Elite Session 1: Campers weigh in on Howard’s decision

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The latest episode of the always suspenseful, “Destination Dwight Howard” series came to a close yesterday after the 6-foot-11 big man decided that he would sign a multi-year deal with the Houston Rockets, spurring his former team, the Los Angeles Lakers.

Everyone seems to have an opinion about D-12 and his indecisive actions that have besieged most of the NBA headlines over the past two offseasons. So with Elite Session 1 getting underway this afternoon, campers gave their opinion on the latest chapter of Howard’s career.

“Getting Howard, I feel like the Rockets have a chance to make it to the Finals, but no further than that,” 2015 guard Vincent Debellis said about the Howard joining Houston’s roster.

“Even with Howard joining James Harden, I still don’t think they’re the favorite to win an NBA Championship.”

Others saw Howard’s decision to part ways with the Lakers as a better opportunity for him to win.

“I really think that the Rockets are going to go somewhere this year. When he (Howard) was on the Lakers he wasn’t really doing anything good. It looks like he’ll fit in more comfortably going to the Rockets,” 2014 guard Justin Kellman said.

“Houston is a better fit for him because D’Antoni’s system is more guard-oriented and it wasn’t really utilizing his ability the right way,” 2014 forward Karo Adjekughele added.

Some of the players attending this week’s session have supported Howard’s stance and are empathetic in regard to his decision to leave L.A. But, to camper and Laker fan Kharon Shuler, Howard’s departure has disappointed him.

“Honestly, I feel like he couldn’t handle the pressure. Shaq was there, a whole bunch of other superstars were there, and now it’s your time to shine and you’re just going to walk away,” Shuler stated.

“He didn’t really help us that much, anyway.”

Howard is arguably the league’s top center and arguable a future hall of famer. There’s no overlooking his tremendous talent, but at times he has received much criticism for his seemingly unnecessary antics.

However, contrary to most audience’s opinions, a lot of the campers really enjoy Dwight Howard’s game on the court, despite all of the superfluous attention that he invokes off of it.

“I liked the fact that he makes careful and thought out decisions and I really don’t see him as being indecisive,” Adjekughele said.

“He has some maturing to do, but he’s been making improvements.”

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