Get To Know HGSL: Team Loaded 757

Social Media Handles: Twitter: @Team_Loaded757

Coach: Lamar Claiborne and Coach Clay

Notable alumni:

Nigel Ribero-Gambling State
TJ Taylor-Wyoming
Joe Byrant Jr- Norfolk State
Travis Fields-Radford
Jalen Ray-Hofstra
Adam Grant-Byrant
Donald Hicks-Radford
Bash Townes-Byrant
Malik Trent- Street-Hampton
Xavier Green-ODU
Clevon Green-Radford

Key players:
Dajour Rucker
Caleb Butts
Izeah Parker
Tim Montgomery

Team analysis:

Utilizing the rigors of athletic competition, Team Loaded works diligently to improve athletic and academic skills, while enhancing important life skills such as self-discipline, positive relationship building, attention to detail and good sportsmanship.

The team this year is loaded with talent across the board. “We should be one of the best teams on the circuit,” said coach Claiborne. “We have great size, a lot of energy, and high expectations!” Every kid on the roster has multiple division one offers. Dajour Rucker whom has 5, Caleb Butts has 5, Izeah Parker has 5, Tim Montgomery has 4, and everyone else has 3 and 2!

Looking for size? 6’9 big man Keenan Sarvan will be running with the 757. He will look to add to his 3 Division 1 offers.

Stat to know: Team Loaded also has two teams on the Adidas circuit.

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