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Developing skills has taken a backseat to playing games for a lot of high school players today. Games are vital in a player’s development, but you can’t forget that the basis for your success as a basketball player will be a high skill level.

As Coach Wooden referenced, you need to be in the gym working on your game. The players that go on to play in college are the players with the most consistent outside shots, the best footwork in the post, the best ball handling skills. The skills you learn and develop at camp will be the things that separate you as a player. In addition, college coaches love to see guys that are committed to developing their game at camp. Every year more and more coaches show up at “Stations” to assess a player’s work ethic and skill level.

Coming to Hoop Group Skills will give you the tools necessary to develop your game in the correct way. Our dedicated and experienced staff will give you the building blocks to succeed in “Stations”. They will run a series of optional workouts designed for the player looking for more. Our lectures will put you in front of some of the best minds our game has to offer. And it all gets kicked off with our Early Bird Workouts.

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