Elite and Skills Speaker, Pat Kennedy Inducted into FSU Hall of Fame

Congratulations to former Florida State University head basketball coach, Pat Kennedy who was inducted into FSU’s Hall of Fame earlier this weekend.

When Pat Kennedy began at Florida State in 1986, the men’s program was not in good shape. The previous year, the team finished 9-17 and 3-10 in the their conference. In just five years, Coach Pat Kennedy rebuilt the program and lead Florida State to a Metro regular season title and championship in 1991.

Kennedy’s mark on the program did not stop there. During the next season, he helped¬†guide the Seminoles in their transition from the Metro to the ACC conference and was named 1992 ACC’s Coach of the year.

During Kennedy’s next 9 years at Florida State, the Seminoles made it to the NCAA Tournament five times and made two NIT appearances. He coached several players to the NBA draft including Charlie Ward, Bob Sura, Sam Cassell and Doug Edwards in 1993.

Over the course of his career, Coach Pat Kennedy has acted as a beneficiary to the basketball community. For years, he has visited with the thousands of players who come through Hoop Groups’ camps and clinics.

Hoop Group would like to take the time to congratulate Coach Pat Kennedy on his induction to Florida State University’s Hall of Fame and celebrate his contribution to the basketball community.


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