Future All-American Day 3 Top Performances

One more day of Future All-American Camp left. It’s amazing how this week, and summer, have flown by. While the last day of camp is usually one of the more exciting days, we saw a lot of excitement on day three with more guys impressing with their play. Here are the guys who looked good on Tuesday.

Eric Ayala | Sanford (PA) | 2017
Ayala is a special guard in the class of 2014. One thing that makes him a top guard prospect is his size. He’s listed about 6’2, but looks even bigger than that. That size comes in handy when he’s slicing through defenders and finishing up over them. Also, for a guard who will most likely not be a primary ball handler, Ayala has a great handle and can help handle the rock to ease pressure off of his back court mate. Definitely a player to keep an eye on.

Jahvon Blair | Athletes Institute (CAN) | 2017
Blair continues to show how crafty he can be at the guard position. He is a very good passer and gets his team easy buckets by making the rights passes and the smart play. You will rarely see Blair force something. He also showed good hands on defense, getting his hands in passing lanes for deflections and steals.

Myles Cale | Appoquinimink (DE) | 2017
Myles Cale does not know the meaning of the word stop. This 15 year old’s motor just keeps going every time he’s out on the court. He has shown an increased ability to score, and do it in bunches. He also has shown off his athletic ability with some eye opening dunks. Cale can shoot the ball pretty well, but he’s been most impressive this week attacking the basket and finishing some near impossible lay ups. He just knows how to put the ball in the basket.

Myles Dread | Gonzaga High School (DC) | 2018
Do you know how frustrating it is to take the ball up the court with a guy breathing on you every single possession of a game? The players that Myles Dread guarded do. Dread was relentless on defense today, picking up the ball handler 94 feet from the basket and never taking a play off. He’s yet to play a minute for Gonzaga, but the rising freshman is everything you want in a player. He’s very smart, always hustling and is constantly moving of offense, setting screens or just moving to create action off the ball.

Zach Kent | St. Andrews (DE) | 2017
A developing story here at camp is the great play of the big guys down low. Zach Kent in included in those players. The 6’10 man from Delaware does a great job sealing inside. He’s also very patient in the post and possesses great vision. He does not get flustered by double teams and finds open teammates when they’re open. He also moves well without the ball and it the benefactor of easy dump off passes and dunks.

Chris Lykes | Gonzaga High School (DC) | 2017
Lykes is a tough 5’8 guard with a never ending motor. We saw him a couple weeks ago at Elite Camp where he proved to us he could shoot the basketball; that has not changed this week as he continues to shoot the ball well. Lykes is also very quick and dangerous in the open floor. He also likes the finger roll finish if he gets into the paint.

Daniel Mading | The Rock School (FL) | 2017
The upside and potential of Daniel Mading is enormous. He is 6’10, and very long, but plays more like a wing than a traditional post. Mading can catch the ball as far out as the three point line and likes to turn and face the basket instead of play with his back to it. It only takes him one, two tops, dribbles to get to the hoop on the drive. Being so agile, he also is capable of getting up and down the floor and keeping pace with quicker guards. The Australian native can benefit a ton from playing at the Rock School in Florida.

Chauncey Sterling | St. Anthony’s (NJ) | 2018
In this kind of uptempo setting, it’s easy to see why campers like to play with Sterling. The 6-foot point guard displayed great court vision and an equally impressive passing touch as he set up teammates left and right with a number of high percentage looks at the basket

Oshae Brisset | Findlay Prep (NV) | 2017
Brisset showed why he calls national powerhouse Findlay Prep his home by dominating on both ends of the court. Long enough to alter any shot and quick enough to get out in transition, Brisset was an absolute nightmare to deal with all day.

Lonnie Walker | Reading (PA) | 2017
When Walker wants to get to the basket, there aren’t too many people that can stop him. Whether it’s going coast to coast or simply overpowering his defender, Walker got layups all day and it didn’t matter who was guarding him.

Hameir Wright | Albany Academy (NY) | 2017
Wright played more of a forward role because of his size, but the 6-foot-7 rising sophomore looks to be more of a wing player with his skill set. Using his size and speed, Wright was able to position himself for both contested and uncontested layups, most of which fell his way.

Kahari Whitfield | Reading Intermediate (PA) | 2018
It may be a tired cliché, but it’s true of Whitfield; his motor never stops running. The 6-foot-2 guard brings intensity and great defensive instincts to the table and has been known to match up against the opponents’ best player.

Kendall McGill | Largo (MD) | 2017
Once McGill gets going in a fast-paced offense, it’s tough to stop him. The 6-foot-2 guard constantly sought to run when the possession switched to his team’s side and, when he got his matchups, he was able to take advantage by twisting his way around the defender and to the basket.

Zion Cousins | Frederick Douglass (MD) | 2017
Cousins has a great frame for a wing, standing at a very slender 6-foot-6. He’s been playing somewhat out of position because of his height, but he’s been able to hold his own in the paint and showcase a few nifty moves in the post as well.

Paul Person | Lincoln (NY) | 2018
In a game highlighted by highly touted big men, it was the 6-foot-1 guard that stood tallest. No one could catch up to the speedy point guard and that quickness was evident on a number of steals in the passing lane and contested layups that always seemed to find the bottom of the net.

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