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elite 4 Reading, PA– We’re back! Hope everyone had a great 4th of July weekend, but now it’s time for more basketball. Things will heat up this week with the Division 1 Live Period starting up. Lot more players this week, lot more coaches, lot more action….and we’ll be covering it all! Let the live blog begin!

Friday, Day 4

1:19 pm
We will wrap up the live blog here as we get ready for awards and all-satr games. Be sure to turn to Twitter for a live update of the games!

12:57 pm
This is why we do it! Best feeling in the world!

12:54 pm

Two more guards received offers today: Davie Kachelries (Emmaus ’17) received his first from Lafayette and Mikey Dixon (Sanford School ’16) received one from Canisius. Both players deserve them after the weeks they had.

11: 33 am

Heard great things about Ben Rabinowitz (Ramaz ’16). 6’2 guard is a knock down shooter and plays the game with a high IQ. No surprise considering he has a 4.05 GPA. Academic schools should take notice! –@TheHoopGroup


10: 58 am

Imhotep Charter’s Jaekwon Carlyle is one smooth guard. The way he slices through defenses, gets guys off their feet and glides to the rim is impressive to watch. –@TheHoopGroup

10:01 am



9:15 am

PARENTS, PLAYERS AND COACHES: Know what’s going on all day today by taking a look at the schedule online! Lot of action on the slate for today, don’t miss out!

Elite 1 Day 4 Schedule

8:26 am

Another early start with 8:30 game play! At the end of the tunnel we have playoffs, championships and then of course, all-star games. Let’s see who will get the nod for an all-star game, but first a few more games! –@TheHoopGroup

Thursday, Day 3

10:34 pm

That ends Day 3! A long, long day of hoops in the books. Awards, championships and all star announcements will take place tomorrow; the culmination of a great weekend. As always, check us out on Twitter, Instagram and Youtube for FULL coverage!

9:29 pm

Not uncommon to see international players at camp, but our guys from Uruguay know how to play! Happy to have them here!

8:54 pm SPOILER ALERT: look out for Brandon Anderson on the Day 3 Top Performer list


Brandon Anderson is having a HUGE week in front of D1 coaches here at Elite 1! Video (🎥) by @nextbestbasketball


A video posted by Hoop Group (@hoopgroup) on

8:09 pm

More offers coming in for campers, hard work pays off!

7:17 pm Jimmy Panzini (Point Pleasant Beach ’17) is one of the toughest guards at camp. Plays absolutely fearless and will not back down from anyone. It’s not fun matching up against him. –@TheHoopGroup 6:39 pm Hoop Group One on One with David Kachelries (Emmaus ’17) 5:02 pm Check out some additions to our Facebook album. Be sure to like us on Facebook is you haven’t already!

4:18 pm

Guys are starting to get seen, and get offers! Mikey Dixon (Sanford School ’16) received and offer from Central Connecticut State, David Cole (Christ the King ’16) received one from St. Francis BrooklynCeasar Dejesus (Mt. Zion Prep ’16)  from Robert Morris and Mount St. Mary’s, and Chuba Ohams from UMass and Fordham….just to name a few!

3:14 pm

Why be good when you can be great? #BeElite

A photo posted by Hoop Group (@hoopgroup) on

2:50 pm DOn’t take our word for how good the talent is…everyone is tweeting about it!

2:19 pm Taj Benning holds and offer from VCU…he’s looking for more:

1:50 pm
Quick break for attendance, while we wait for games to start up, check out Day 2’s Top Performers!

Hoop Group Elite Camp: Day 2 Top Performers

1:04 pm

Got more coaches in the building for another day of recruiting.

12:31 pm Everyone give us a Retweet! Let’s get Hoop Group on Sportscenter tonight!

11:09 am Brent Pelella (@CTHoopsNews) sat down with Shawn Montague (Centerbury Prep ’16) last night to talk hoops. Shawn also picked up an offer from New Orleans yesterday when the live period started.

HG One-on-One: Shawn Montague

10:18 pm One of Putnam Science’s newest additions, Chuba Ohams, received offers from UMass and Fordham this morning! He’s been having a great week of camp so far. Well deserved. HG_OFFERS_OHAMS 9:54 am Kendrick Gray (Rice Memorial ’16) is a walking highlight tape! So explosive and a must watch if you’re at camp

A video posted by Hoop Group (@hoopgroup) on

8:47 am Up and at ’em! Day 3 has begun and we’re going to hit the ground running with controlled scrimmages all day long. Let’s see who is going to shine brightest today.

Wednesday, Day 2

11:00 pm Day 2 of camp has come to an end. Lot of action going on today. Be sure to check out Twitter, Instagram and Youtube for a full recap of the day’s events. Also, stay tuned for Day 2 Top Performers to be posted tomorrow morning! 10:24 pm Ending the night on a strong note

9:45 pm Potential Day 2 Top Performers? Stay tuned to find out!

  Play to your strength. #HGElite   A photo posted by Hoop Group (@hoopgroup) on

9:01 pm Ejike Obinna (Virginia Academy ’16) dominating in his last game of the night. Coaches are taking notice…not long until his offers start flooding in. 8:05 pm Nate Pierre-Louis (St. Benedict’s ’17) plays with an incredible amount of heart and competitiveness. IMG_3677 (1) 6:58 pm No words needed…

#Exposure #HGElite A photo posted by Hoop Group (@hoopgroup) on

6:14 pm Check out some of the pics we posted to Facebook!

5:25 pm

In case you missed it, here are Day 1 Top Performers

4:35 pm

From earlier: Coach Greenberg giving some of the big men at camp a pointer before the Division 1 coaches make their way in


4:09 pm

Games are back up and going again, and will be all night long. 50 minutes until the live period starts…the spotlight is on!

2:30 pm How should you prepare for the live period? Listen to Coach Seth Greenberg! He was on the evaluation side just a few years ago. He knows what the coaches want!

1:01 pm Lot of interviews coming out soon….Kobe Gantz, Brandon Anderson, Kendrick Gray  and Geo Baker! 

11: 56 am From last night: HG One-on-One With Walter Whyte 11:35 am

  Day 2. #HGElite   A photo posted by Hoop Group (@hoopgroup) on

11:07 am Don’t want to skip ahead of the game action, but a big time speaker will be coming in today as ESPN’s Seth Greenberg will be in the house to speak. Always great to hear from someone with ACC coaching experience –@TheHoopGroup 10:00 am Love seeing guys hungry to get better. Joe Martucci has the right attitude!

9:41 am In case you missed it, we sat down with DC’s Melo Eggleston to talk recruiting. See the Interview Here 8:52 am Day 2 is underway. Guys will find out their teams for the rest of the week and we’ll start to see some team play. But first, it’s time for stations. Morning instruction is crucial before we get started with a full day of games.

Tuesday, Day 1


10:10 pm

Another fantastic shooting display by Coach Hopla. Hopefully guys will take some of his tips into games the rest of the week. That ends Day of camp! For full coverage check us out on Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat!

9:23 pm

In case you missed it, Brent Pelella of CT Hoops News sat down with Philly Pride’s David Beatty and Stevie Jordan. See the interview here: David Beatty and Stevie Jordan Interview

9:09 pm

Stations have ended and we’re ending the night with shooting coach Dave Hopla. Coach Hopla is one of the best shooting coaches in the country, working out with many NBA teams and players. Campers will learn a big lesson from Coach today.

8:35 pm


Success is the best revenge. #HGElite   A photo posted by Hoop Group (@hoopgroup) on

7:27 pm

Big shoutout to Albright College yet again for making camp so easy to run! A HUGE help in the registration and organization of camp.

6:46 pm

So far we’ve sat down with Melo Eggleston, Taj Benning, David Beatty, Walter Whyte and Stevie Jordan for some one-on-one interviews….stay tuned for their releases! –@TheHoopGroup

6:14 pm

Guys having a little fun at camp on Day 1 too.


4:42 pm

One of the names you’ll be hearing a lot of this week is Daniel Erebor, a 6’9 rising senior from Mount Carmel in Essex, MD. He’s got size, strength and talent to make him an extremely recruitable player at the Division 1 level. Should be on coach’s radars. –@JN_Albano

3:54 pm

Boy is it going to be a great week of camp. Guys are just in trial games and are already impressing. Max Mahoney (Ridge ’16) is making a statement by tearing down the rims time and time again, but Saquan Singleton (Monsignor Scanlan ’17) has the dunk of the night so far, throwing it down on a player in transition. Should make for a lot of great highlights!

3:01 pm

If you haven’t heard, the Hoop Group is on Snapchat. Add us at TheHoopGroup for additional live updates and video from camp this week!

The Hoop Group is now on snapchat! Add us to see live footage from #HGElite Session One.   A photo posted by Hoop Group (@hoopgroup) on

2:24 pm

Camp registration has finally ended (for the most part) and campers will be breaking up into station groups. Great first chance to break a sweat before players play in their try out games. –@TheHoopGroup

12:23 pm

Registration is in full swing! Hundreds of players coming through right now. Camp is going to be packed

10:48 pm

Guys are excited to get up to camp and start working! Love seeing players get excited to be at camp.

9:49 am

Let the day begin! Campers are starting to come through for registration and Elite 1 has started. Lot of hype leading into this week, and rightfully so when you see who will be in attendance. Here’s what you need to know heading into camp.

4 Things to Prepare you for Elite 1

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