the 4 position for his opponents
N/ABoggs, Isaish11Isaiah is good at getting to the rim and finishing. He has the ability to keep good players in front of him.
Bones, Daryl11Daryl has a good handle. He is very good at penetrating. He plays hard and knocks down open shots.
Bowens, Tyler9Tyler has the ability to find open teammates and crash the glass of that. High IQ for his age.
Boyd, Quinn10Quinn has a balanced offensive game. He can shoot from deep and create for others when shot is not there.
Brown, Lanmadrek11Lanmadrek is a quick small guard who is a pest on defense. Gets his hands on a lot of balls both on and off the ball. Very good player in transition.
Bruce, Rico11Physical wing player who gives high energy on defense. Likes to attack the basket.
Bryant, Charles11Charles is a long athlete who finishes strong at the rim. His length bothers shots.
Caldwell, Christian11Diverse offensive game. Can shoot off the catch & dribble, as well as attack the basket.

Catlett, Ridgeway10Ridgeway is a good point guard with vision. Likes to get in the lane and find the open man. Also will hit catch and shoot 3's.
Chapman, Chris10Great point guard instincts with terrific court vision. High basketball IQ.
Chapman, Kristopher10Kris was aggressive on his post touches and showed a nice ability to finish. His physicality gave his team a great presence down low.
Clark, Reece9 Reece has point guard instincts.Knows when to push the ball in transition or slow the game down.
Coakley, Deshawn10Deshawn has a nice catch and shoot from 3. Great in transition, getting to the basket and finding his open man.
Coles, Isaiah11Isaiah rebounds well for his size. He also has shown the ability to knock down a 3 point shot.
Collier, Scott11Scott has very good ball handling skills and a great feel for the game. He is able to get his shot off in the mid range area with consistency.
N/AConnell, Irwayne10Long, athletic big who is a rim protecter. Improving shot with high upside.
Cook, Garrett11Garrett shot the ball really well all day. He was able to get open shots with his ability to move off the ball and find open areas.
Cooper, Anthony10Anthony can get his shot off in a hurry against bigger defenders. He is a savvy player who has the potential to be a really tough guard.
Cornish, Joshua9Joshua shows great athleticism and ability to get to the basket off the bounce. Great vision in transition.
Corum, Andrew11Andrew’s length and mobility gave him a nice face up game. He also did a great job drawing help and making plays for others.
Covington, Cashus8Great point guard instincts, a leader out on the court.Ability to not only create for others but himself as well.
Craven, Tyrone12Tyrone has great vision and passes the ball really well. He plays really hard and is a good on ball defender.
Crawford, Tyland11Tyland handles the ball really well. He plays hard and defends.
Davis, Albert11Albert is a very good at attacking gaps on the flood. He has good handle and can also pass through penetration.
Davis, Anthony11Anthony plays really hard and competes every play. He is a great passer and sees the floor well.
Dentil, Jacob11Jacob has great pull-up shot. Always in a stance on D, always competiting on D.
Dixon, Trent10Trent has an elite shot from deep. Has the ability to shot fake and drive when defensive gives long closeouts.
Dugan, James10James can really shoot it for a big. He seems to play with intelligence and plays hard.
Easton, Bryan11Brandon is a hard worker on the defensive end, and has a knack for making big plays. He is also quick in transition
Edwards, Aygei11Aygei’s competitiveness and toughness showed through defense and effort. He stepped up and hit big shots in crucial situations.
Evans, Cameron10Tough defender, often frustating player he is guarding. His toughness translates to his rebounding ability.
Ford, Elijah10Elijah is a capable shooter at mid range. He also works extremely hard from the tip.
Garrett, Zachery10Zach was really strong defensively and had several steals. On offense he showed the ability to take contact and finish in the lane.
Gerber, Ross11Ross is a multi-talented wing who can rebound and lead the break. Very good vision and basketball IQ. Nice 15 foot jump shot.
Ghazal, John11John is a high IQ guard whose best skill is hitting an open catch and shoot 3. Plays hard on defense and controls the ball well.
N/AGilkerson, Shyheim10High IQ lead guard who can get to the rim. Plays hard on defense and competes. Good player in transition.
Golden, DeShae8Terrific ballhandler & uses it to get teammates open. High energy, competing every possession.
Gonzalez, Sebastian10Sebastian is able to get into the paint and find open shooters. He plays at his pace and doesn’t let defenders rattle him.
Graves, Tison10Athletic wing who shows toughness attacking the rim. Tough player to box out on the glass.
Gray, Langston11Ability to attack the basket and finish through contact. Strong rebounder on defensive & offensive glass.
Gross, Keith11Keith is a physical player who uses his body well. He also rebounds the basketball well.
Hameen, Sultan10Sultan pushes the ball up in transition and sees the floor well. His IQ on defense is what separates him from other players; he is always in the right spot.
Hardy-Leach, Tairon11Tairon showed his ability in the transition game by running the floor. His length helped him defensively as he was able to guard many positions.
Harris, Dan11Dan made an impact through effort and toughness. His toughness helped the team on both ends with his rebounding and finishing.
Harris, Isaac11Isaac penetrated through contact to make plays. He showed an ability to cut and find open opportunities within the offense.
Hartmann, Kenneth9Kenneth is terrific at seeing the play before it develops. From the second he catches the ball he knows the right play to make.
Hawkins, Cameron10Cameron used his length and timing to erase some shots in the lane. He played with great effort during the day.
Hayman, Korey12Korey is a high energy player who has the ability to create his own shot. Competes on every possession.
Huff, Ale10Ale excels attacking the basket and draws a lot of contact. Very athletic and it shows in his rebounding ability.
James, Calvin9Calvin is a smart guard with good court vision. He sets his teammates up well and is a leader on the floor.
Jamison, Saiquan11Saiquan rebounds well and plays great post defense. His best attribute is that he runs the floor every possession.
Jenkins, Robert11Robert made the right play on every touch. He played within himself and knocked down open jumpers for his team.
Jennings, Mariel11Mariel is able to create as a ball handler and had several impressive assists. Defensively, he had great ball pressure and was aware off the ball.
Johnson, Drew10Terrific outside shot. High basketball IQ creating shots for others.
N/AJohnson, Ismael12Ismael was one of the most athletic players on the floor in every drill and game this weekend. He knows how to get to the rim, and is a skilled rebounder.
Johnson, Khaman10Khaman is a player who uses his length well on defense. He likes to slash in the lane and get back to his left hand.
Jolly, Jason12Jason is a PG who can really lead a team. Great ball handler and passer who can shoot the three off the bounce or the catch.
Jones, Ashton9Ashton has a very high motor on the court. Has great court vision in open court & shows a willingness to create for others.
Jones, Darius11Darius is very good in transition. His court vision is excellent and he is able to find his teammates in rhythm.
Jones, Jermain10Long, athletic wing who can be a rim protecter. Good rebounder with high upside.
N/AJones, Jon12Wing player who can shoot as well as drive to the basket. Plays with high energy.
Jordan, Jackson11A guard who can get to the basket at will. Great finishing ability & pull-up jumper.
Joyner, Corey10Corey had a quick release from behind the arc. He also made some passes that led to his team getting easy baskets.
Kaciuska, Vidmantus11Vidmantus shooting ability has deep range. Can bully defenders to the glass as well.
N/AKelley, Jacob9Jacob has a great feel for the game when he is on the floor. He plays smart defensively and finds ways to put the ball in the basket.
Kelly, Patric11Patric is a slashing wing who finishes well in the lane. Also is long and plays hard defensively.
N/AKelsey, Avery11Avery is a very smart player on both ends. He doesn't force the action, and isn't afraid to make a simple play to help his team.
Knapp, Bryan10Bryan has tremendous shooting ability. Ability to find teammates when shot is not open.
Lane, Renard11Renard plays the game with great position. Knows rotations on defensive & is dangerous if he has the ball in transition.
Lewis, Matthew10Matthew’s attacking style of play gives him an advantage on both ends. He puts pressure on opposing players and is able to play comfortably in transition.
Lewis, Myles11Balanced floor game. Ability to drive by defender & finish at the rim or pull-up.
Lewis, Terence10Terence has an athletic ability that makes his difficult to cover. He handles the ball with poise and is always under control.
Littles, Victor10Victor is a very good mid range shooter and can get to the middle of the floor. Defensively he plays great help and can guard several positions.
Lloyd, Tyler11Tyler plays really hard and competes. He rebounds and defends well.
Locke, Noah9Noah shows flashes of being a good shooter. He also has the ability to be a good defender.
Macklin, Cooper10Cooper plays with great IQ and competitiveness. He used his shot fake well to get past the first line and make plays.
Maddox, Darus11Tremendous first step allowing him to get to basket with ease. Creates for others when penetrating gaps.
Martin, Lamar9High basketball IQ who can create shots for his teammates. Very high potential with high work ethic.
Mazlish, Zach10Zach can catch and shoot from any spot on the floor. Within the offense he is also a fundamental passer.
McDaniel, Brandon11Brandon has a really good handle and can create open shots for others. He is smart with the ball and rarely turns it over.
Mcgill, Kendall10Very tough defender who competes every possesion.Uses his toughness on offensive to the drive to the rim and finish through contact.
McManus, Lamont11Lamont played great on the low block at both ends. He showed great maturity with his poise and footwork. He plays solid defense on and off the ball.
Meade, Devin9Devin plays the game really hard. He has a ton of effort on defense.
Milstead, Justin11Justin pushes the ball well in transition. He makes good decisions and has a really good handle.
Mishack, David9David is a very young/long defender who alters and blocks a ton of shots. Good athlete and offensive rebounder. When he polishes his ball handling and post moves, he will be very good.
Moore, Moses9Moses can dribble very well. He sees the court and finds the open man.
Nausedas, Tyus10Tyus is a very accurate 3 point shooter who finds ways to get open. Not overly athletic, but competes on defense. High upside player.
Nwokworo, John11John uses his athleticism well. He rebounds and defends for his size.
Oppenheim, Max10He can really rebound the ball. He runs the floor well and really looks to pass the ball.
Owens, Michael9 Long & athletic player who gets after it on D. Gets his hands in passing lanes and frustrates offense.
Palacio, Miguel11Miguel did a great job of getting into the paint to make plays for himself and others. He is able to score while also playing unselfishly.
Pandy, Devin12Devin is a very strong guard. He plays really hard and is good on defense.
Parks, Halil10Halil has excellent defensive skills both on the ball and off. On the offensive side, it is his handle under pressure that makes him productive. He is able to control the pace of the game throughout.
Payton, Jalen10Jalen is an athletic wing who has the ability to finish around the rim. Does not force shot, can find teammates when shot is not there.
Penfield, Myles11Myles is an athletic wing who pushes the ball up the floor. In doing so, he gets to the rim at will.
Peterson, Darian11Darian is very athletic and has great handle. He uses that handle to get by defenders and find open teammates.
Price, Jeremiah11High energy player. Rebounds well on both ends with great athleticism.
N/AProctor, J11J plays with great passion and aggressiveness. He is an unselfish player with abilities to make plays for himself and others.
Ray, Josh10Josh runs the floor really hard. He crashes the glass with great effort.
Reed-Berry, Vincent10Vincent made some smooth moves to finish in transition. He showed flashes of his rebounding, athleticism and defensive skills throughout the day.
Remington, AJ12AJ is a wing who is best in a catch and shoot situation. Plays very hard on defense, which helps make up for limited athleticism.
N/ARobertson, Ian9Ian has a solid catch and shoot game. Great court vision, always finding open teammate.
Robinson, Aj11AJ has a very nice 3 point stroke and can shoot off the catch and the dribble. Also can slash and score or find the open guy.
Robinson, Bishop9Bishop showed great competitiveness against older players. He played effectively, making smart plays on both sides of the ball.
Robinson, Nicolas11Nicolas is unselfish with the ball and is quick in transition. His vision is one of the best throughout camp.
Rogers, Chris9Chris is a very good pick and roll player with vision. In traffic, he has good visions and makes winning plays.
Rourke, Kobe11Kobe finishes at the rim and has a tremendous up side in the paint. Defensively he provides strong rim protection for his team.
N/ARussell, Davine11Davine’s biggest advantage is his athleticism on both ends of the floor. He had defenders on their heels all day long with his handling ability.
Sallah, Abass10Abass plays with great composure and understanding of the game. He is a skilled passer and made some great plays for his team.
Savoy, Jerome10Jerome is best when he is going towards the basket. He gets in the paint and creates havoc for the defense. Defensively he works really hard and causes problems for the opposition.
Schultz, Michael10Michael understands his strengths and uses them without doing too much. He is very fundamental and can be counted on in stressful situations.
Scrivner, Tunde10Tunde has a great first step and can finish at the rim.Very skilled 1-on-1 player.
Semiday, Avery11High basketball IQ. Very unselfish guard and knows where to postion himself for rebounds.
Simpson-Anderson, Isaiah10Strong, physical big. Able to rebound the ball and get put backs on offensive glass through contact.
Smith, Jalen9Jalen is an athletic player. His shot was very fundamental and he showed the potential to be very good.
Stallion, Vincent11Vincent is a long wing/post who can rebound very well. His athleticism and timing allows him to block and alter shots. High upside talent.
Sweazie, Christian10Christian is a lead guard who has shown a nice stroke off the dribble and catch and shoot. Also is a very nice decision maker in transition.
Tavares, Antonio11Antonio plays with a ton of energy. He showed his basketball IQ and passing skills during the event as well.
Thompson, Kianta11Kianta is a slashes who uses his speed and athleticism to get to the rim. Good defender and rebounder as well.
Tigney, Kobe9Kobe is a long, athletic defender who always get his hands in the passing lanes. Great shot from behind the arc.
Tobias, Thomas12Thomas is a terrific catch and shoot guy from the wing. However, when the ball is in his hands he becomes a strong slasher.
Vicks, Bryce11Bryce is a defender who moves his feet well on the ball. Likes to slash to the rim and get to the free throw line.
Waller, RaQuan11Raquan is a tough guard with a high IQ on the court. He limits his turnovers as a guard and is very good in his decision making.
White, Avery10Avert plays very hard on defense. He makes intelligent decisions with the ball in his hand.
Wilkerson, Marquis10Marquis has great size and uses it to his advantage when rebounding.Very physical player on defense.
Williams, Jabari11Jabari is very vocal on the court, good leader. Gives maximum effort on defensive, good on ball defender.
Williams, Ryan10Ryan plays the game with intelligence. He also makes the right pass and plays good defense.
Williams, Tyler10Tyler is a very athletic player. He is a good shot blocker and very active.
Wood, Christian9Christian is a good floor general. He knows how to set up his teammates all over the floor.
N/AWoods, Briar11Good offensive game, ability to finish inside & around the rim. Gets great rebounding position as shot goes up.
Yeutter, Lincoln9Lincoln has a high IQ for the game. He can really shoot the ball.
N/AEaston, Brandon11Brandon was able to cause problems for defenders with his poise and smart decision making. Defensively he can guard several positions because of his activeness.
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