Girls Tradition

Women's Basketball Legend Carol Blazejowski lecturing at camp

Worldwide Leader in Basketball Instruction

Hoop Group Skills Camp is in its 49th year running the top instructional basketball camp in the U.S.

For over 5 decades the top high school and college coaches have come to the Poconos to pass along their knowledge to youth basketball players. The list of championship coaches and Hall of Famers is endless, however here are some important statistics about Hoop Group Skills Coaches:

* Have won 7 NBA Championships
* Have won 6 Olympic Gold Medals
* Have won 27 NCAA Championships
* Have won over 100 High School State Championships & Counting!
* List includes: Geno Auriema, Anne Donovan, Carol Blazejowski, Bob mackey & more!

Currently there is a combination of over 110 players in the WNBA & NBA that have participated in the Hoop Group.

Hoop Group Skills Camp is THE training ground for Legends of the Past & Stars of Today. Hoop Group Skills Campers include: Dr. J, Moses Malone, Vince Carter, Kobe Bryant, Jameer Nelson & more!