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It’s always an exciting time of summer when it’s time for Hoop Group Team Camp! 66 teams coming in this weekend to #BeElite. We know who’s come out on top in previous years, but which team will stand above the rest? Stay tuned to find out!

July 13 DAY 2:

5:37 pm
The gym is cleared, bleachers empty and it is now quiet in the Bollman Center. Team Camp has ended and what a day it was with 2 fantastic championship games. Congratulations to our winners Conestoga HS for being American Division Champs and Gill St. Bernard for being crowned National Division Champs. We take a day off tomorrow and are back Tuesday for Session II of Academic Elite. As always don’t forget to check out Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and the Blog Section of our website for a full recap of this weekend. Join us back here Tuesday!

5:14 pm
The tournament style bracket that Team Camp has certainly has gotten us in Summer Tournament mode. Luckily next week is Summer Classic East and Summer Jam Fest. Two of the biggest events of the summer, make sure to follow those as we bring you live coverage of some of the top AAU teams around.

5:03 pm
Final! Jagan Mosely’s three does not go and Gill St. Bernard wins 47-44. Leading scorer for Gill was Adam Mitola with 22 points!

4:47 pm
And of course they adjust.

4:44 pm
St. Anthony better put out the fire quick…

4:38 pm
No sooner had I posted that last update and they Gill ties the game!

4:36 pm
Gill St. Bernard trying to claw their way back. Down by 3 as St. Anthony takes a time out.
photo (3)

4:25 pm

4:22 pm
Read why Tyus Battle is in Reading this weekend playing with his high school team over his AAU team.

4:13 pm
Friars were on a 10-0, now extended it to 12, up 12.

4:09 pm

4:02 pm
Tip off for the National Division is right now. Let’s do this.

3:57 pm
Winners! Congratulations to Conestoga High School. American Division Champs!

3:34 pm
Conestoga has a good big in Daniel Vila and he is going up against another good post in Nick Barnes. Both guys are crashing the glass on offense, creating more chances for their teams and finishing at the rim –@JN_Albano

3:09 pm
30-25 Stone Bridge at the half. Players on both sides playing well.

2:58 pm
Conestoga with a lead over Stone Bridge, 15-10, with 6 minutes left in the first half. Both sides do a great job sharing the ball and looking for the best shot on offense, but a little cold shooting to start keeps the score low -://www.twitter.com/thehoopgroup” title=”@TheHoopGroup” target=”_blank”>@TheHoopGroup

2:32 pm
Great consolation games ending, not it’s time for the trophy game. American Final first.

2:05 pm

1:33 pm
At 3:30, St. Anthony will go for their third Team Camp Championship. That would tie them with Gonzaga for most in Hoop Group history. Here’s a list of all our National and American Team Camp winners:

1:19 pm
Time runs out on Roman and DeMatha and just like that our National Division Final is set: Gill St. Bernard versus St. Anthony for the title. Tyus Battle put on a show for the High Major schools watching, scoring 22 points in the winning effort. For St. Anthony’s Jagan Mosely led a balanced attack with 13 of the teams 49. Championship game set to tip off at 3:30. –@TheHoopGroup

1:15 pm

Gill St. Bernard has the ball up 3. Going to the line. They control if they move on or not with their shooting from the stripe.

1:00 pm
St. Anthony does an incredible job penetrating and dishing for lay ups. They drive deep enough to draw a defender and then dump it off in plenty of time for an uncontested lay up. Great basketball by a historic program –@TheHoopGroup

12:51 pm
Some big time schools and coaches on hand to watch Tyus Battle play in Bollman

12:44 pm
More tight games at half. Who will advance to the championship? 16 minutes will decide…

12:39 pm
Lot of spectators for our 2 National Division semi final games!

12:19 pm
St. Anthony and Dematha underway.

12:16 pm
As our National Division semi finals begin, our American Final is set.

St. Anthony’s and DeMatha warming up for their semi final game. In the paint for St. Anthony is 6’9 Mohammed Bendary, who is doing something right now not many other players are doing. Read about it here:

11:44 am
In one game Stone Bridge got hot and in the other Conestoga is trying to protect their lead

11:32 am
Over at Reading HS, Jack Laffey continues to be a scoring machine this weekend. 20 points already and not done yet.

11:23 am
Couldn’t ask for a better first pair of semi final games.

11:16 am
We told you these would be great games!

11:09 am
Daniel Vila has been a great player this weekend for Conestoga on both sides of the ball.

10:52 am
Almost ready to start our Final Four games for the American Division. Stone Bridge vs. Del Val Charter and Shenendehowa vs. Conestoga. Let’s do this!

10:34 am
Slight break in our basketball action for our #BeElite Poll of the Day. World Cup Final today…who ya got? Let us know your thoughts on Twitter!

10:18 am
As we wait for the semifinal between Shenendehowa and Conestoga, here’s an article @Jacobbogage wrote yesterday about Thomas and Kevin Huerter’s performances yesterday.

10:04 am
One of our Final Four games in the American Division is Conestoga vs. Shenendehowa. This is an interesting match up. Shenendehowa is was led by the Huerter brothers, Thomas and Kevin, and Brandon Fischer yesterday. Stoga is a team I like and watch often when I can. Though Daniel Vila was a big scorer for them yesterday, they play together with a balanced scoring effort and are very well coached. Sometimes it’s not easy, but they find ways to grind it out and win. Can’t wait for this game to start. –@JN_Albano

9:34 am
Lonnie Walker has constantly been in the gym the past 2 weeks. No surprise he has a bright future ahead of him.

9:16 am
Some big time college coaches rumored to be making an appearance this afternoon….

8:39 am

8:34 am
Good morning everyone from Albright! We have an exciting day of basketball ahead of us just starting to kick off! 2 Final Fours and 2 Championship games to look forward to today. Stay with us all day until we crown champions! –@TheHoopGroup

July 12: DAY 1:

10:38 pm
Elite Camp Day 1 is in the books. We saw some good players, teams and coaching today and we have two awesome Final Fours to look forward to. For full coverage of today’s games check out Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. We also have several great stories in the Blog Posts section of our website. We’re back here tomorrow with games starting at 8:30 am. See you then!

10:22 pm

9:53 pm
Tyus Battle and his Gill St. Bernards team doing damage early. They lead 3-14 over Newark Tech


9:01 pm
Roman Catholic has their hands full with North Mecklenburg. Talking things over here…

8:46 pm
DeMatha has a commanding second half lead over Reading. Alani Moore is one reason why.

8:07 pm
Pictures from earlier today are now on Facebook. Be sure to check them out!

7:34 pm
Brackets are updated!

7:02 pm
Too many close games to count today. Tons of intensity.

6:35 pm
With St. Anthony’s playing right now, it reminds us how lucky we are to have legendary St. Anthony’s coach Bob Hurley run camp with us in the Pocono Mountains. There’s still one week left in August, reserve your spot now!

6:04 pm
Always great to see the legendary St Anthony Friars from Jersey City, NJ play. A very disciplined and exciting team every time they step on the floor. Coach Hurley taught them well.

5:38 pm
Recap from a game earlier today. Maret High School topped Bishop McNamara today. Full story here:

5:21 pm
Roman Catholic picked up their second win of the day, again in convincing fashion. They are easily a contender for the championship.

4:56 pm
Great guard play coming up soon. Guards Leondre Washington, Lonnie Walker and Alani Moore all playing right now in Bollman. All three are very talented and any team would be lucky to have them handling the ball for them. –@TheHoopGroup

4:19 pm

3:31 pm

2:57 pm
ESPN bracketologist Joe Lunardi even has his eye on our brackets!

2:42 pm
Christian Brothers Academy and North Point had the best game of the day so far. In a back and forth battle, CBA was able to hold on for a one point win and advance. A fun game to watch this morning in the rec center. –@TheHoopGroup

2:17 pm
Couple NJ schools representing well so far!

1:44 pm

1:07 pm
For those of you that are unaware, this year we added a #BeElite Twitter Poll of the Day. Everyday we ask you a question via Twitter with the hashtag #BeElite. We want to hear your thoughts! Here is today’s question…

Will Lebron lead Cleveland to a championship? Retweet for no, Favorite for yes…Let us know!

1:02 pm
Great showing by CJ Bryce. One of the best performances of the day so far!

12:43 pm
Potomac School comin’ in hot with the matching orange polos. Gotta love it!

12:03 pm
Roman has a hot second half and ends up beating Marist HS handily. Nazeer Bostwick had a monster game for Roman. Story to come soon.

11:37 am
It’s awesome to see so many guys spend the entire week with us.

11:18 am
Roman Catholic is in the building, led by Trevaughn Wilkerson, a Top 20 All-Star from Elite Camp this week. They’re getting a good game from Marist HS though.

10:38 am

9:56 am
College coaches already starting to make their way in.

9:35 am
Camp is underway and our first series of games are being played. A lot of teams here this weekend, each with different goals in mind. For some it’s all about winning, for others its about getting experience going into next season by playing some very good competition. Let’s see who is going to #BeElite –@TheHoopGroup

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