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In what has already been an awesome week of lectures, campers got to hear from legendary coach Bob Hurley of St. Anthony’s High School in Jersey City, NJ. Coach Hurley took some time to talk about some things that every player should be working on to improve their games.

Coach Hurley showed campers a wide range of drills, from ball handling to rebounding to, of course, shooting. “If you miss long and short, you’re good. But if all your misses are long, you’re great.” Hurley said, speaking to the amount of adjustment that needs to be done on a short miss. Some offensive drills that Hurley showed the camp involved practicing the euro-step and a shooting drill that is the same one 2-time MVP Steve Nash practices with.

Not really a surprise, but Coach Hurley talked about the NBA Champion San Antonio Spurs and the fantastic system that they run. He urged players to play that style of play, to pass up good shots for great shots and never hold the basketball on offense for too long.

The drills that Coach Hurley showed the camp are some of the same drills he uses with his historic St. Anthony’s team. A team that he has led to 25 state titles and 4 National Championships. Success like that doesn’t just happen, it comes with work.

Campers were fortunate to have Coach Hurley here to speak. The drills he showed everyone can definitely help raise your game to the elite level.

Here’s a clip from Coach Hurley’s lecture.

HG Speaker Sound Bites- Bob Hurley from Hoop Group on Vimeo.

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